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  1. I like the start but I feel that it is really busy right now and could use some simplification. I also agree, as a Cards fan, that we really need to find a way to get Watson
  2. I made this geofilter and got it accepted at the beginning of the year. I really like it, but I wish I'd put some sort of drop shadow or outline on the "Albuquerque NM" part. Does anyone know if there is a way to edit your own accepted geofilter?
  3. I'd love a David Johnson computer sized background! Thank you so much these are amazing.
  4. Jabel777

    2017 Color Rush

    Oh Wow! I don't post much any more but I had to chime in here. Jaguars is BEAUTIFUL! They could wear that every day and it wouldn't get old. They should really use their teal more; it is a great color. Falcons and Steelers look fantastic too.
  5. If you have room for one more team, I'd love to get Albuquerque in on this. Location: Albuquerque, NM Team Name: Soles Colors: red, yellow, black Logos: C&C would be much appreciated. Although the Zia symbol can't be used in actual sports, this is a fictional league so I assume it can be used here.
  6. I haven't commented in forever but that's partly because there's really no need to criticize anything. Your work is incredible, as always.
  7. Portland looks good! No problems that I can see. I'm loving these alternates. Looking forward to Seattle!
  8. All three of the last concepts look great! One small critique is that I'm not a huge fan of the font on the San Jose gear. Very minor problem. These look really well done other than that! And I think Atlanta Alicorns is the right pick for the next team.
  9. This looks great! I really like everything about this team, but I wanted to point out that Philips Arena makes no sense as it is in Atlanta. Also the basketball seems a bit out of place on the main logo.
  10. CALLED IT! Well this thread has pretty much turned into just a game of guessing the next team because these concepts don't need any critiquing. I think you've gotten way too good at this. Sentries look great! San Diego? Probably not the Vigilantes again though.
  11. San Francisco? Chicago? By the way, these all look great.
  12. The top part looks great, but the basketball kinda ruins it. The basketball is way to big and there is no real reason for it to be there. The colors also don't really fit this team in my opinion.
  13. The Buffalo set is very interesting. Love the logos, love the colors, and the uniforms are good too, just seem a bit busy. That's not always a bad thing though. The new Louisville set is one of my favorite in the whole league! That logo looks amazing with those colors and everything works well. Unis look good too! New York really reminds me a lot of the Detroit Tigers. The logos and colors are very similar, but I really like how this brand works with New York. The Dukes logos are very clean, with a good monogram. The uniforms also carry along that nice cleanness!
  14. I definitely respect that you are sticking with the Hounds name for Nashville. That set looks great either way and the name doesn't seem as bad as I first thought after your explanation. On Louisville, I didn't mean that the color scheme is bland by itself, I mean't that it looks really bland on the logo with gray being the prominent color. Anyway, on to New Jersey. I really like this team. The monogram is really great and the logo works perfectly. I like how the stamp makes red a prominent color. I really like that the uniforms are unique and unique in a good way. The pinstripes (I guess you could call them that) are really unique and interesting and they work really well. I also like how you incorporated them and the monagram into the court. Great work here!