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  1. I'll see what I can do as far as Paradise SC goes. But here's the next team! PROGRESS UNITED HIALEAH Founded: 1940 Championships: 3 Kits By: Puma Sponsor: FPL Derbies: Miramar, Homestead Crest: Maroon roundel with Seminole headdress and flamingo Home: Maroon and red horizontal stripes Away: White with maroon and red chevron
  2. PARADISE SOCCER CLUB SARASOTA Founded: 1960 Championships: 0 Kits By: Puma Sponsor: Achieva Derbies: Fort Myers Crest: Blue shield with City Seal and white stripes Home: Blue with white stripes and blue pinstripes
  3. PANAMA CITY SOCCER CLUB PANAMA CITY Founded: 1963 Championships: 0 Kits By: Adidas Sponsor: Gulf Power Derbies: Sporting Crest: Rounded red shield with white stripes and seagull Home: Red and white stripes Away: Yellow with blue sleeves and sublimated cross
  4. PEMBROKE ROVERS SOCCER CLUB PEMBROKE PINES Founded: 1950 Championships: 2 Kits By: Nike Sponsor: Tropical Financial Derbies: Miramar, Gold Coast Crest: Green and orange shield with mockingbird on top Home: Green with gradient white stripes Away: Red to show Welsh heritage
  5. Where did you get this template? Or did you make it yourself?
  6. PALM BEACH MARITIME WEST PALM BEACH Founded: 1940 Championships: 1 Kits By: Adidas Sponsor: ADT Derbies: AC Boca, Deerfield Crest: Ship steering wheel with arcing text Home: Light blue and white gradient Away: Black and grey stripes with light blue details
  7. ORANGE COUNTY SOCCER CLUB ORLANDO Founded: 1940 Championships: 3 Kits By: Umbro Sponsor: BrightHouse Derbies: Buena Vista, Reeves, Swans Crest: Orange diamond with orange fruit Home: Two-tone orange halved with white sleeves Away: Light blue and silver gradient
  8. Ok I updated Ocala with the red shorts. Let me know what you think
  9. I know you already did a Miami one but I'd love to see the Heat.
  10. OCALA RIDERS SOCCER CLUB OCALA Founded: 1960 Championships: 3 Kits By: Adidas Sponsor: AAA Derbies: Locomotive, Buena Vista Crest: Maroon circle with creme horse and rider Home: Maroon with creme sleeves Away: Creme halves with horse logo C&C strongly encouraged
  11. Thx bro good to see someone likes it, I was a little unsure of it
  12. NAUTICA SOCCER CLUB JACKSONVILLE Founded: 1944 Championships: 4 Kits By: Puma Sponsor: CSX Derbies: River City, Brigade Crest: Traditional badge with nautical oars Home: Navy polo with red and white sash Away: White with Blue top and red stripes
  13. MIRAMAR CLUB DEPORTIVO MIRAMAR Founded: 1958 Championships: 0 Kits By: Umbro Sponsor: Spirit Airlines Derbies: Gold Coast, Progress, Pembroke Crest: Blue shield with navy waves and seahorse Home: Blue with navy and white stripe across Away: White with gold diagonal stripes
  14. MENÉNDEZ CLUB DE FÚTBOL MIAMI Founded: 1969 Championships: 0 Kits By: Umbro Sponsor: Goya Derbies: Deportivo, Real Palmas Crest: Brown with conquistador helmet Home: Brown with black and white stripe Away: White with brown diagonal stripes