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  1. I actually did try it with a red bill way back when I started it, but it looked so much like the Dominican Republic cap (which is also blue with a red bill) that I decided against it in the end. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  2. Just a friendly bump to see if anyone has any C&C on the new updates and alt. Thanks for the likes!
  3. Thanks for the great comments. I definitely looked into all off your suggestions and have made quite a few updates including a brand new alt! - First for the alt, I know WBC teams never have an alt, but since, well, I wanted to create a set including an alt I figured why not. It draws inspiration from the Reds home jersey. It has a red base with the interlocking US on the left chest, with the number on the opposite side. It has the same striping on the sleeves as the home and away, and can be worn with both the home and away pants. - I loved the suggestion by @8BW14 to implement the red and white into the stirrups and added a stripe of both to all 3 pairs of socks - After reading @Big Yellow Flag's comment about the stars I went back and looked and it definitely looked like the coloring was off. It would make it seem really off if you were at say Petco Park in the upper deck. I didn't want to get rid of them completely but I did reduce the opacity by 10% to try and make it look like it is a solid color from far away, but when closer, you would be able to see the stars. - I also changed the button on the top of the hats to red to try and add some more color to the set. - I tried inverting the blue and red on the away like @TheLogoManiac13 suggested, but due to the gray being somewhat dark, it just looked kinda funky. Hope you guys like the updates and keep the C&C coming!
  4. Thanks for the C&C and likes guys! I have some ideas for an alt as well and will definitely try to add some more color into the socks. Updates will be coming!
  5. Hi guys, Let's be honest here, the Team USA baseball jerseys aren't the prettiest in the world. I've never loved them, but never hated them. In my mind the US should have some of the best uniforms in the world, considering they produce some of the best names in baseball. With the 2017 WBC jerseys being released is the past few weeks (and me being beyond happy that baseball is back), I completely reimagined their jerseys. I came up with this idea in class this week, and the first thing that started the whole design was redoing the wordmark. I took probably my favorite font and put USA in red, then added a white drop shadow and a blue below that one. That way it can seem like the script has some depth without making it look muddled and cluttered. I continued that onto the hat logo which is shown with a blue U on the style portion of the sheet, even though on the hats it is a little different (the 2nd drop shadow is red, the 1st is blue to blend in, and the U is white). The U and S interlock much like their current hats though I removed the star from the back and added some more tweaks. It also includes a blue brim and cap. The numbers also follow the same pattern as the front to create unity throughout the set. One of my favorite parts of the whole design, and very much an example of trying something crazy and having it look fantastic, is the sublimated stars in the wordmark, hat logo, and numbers on the back. This way the jerseys can be unique to the USA without having a flag inserted in everything, like some of the recent holiday hats the MLB has done. The away jersey is just a gray version of the home. Both have blue sleeve stripes, a blue stripe down the pant leg, a USA flag patch on the sleeve, and a WBC logo patch on the back. Also, in the style guide presentation I created, it has a blue practice shirt and coach's polo with the Alt logo, as well as a red fan t-shirt with a white and blue version of the USA script. C&C is greatly appreciated, and enjoy!
  6. I already commented on Twitter a while back about the logos and I'll say it again. All are top notch and I'm very much interested in where you take this story-wise down the road.
  7. Can already tell this is going to be a great series, and it is a fantastic idea. The jersey for Winnipeg is great. Love the colors and the striping, but I feel like the chevrons look out of place just being plain white. Maybe having them mimic the striping would help make them a bit more intertwined with the rest of the jersey. Overall though, the Jets look great! Can't wait to see what you put out for the rest of the series!
  8. Woah! It's awesome to see one of my clubs from last year get a nod in this year's tourney! I have no teams to enter (computer crash and losing all files), but I'll definitely be following along.
  9. A definite upgrade over their current set. It works beautifully with the mountain and brings the team into the 21st century. Nice work mate!
  10. Even though some might say it doesn't fit the culture of Rugby League, it's a very well done logo by itself. The lightening bolt in the M is very well done and the jerseys are as well.
  11. This is a pretty neat idea first off. The logo is fantastic as you made the ball part of the radio tower. NBC is very good but I do echo what others have said about making the stripe larger, maybe even 5-15 pixels, as it looks very small at the moment. Nonetheless these are some great kits and I'm excited to see what else you come up with.
  12. Bravo man! All of the logos tie in great to the teams' area and nickname. They are all perfectly executed and are millions of times better than what some of the teams currently have (Wizards, Hawks, Trailblazers, and Knicks to name a few).
  13. Very strong start to this series. The logos are all done very well and they go along with the fantastic back stories. Part de ChĂȘne has to be my favorite early on. The logo is great and the jerseys are very well done. One thing I might add though is that the logo has alternating blue and white stripes, but that doesn't appear on the jerseys. Maybe if you added them to the clash it'd create more unity between the jerseys and the logo. But overall a good start!
  14. I want to start off by saying bravo for putting out 24 great sets. Hands down one of the best baseball series I have seen on the boards. All of your logos have been superb and the jerseys are just as good. St. Paul is one of your best. The use of only blue and green in the primary turned out much better than I would have thought. The broken stripes are also a great addition and a nice twist. I especially love the blue alternate jersey. Overall the 4 expansion teams are great and you have done a fantastic job with this series.
  15. Philly looks solid and the logo looks good but I'd drop the gray behind the bell. It creates a dark atmosphere around the logo but if it was white I feel like it would look lighter and the the bell would pop more. One thing I can't get behind is the script font but it might just be that it looks weird with the new school number font on the front of the jersey. The number and the keystone is a good idea in theory but doesn't really work out on the jersey with the Liberty font. But all the elements by themselves are good besides for a few things. It'll be interesting to see what you do for the next 3!