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  1. DETROIT TIGERS: I feel like the Tigers could do a lot more with their uniforms. I went a little out of the box, adding tiger stripes to all of the sleeves. I added the "Tiger" wordmark script to the set, as I think it works well with the home and home alternate. I think the overall set improves the current set greatly.
  2. CLEVELAND INDIANS: After the whole Chief Wahoo fiasco, the Indians went to the boring Block C that needs fixing up. I do like the current Indians wordmark, so I kept that and used the "I" logo as their new primary logo. I brought back the Cleveland wordmark from the early 2010's, and brought back the all red throwback from the 1970's.
  3. CHICAGO WHITE SOX: The Sox have been a classy team for so long, and I think they need to go back to the red, black, and white look. It adds so color to their set, and makes the set look more lively. I brought back the scripts from the 1987-90 seasons for the home and road wordmark. I dropped the pinstripes for their regular home uniform, and now used it as an alternate uniform. I also brought back the old "C" logo from the 1987-90 season.
  4. TORONTO BLUE JAYS: The Blue Jays changes they made in 2012 was a great choice for the entire franchise. The blue is a great shade of blue, and the new Jay is a good looking logo. I couldn't change their look too much, but I had to change something. I used their Leaf logo, and I put the logo on the sleeve. I think small, subtile changes to the entire set will really improve the overall look for the team. HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT 1: HOME ALT 2: ROAD ALT: SPRING TRAINING:
  5. It does, that is why I will change up the Marlins colors a little bit to differentiate the two.
  6. TAMPA BAY RAYS: Tampa is in need of a redesign. I also think that they could get away with some crazy designs, so I tried to make them as unique as possible. I lost the yellow color, and used a salmon color as their third color. I used totally different logos, but kept the ray while just changing the color. I feel like all powder-blue's are some of the best in baseball, and the Rays are in need of one. I added a salmon jersey to the set, as a home afternoon game. I feel the rebrand should be coming with the new stadium that they are having in a couple of years. HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT 1: HOME ALT 2: ROAD ALT: SPRING TRAINING:
  7. Here is the away jersey from the 1930 season. This would be a nice away jersey on a Sunday afternoon game, in my opinion.
  8. NEW YORK YANKEES: When you ask someone who doesn't know anything about the MLB, most people will think about the Yankees. They are the most iconic team baseball, and have arguably the most classic and untouchable uniforms in the sport. But I thought that they could use a little work. The hats on every uniform changed to their older NY logo. I used their very underused word mark for the Away uniform and the Home Alt Uniform. HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT: ROAD ALT: SPRING TRAINING:
  9. BOSTON RED SOX: The Red Sox are such a classic and historic franchise, and it is almost impossible to change their look. I went ahead and added the piping down on all uniforms, not just the classic home. I also added the secondary logo as the patch in the sleeve of the jersey. I feel like small, subtile changes improve this already classic set. HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT: ROAD ALT: SPRING TRAINING:
  10. Hello everyone! Due to this quarantine, I have decided to start back up a Baseball Concept Uniform Tread! Each team will have at least one home alternate and road alternate uniform, and one spring training uniform. C&C is always appreciated, so please give your feedback! I will start with the American League then move to the National League. I hope you enjoy! BALTIMORE ORIOLES: The Orioles have some of the nicest uniforms in the league, in my opinion. The black and orange work really well together. I wanted to make the Orioles a primary orange team(which is what they should always be), so I added a orange hat to the road uniform, road alternate uniform 1, and the Spring Training uniform. I added another black uniform using the "O's" logo, maybe a jersey they wear on special occasions on the road. HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT: ROAD ALT 1: ROAD ALT 2: SPRING TRAINING:
  11. So I tried to change the black with silver, dropping the black completely. IMO, black looks a little better but I still want to put out my silver version.
  12. COLORADO: I have completely redesigned the Rockies. I was never a fan of their current set, I think it is one of the worst in the league. So I tried to make the Rockies more modern and bolder than they are now with, IMO, is a great font for their organization. I put a sublimated mountain design below the wordmark and the numbers on the back. Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback:
  13. CINCINNATI: I like the Reds current look, but I toned down black from the team. I think it looks better and represents them better than with black. Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback:
  14. CHICAGO CUBS: Nothing really different about the Cubbies, as I have brought back the Cubs wordmark logo from the 90's on the road alt. Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Home Alt Uniform: Road Alt Uniform: Throwback:
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