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  1. Bump for some C+C
  2. Here's a little something extra that I'll be posting along with each new team I post. I am going to sim just the 2017 season on OOTP as something extra to add realism to the project. I won't be tracking trades, injuries, and such, and it is only for one year, but I am excited to see how to league would hypothetically play out for this season. You'll also get a sneak peek at the rest of the cities for the league. So here are the standings as of May 25, 2017 (today)! Currently KC and a team from Houston (who will be released next) are tied for first through 56 games with the rest of the league not far behind.
  3. Team 2: Wyoming Bison The Wyoming Bison, the team which calls Cheyenne, Wyoming home, have been around for almost 90 years, the 2018 season will be their 90th campaign, under various names. They started in 1928 when two prospectors, Jim Kate, and Harry King, decided to assemble a group of newly graduated college students from the local area to form the Cheyenne Red Stockings. Most of the boys were from the University of Wyoming and Kate and King wanted them to be able to pursue baseball after college. The two entered the team into the Pioneer League with a roster that consisted of 12 players for an 86 game season. They fell flat on their faces, oh boy did they. They went 11-85 their first year on the circuit and only drew in 550 people a game at the Wyoming Grounds, which held 1,500 fans. Until 1935 they did not post a winning record or a winning percentage above .450, and the team was falling in both popularity and finances. The team was lackluster on the field and the players seemed more interested in the beer and wages than playing well. In 1936 their luck changed as a 30 year old man by the name of Morris Quinnhouse was hired as the team’s manager. His first order of business was to cut the entire team (he was famously quoted saying “I don’t want players that don’t want to win” in an article published the next day) and change the name of the team. That quote adorns the team’s locker room today and is a rallying cry for the players to give it their all every game. He wanted to start all over in Cheyenne and build from the ground up. They were changed to the Wyoming Bison as he adored the beauty of the bison in Yellowstone, which he visited every winter. The rest is history. He went around the region picking the best players and Wyoming never looked back. They won the Pioneer League every season for the next twelve years. It was, and still is, the largest string of consecutive championships in American sports history. They moved to Rocky Mountain League for one season in 1949 and joined the Western league as a founding member in 1950. Up to this season they have won 12 championships including a three-peat from 1956-1958 and won 4 in 5 years in 1998, 1999, 2001, and 2002. Today Wyoming is a team on the rise after being a bottom feeder team the past few years. Their prospects are littered with talent including the #2 and 3 prospects in the league thanks to a rebuild. They are lead by 25 year old pitcher Scott Wickman on the hill while 21 year old Joe Castle and 23 year old Teddy Porter man the corners as well as the 3 and 4 spots in the lineup. The Bisons logos and jerseys are a fan favorite in the West. They sport a silhouette of a running bison as the primary with red and brown. The red is a nod to the old red B that adorned the hats of the Bison all the way back during their championship run in the 40s. It’s on their brown primary cap with a tan colored outline. The jerseys, both home and away, feature the script in a western style cursive font. The alternate is a vest with a red base and tan cuffs. The alternate hat features a red base as well with a tan version of the running bison. Frontier Field is heaven for lefties as the 318 ft porch in right helps many homers get over the wall. Since 1998 the Bison have called it home while selling out nearly 60% of their home games since the opening. Hope you guys enjoy!
  4. Thank you for all the great comments! Glad to see that KC is being so well received. I cannot believe I didn't see that. The original post is updated with the correct spelling.
