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  1. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Alright the moment you've all been waiting for, your 2017-2018 USSL Champion! OLYMPIQUE DETROIT Olympique Detroit capture their first ever USSL title in a thrilling 3-2 stoppage time victory over Californian giants Oakland. Detroit trailed 2-0 in the first half but overcame it to break Oakland hearts. Mohamed Salah scored the winner with six minutes left to play and led the Motors to glory.
  2. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    The voting for the finals is closed now, the winner will be announced tonight, so stay tuned!
  3. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Good choice
  4. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)'re a bit late there.
  5. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Way to represent the Sunshine State!
  6. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    I'm going to give double the amount of time for voting for the final, so if you see this post, I strongly encourage you to vote. OAKLAND vs OLYMPIQUE DETROIT
  7. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    The moment you've all been waiting for... our final 2 sides!
  8. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    3 hours left of voting!
  9. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Just a reminder that 24 hours of voting remains. I also have some marquee posters for each of the semifinal teams. OAKLAND OLYMPIQUE DETROIT PACIFICA SACRAMENTO
  10. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Thanks for all the votes guys, this one's gonna be close. Keep em coming!
  11. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Alright, Final Four everybody. Here's your semifinalists looking for a trip to Nashville for the Cup Final. Choose wisely. Oakland vs Sacramento Pacifica vs Olympique Detroit
  12. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Here's the final results for the Quarterfinals. The semifinals consist of a Western-heavy set of clubs, with 2 Californian sides. Pacifica look for their 3rd title, Sacramento their 2nd, and Detroit and Oakland their first ever. Quarterfinals:
  13. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Here's the Quarterfinal voting options (got some really good match-ups here, good luck choosing) Oakland vs Racing Charlotte Sacramento vs Providence Pacifica vs Atletico Santa Monica Daytona Racing vs Olympique Detroit
  14. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    Here's the highly anticipated Round of 16 results. Big thanks to everyone who's voted so far, we're honing on the final two! Round of 16: *Daytona and Detroit both advanced on penalties
  15. US Super League (CHAMPION CROWNED)

    The links should be fixed now, my image hosting site got shut down, so I had to manually replace the links through a different site now. So if this one goes down I'll lose my s**t. The Round of 16 results will be up shortly