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On 10/9/2018 at 1:45 PM, msu said:

I love the Penguins logo without the triangle behind it. The triangle has always felt like visual clutter to me, and if they did need something behind the logo then use a keystone instead.


This is why there's a golden triangle in the Penguins logo from Day 1

Image result for golden triangle pittsburgh


That confluence of the  rivers, where Downtown Pittsburgh actually is, is called the Golden Triangle. It's always been in the Penguins logo, it even was on the shoulders in the 90s (that's officially why that design had those shoulders), it's why the Steelers had that batman cape jersey set in the 60s. The triangle has meaning, and it's Pittsburgh's it shouldn't be a keystone for the whole state...stupid Flyers...


But yeah, the triangle matters, and it should be there, even if it's redundant in color. 

...I also think the penguin looks too lanky without it, the boundaries of the triangle always help break up the look of the long legs, imo.

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Minor tweaks, and yet big improvements to the Stadium Series version. Triangle-less penguin is still a bit awkward to look at, but I see why they did it, and it keeps this distinct enough from the regular set.

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Like others have said, a much better version of the Stadium Series jersey from a few years ago, but still a lot left to be desired. Really wish they'd gone with a more faithful throwback and just recolored their primary sweaters while tilting the sleeves stripes accordingly, but alas. Then again, Anaheim also managed to still ruin what could've been the best throwback in the NHL today by doing the same thing - making unnecessary alterations.


Although, kudos for them for not falling in line with the trend of cashing in on 90's nostalgia, even if I, and it seems like most of the Pens fanbase from what I am reading, wished for a return of the robo-pigeon, specifically in the diagonal Pittsburgh "GIn n Juice" sweaters. (And about that "No that belongs only to the Rangers you can't have it" stuff... 1, No. They don't own it. And 2, the Penguins did it on their first ever uniforms as well because their first coach (a former Ranger) wanted it, so whether NYR "owns" the design or not, the Penguins have a legitimate historical connection to it.)


EDIT: I just remembered. I was in the studio with Colby Armstrong (I'm interning with their radio network) and he had an idea. NHL Colour Rush. Penguins wear all-black with minimal gold, like the Steelers did, and have the triangle-less skating penguin logo. It'd look a lot, if not exactly, like the Flyers' Stadium Series jerseys, but all-black has always been one of my favorite looks in sports.

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