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  1. Broncoboy7

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    I love how you incorporated more silver in this set. Looks really good!
  2. Broncoboy7

    Non-Football Universities given Football Uniform Concepts

    This is a nice start, however, I have a couple of things you might want to adjust. 1. The big one, the font of the numbers and wordmark. The font is too basic, and does not relate to VCU itself. My suggestion would be to research and find out what VCU's actual font is. 2. The Nike logo on the chest looks messy, and too close to the VCU wordmark on the front of the jersey. Other than that, like your presentation.
  3. Broncoboy7

    MLB logos redesigned

    I agree with @Big Yellow Flag on how there should be some element in the logo that relates to the Tampa Bay Rays name. Right now, it looks like a stock TB that could be used by any team.
  4. Broncoboy7

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    Looking good again! Great job.
  5. Broncoboy7

    Hampton High School Rebrand concept UPDATE

    Oof, those eyes are a complete downgrade from the last one. Other than that, everything else looks good.
  6. Broncoboy7

    Georgia Soccer League

    This is probably your best set yet! Great job, but yes, Oglethorpe is spelled wrong.
  7. Broncoboy7

    Eastern New Mexico University Redesign

    Here we are with the baseball jerseys! HOME JERSEY: AWAY JERSEY: ALTERNATE JERSEY: As always, C&C greatly appreciated! Thanks for all the suggestions to those of you who have commented.
  8. Broncoboy7

    Hampton High School Rebrand concept UPDATE

    Good redesign, but I'm not sure I can really distinct the H from the claws
  9. Broncoboy7

    Oklahoma City Thunder Logo Concept

    Going with A. I think the color scheme is better on that one
  10. Broncoboy7

    Cleveland Browns New Concept

    Agreed on this, you did a really good job, I don't think it would be a primary though.
  11. Broncoboy7

    Eastern New Mexico University Redesign

    Just bumping this with an update. Basketball and baseball jerseys will likely be released sometime this week. I'll try my best as I have become extremely busy recently with work. Thanks for understanding!
  12. Broncoboy7

    70 Day Challenge – Sports Logo Redesign

    You've done good! Beautiful, I love all of these
  13. Broncoboy7

    Rocky Mountain Rage Redesign

    Geez, their attendance dropped quite drastically. That just really shows that the team wasn't performing at its best. Anyways, to the concept. I agree with @NoE38 on that the sleeves and hem should match somehow, but other than that, great job.
  14. Broncoboy7

    Snowshoe Softball Event logo

    I'm echoing the squished softball as well. I can understand why you would have it that way because the text is italicized, but it just looks off
  15. Broncoboy7

    Super Bowl LII Logo Concept

    Beautiful job yet again! I think the NFL should definitely start considering switching things up other than the basic logo they have now.