  5. Team 1: Kansas City Blues Baseball in Kansas City has existed ever since the year 1900, when the Kasas City Blues joined the Great Plains League. They destroyed the Great Plains league including putting up a 134-13 season in 1909. When the league disbanded in 1910, after the Blues had won 6 championships including having pitcher Ross Denbow win a club record 456 games in those 10 years with the club, they joined the Rocky Mountain League. In the RML they enjoyed a string of success including a run of 7 straight championship series appearances from 1934-1940. In 1951 they joined the Western League as a founding member and have had great success. They are the proud owners of 10 league championships, with their latest coming in 2013 on the back of current star Connor Johnson. The then only 23 year old played in 165 games that year and in the leadoff spot the shortstop had 17 home runs and 89 RBI with a league leading 67 stolen bases and 19 triples. He carried the team to a 2nd place finish with a 101-69 record, where they finished 6 games behind the league leaders. In the finals he went off the rails, going 14/23 with 4 homers and 13 RBI in the Blues’ 4-1 victory to capture the Quinn-Kurtis Trophy. This season they are led by Johnson, now 27 and still considered their top player, Japanese born catcher Hashimoto Sato, and center fielder Javier Cárcera. They are a team considered by many to have a ton of talent in the lineup, but a pitching staff with many question marks on the back end of their pen and rotation. The Blues’ jerseys and logos are considered to be a new take on a classic look that has been in KC for over 115 years. Throughout their history they have had navy pinstripes adorning their home jersey with an interlocking K and C in the hat, helmet, and on the heart on their jerseys. The KC has been modernized throughout the years, think of the Leafs and their logo trough the years, with the latest modernization coming in 2005. Both the away and alternate feature the Blues wordmark with a single stripe on the sleeves as well as the collar. The double blue was adopted in the 1960s when more color options were available to choose from in fabrics and KC fans loved it. Independence Ave Stadium was opened in 1945 to house the Blues. It is one of only a few fields in the WL to have a circular OF wall. It has a lot of foul territory down the lines and the 45,000 that pack it on most nights get a chance to see some spectacular diving catches in front of the dugouts and stands.
  6. Howdy folks, and welcome to the Wild West! This is something I’ve been working on for the past few weeks since the MLB season has started, making teams in-between work, school, and baseball. It is an 8 team league set west of the Mississippi and extends all the way to the Pacific Coast. DSaline’s USBL is a big part of the inspiration for this series which I used his ideas for fields for each team and trying to be extremely in depth with each backstory. Teams will mostly be released sporadically, but hopefully one team will be released a week with half of the league already finished. An important note is that neither the Pacific Coast League or old Western League existed in this universe. Enjoy! C&C is appreciated as always. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— In the year 1950, America’s baseball landscape in the West Coast was scattered and bland. There were many leagues from the Great Plains to the Pacific but they were scattered and small and mostly all lasted no more than a few years before disbanding. The Western League came about when the suffering Rocky Mountain League and Pacific League, the two best leagues in the West at the time, combined with a handshake by Jack Quinn and Lyndon Kurtis in a meeting between the 2 leagues in Houston, Texas. They planned for a smaller sized league to increase the caliber of talent on the field and for teams to be associated with a larger group of people, something both leagues had previously struggled at. The 1951 season started with teams in Kansas City, Houston, Cheyanne, Seattle, and Denver. Throughout the years the teams have changed, formed and collapsed, but the current set of teams have been around since the 1990 season when the league brought in two new teams to bring the total to 8. Teams play a 170 game schedule (yes, I based that loosely off the old PCL regular season schedule) starting the last week in March and ending around the first week in October. The top 2 teams then enter the playoffs where they battle for the Quinn-Kurtis Trophy, named after the men who brought the league together, in a best of 7 series. Some other minor notes, the DH has never been used in the Western League, the fans and owners laughed at the idea when a team brought it up in the 70s due to the fact that fans, owners, and players love having pitchers hit due to the strategy in it. Also, all teams have three uniforms, home, away, and an alternate to be worn either at home or on the road. The league logo depicts the majestic mountains found in the Western parts of America (i.e. Sierra Nevada’s, Rocky Mountains, etc.) against a backdrop of a starry sky with 8 stars. Each represents a team in the league. It is recolored for each ball club and appears on the back of hats and jerseys.
