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  1. Arizona Home Alt/Road Alt. These are the same concept as the Home and the Road uniforms, I just toke away the teal in this set.
  2. Arizona Home/Road. I really like the Diamond pattern that they have now, do I made the pattern a little more visible, so it really stands out. Also, teal is the way to go on this combo, but won't be on the alts.
  3. Toronto Home Alt/Road Alt. I made them kind of like the Rangers, but changed a couple of things. This concludes the American League! Now, on to the National League! I am starting with Arizona!
  4. I do agree what yo are saying, just trying to switch it up from the current uniform.
  5. Toronto Home/Road. Pretty basic here except the home uniform is now red instead of blue. It represents more of Canada than just the Blue Jays.
  6. Texas Home Alt/Road Alt. Pretty basic for the Rangers and are like the ones they have now.
  7. Texas Home/Road. There is not much changes but the only change is a big one. On the home uniform, I changed the word to "Rangers" instead of saying "Texas". On the road one, I made the wordmark mostly white instead of mostly blue.
  8. As what @MCM0313 said, here as an all sky blue uniform for the Tampa Bay Rays.
  9. I can try to do that for you.
  10. Oh I already have the sky blue pants on the home alt, so I feel like I should not use the sky blue pants again on the road one.
  11. I think that a little navy blue helps the uniform to be not as plain as if it was all sky blue.
  12. Tampa Bay Home Alt/Road Alt. I brought back the classic blue uniform and made it a little more cleaner. On the road alt, I put the star logo on the hat.
  13. Tampa Bay Home/Road. These basically stayed the same, except in the road I added a powder blue hat that I brought back from the 2010 season.
  14. Seattle Home Alt/Road Alt. On these unis, I trashed the cream vintage one and kept the teal one. I really like that color for the Mariners.
  15. Seattle Home/Road. On these uniforms, I didn't want to change much, the colors on Seattle's jersey is hard to switch.