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  1. US Super League (34/64)

    Oakland SC “The Baymen” Oakland, CA League: California Soccer League Kits: Macron Colors: Yellow and Green Sponsor: Pandora Year Founded: 1936 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 4
  2. US Super League (34/64)

    I'm glad you like the Alaska bit of it, but I didn't add stars to it because I have a bunch of other teams with sublimated stars as well. But thanks for the C&C
  3. US Super League (34/64)

    North Star United “The Auroras” Fairbanks, AK League: Alaskan Soccer Federation Kits: Hummel Colors: Navy and Yellow Sponsor: PenAir Year Founded: 1975 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 1
  4. US Super League (34/64)

    Ok I fixed the spelling and as for the text being warped I typed on a curve and it still looks weird.
  5. US Super League (34/64)

    Oh thanks, that spelling flew over my head
  6. US Super League (34/64)

    Niagara United SC “The Blues” Buffalo, NY League: Metropolitan Soccer Association Kits: Umbro Colors: Blue and White Sponsor: M&T Bank Year Founded: 1926 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 4
  7. US Super League (34/64)

    Merrimack United SC “The Reds” Manchester, NH League: New England Soccer League Kits: Macron Colors: Red and Gold Sponsor: Philips Year Founded: 1935 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 5
  8. Baker Mayfield Bills Wallpaper

    Can you do Bradley Chubb to the Dolphins? This looks great btw
  9. US Super League (34/64)

    Oh my bad. I guess I never noticed that lol. Thanks for the praise though
  10. US Super League (34/64)

    Manhattan Calcio “Gli Italiani” Manhattan, NY League: Metropolitan Soccer Association Kits: Puma Colors: Green, White, and Red Sponsor: Barilla Year Founded: 1929 USSL Titles: 2 League Finish: 2
  11. US Super League (34/64)

    I might for some of the bigger leagues, but if I did all the leagues, that would be a bit too much for me
  12. US Super League (34/64)

    Lubbock SC “The Orange” Lubbock, TX League: Texan Premier League Kits: Macron Colors: Orange and White Sponsor: PlainsCapital Bank Year Founded: 1947 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 7
  13. US Super League (34/64)

    Lincoln SC “The Stars” Chicago, IL League: Midwestern Soccer League Kits: Under Armour Colors: Light Blue and Black Sponsor: Walgreens Year Founded: 1953 USSL Titles: 0 League Finish: 5
  14. US Super League (34/64)

    Do you not see any for all of the images or just the most recent one? (and i'm using
  15. US Super League (34/64)

    Now for the FPL runner-ups and my hometown club... Lauderdale AC “The Mariners” Fort Lauderdale, FL League: Floridian Premier League Kits: Nike Colors: Navy, White, and Red Sponsor: Citrix Year Founded: 1940 USSL Titles: 3 League Finish: 2