  7. Everything about this series has been fantastic. From the template to the jerseys to the logos it's been great. I am in love with the action templates you're using. They really make the jerseys seem more lifelike. One little nitpick I do have is the drop shadow on the Twins jersey. On the wordmark it looks great but maybe consider moving it to the numbers as well. Just to kind of tie together the script and numbers even more. Keep up the good work!
  8. I actually did try it with a red bill way back when I started it, but it looked so much like the Dominican Republic cap (which is also blue with a red bill) that I decided against it in the end. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  9. Just a friendly bump to see if anyone has any C&C on the new updates and alt. Thanks for the likes!
  10. Thanks for the great comments. I definitely looked into all off your suggestions and have made quite a few updates including a brand new alt! - First for the alt, I know WBC teams never have an alt, but since, well, I wanted to create a set including an alt I figured why not. It draws inspiration from the Reds home jersey. It has a red base with the interlocking US on the left chest, with the number on the opposite side. It has the same striping on the sleeves as the home and away, and can be worn with both the home and away pants. - I loved the suggestion by @8BW14 to implement the red and white into the stirrups and added a stripe of both to all 3 pairs of socks - After reading @Big Yellow Flag's comment about the stars I went back and looked and it definitely looked like the coloring was off. It would make it seem really off if you were at say Petco Park in the upper deck. I didn't want to get rid of them completely but I did reduce the opacity by 10% to try and make it look like it is a solid color from far away, but when closer, you would be able to see the stars. - I also changed the button on the top of the hats to red to try and add some more color to the set. - I tried inverting the blue and red on the away like @TheLogoManiac13 suggested, but due to the gray being somewhat dark, it just looked kinda funky. Hope you guys like the updates and keep the C&C coming!
  11. Thanks for the C&C and likes guys! I have some ideas for an alt as well and will definitely try to add some more color into the socks. Updates will be coming!
  12. Hi guys, Let's be honest here, the Team USA baseball jerseys aren't the prettiest in the world. I've never loved them, but never hated them. In my mind the US should have some of the best uniforms in the world, considering they produce some of the best names in baseball. With the 2017 WBC jerseys being released is the past few weeks (and me being beyond happy that baseball is back), I completely reimagined their jerseys. I came up with this idea in class this week, and the first thing that started the whole design was redoing the wordmark. I took probably my favorite font and put USA in red, then added a white drop shadow and a blue below that one. That way it can seem like the script has some depth without making it look muddled and cluttered. I continued that onto the hat logo which is shown with a blue U on the style portion of the sheet, even though on the hats it is a little different (the 2nd drop shadow is red, the 1st is blue to blend in, and the U is white). The U and S interlock much like their current hats though I removed the star from the back and added some more tweaks. It also includes a blue brim and cap. The numbers also follow the same pattern as the front to create unity throughout the set. One of my favorite parts of the whole design, and very much an example of trying something crazy and having it look fantastic, is the sublimated stars in the wordmark, hat logo, and numbers on the back. This way the jerseys can be unique to the USA without having a flag inserted in everything, like some of the recent holiday hats the MLB has done. The away jersey is just a gray version of the home. Both have blue sleeve stripes, a blue stripe down the pant leg, a USA flag patch on the sleeve, and a WBC logo patch on the back. Also, in the style guide presentation I created, it has a blue practice shirt and coach's polo with the Alt logo, as well as a red fan t-shirt with a white and blue version of the USA script. C&C is greatly appreciated, and enjoy!
  13. I already commented on Twitter a while back about the logos and I'll say it again. All are top notch and I'm very much interested in where you take this story-wise down the road.
  14. Can already tell this is going to be a great series, and it is a fantastic idea. The jersey for Winnipeg is great. Love the colors and the striping, but I feel like the chevrons look out of place just being plain white. Maybe having them mimic the striping would help make them a bit more intertwined with the rest of the jersey. Overall though, the Jets look great! Can't wait to see what you put out for the rest of the series!
  15. Woah! It's awesome to see one of my clubs from last year get a nod in this year's tourney! I have no teams to enter (computer crash and losing all files), but I'll definitely be following along.