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  1. The Pitt Panthers played at Forbes Field from its opening year until Pitt Stadium was built in 1925. The Steelers played there exclusively from 1933-58, then split time between Forbes Field and Pitt Stadium until 1963, then moved to Pitt Stadium full time until Three Rivers opened in 1970.
  2. Taking a jersey that's based off a 90's design and using the newest (and worst) logo confirms what I've suspected for years - the Pens refuse to acknowledge the robo pigeon ever existed. I get that it wasn't popular when it was introduced, but with the success/players they had in that era, it doesn't make a lot of sense to use a logo that the regular version of it wasn't even in use at the time. (I'll always die on the hill that the pigeon isn't a bad logo, either. Better than this new sans-triangle skater.)
  3. Like others have said, a much better version of the Stadium Series jersey from a few years ago, but still a lot left to be desired. Really wish they'd gone with a more faithful throwback and just recolored their primary sweaters while tilting the sleeves stripes accordingly, but alas. Then again, Anaheim also managed to still ruin what could've been the best throwback in the NHL today by doing the same thing - making unnecessary alterations. Although, kudos for them for not falling in line with the trend of cashing in on 90's nostalgia, even if I, and it seems like most of the Pens fanbase from what I am reading, wished for a return of the robo-pigeon, specifically in the diagonal Pittsburgh "GIn n Juice" sweaters. (And about that "No that belongs only to the Rangers you can't have it" stuff... 1, No. They don't own it. And 2, the Penguins did it on their first ever uniforms as well because their first coach (a former Ranger) wanted it, so whether NYR "owns" the design or not, the Penguins have a legitimate historical connection to it.) EDIT: I just remembered. I was in the studio with Colby Armstrong (I'm interning with their radio network) and he had an idea. NHL Colour Rush. Penguins wear all-black with minimal gold, like the Steelers did, and have the triangle-less skating penguin logo. It'd look a lot, if not exactly, like the Flyers' Stadium Series jerseys, but all-black has always been one of my favorite looks in sports.
  4. I don't think comparing our situation to the Patriots is fair. Yeah, the Pens and Pats are polarizing franchises with equally as polarizing guys leading them, but there's a decent amount of differences at play here. If you look at it, the Pens aren't even the most successful team of recent years like the Pats are, even if the Pens go all the way again this year. That belongs to Chicago in terms of NHL teams. And the Pens haven't been accused of stuff like Spygate and Deflategate and had stuff like the Tuck Rule controversy on the way to winning championships. I feel like this year is a bit of an anomaly in how it turned out, although it is definitely a flawed system to begin with. Whether or not it was meant solely to manufacture Pens/Caps series I'm not sold on, but if they simply got rid of the pure bracket and reseeded each round I think it'd be a non-issue.
  5. Hell of a show, Toronto. What a series. Hopefully the Pens are up to the task. Always a good time playing Washington. I have a sneaking suspicion this will be the year they finally get by the Pens, but either way this is gonna be a long one. Two bucks says Ottawa bounces the Rangers.
  6. Cliche' as heck, but any sort of game-winning goal in overtime or the final seconds at home. Hockey or soccer, the later the round and bigger the game the better. Something about that moment of pure, unbridled elation on the part of the players and the fans, that sudden sharp roar of the crowd and overwhelming noise of jubilation. If there is a camera shaking uncontrollably from all the commotion and a huge crowd of fans outside the arena/stadium also going wild, even better. That unifying moment of thousands of people coming together overcome with happiness and all that sappy jazz is what I love most about sports in general. Those climactic moments. Also, that perfect long pass that springs a forward from the blue line all alone into the other team's zone (I think McCarthy said this already). Tic-tac-toe plays like Crosby/Sheary/Guentzel did a little bit ago this season, or this one from the 2009 cup run which leads me to another thing - rapidly scoring two or three goals to tie a game and then go ahead and leaving the other team totally bamboozled while your fans go wild. Any sort of shot that rings off the post. Especially if it's bar-down. That "PING!" can be the best and worst possible sound you could hear. Any perfectly-executed double play. On the other side, that line drive that drops perfectly and drives all the guys on base home. Better than a home run. Although, if it's at PNC Park, it never gets old when that rare river shot happens. In soccer, the perfect cross and touch into the net. Especially if it's that slow-roller that just makes its way into the net while the goaltender and defenders look on helplessly as they're just... a little... too... far...
  7. We have lots of bridges and I think of jumping off of one each time. Lange and Borque on the radio side are top notch. Steigy and Bob are clowns.
  8. Wasn't a penalty, but also not a goal. Hell of a game by Fleury, Columbus definitely made it interesting. Played their damn hearts out Hell of a season for them. Hopefully Toronto/Washington goes the distance.
  9. If the Pens lose tonight, I will begin to worry. A lot. I'm confident they won't, this isn't a Bylsma/Shero-era "let's throw as many scoring forwards out there as possible and forget about the other side of the puck then lose our heads the second adversity hits" kinda team that blew leads like it was their job. But if they do lose tonight, and Columbus rides that kinda wave back home for Game Six... Let's just hope Bobs keeps playing like he has, Fleury shakes Game Four off, and the Pens stop turning over the puck so much.
  10. maz

    NHL 2017-18

    That Capitals concept is way too Columbus for my taste. Then again, hell, Columbus and their Union Army theme looks way more "Capitals" than Washington does. Which is where going blue for Washington gets iffy - nobody wants to look like a division rival, but with similar themes and colors, there's that risk. So, if Washington went back to blue, I think it'd be cool for them somehow go about modernizing what they did in the 90's. I still think the diving eagle logo was pretty baller and always loved these sweaters: Fix that goofy font and that'd be the best the Capitals ever looked save for the bugsplat logo. The weagle and poor-remake-of-an-already-awful-70s-wordmark-logo suck. Somehow, that shade of blue and gold feels more conducive to "Washington Capitals".
  11. I wouldn't have to do anything, the whole damn town would be burned down. People would leap from our many bridges. It'd be chaos. Comedic hyperbole, but still, Pittsburgh would lose its collective :censored:. Me, personally, I'd be really, really, really disappointed, but there are occasions where even I'm annoyed by them. They rule this damn city almost to a fault, but that's also what would upset me the most - this city would lose so much of its identity. The Steelers and Pittsburgh have become so intertwined and part of one another in the past almost half-century that it wouldn't even be Pittsburgh anymore without them.
  12. Well, that sucked. But you also aren't gonna lose many games in the playoffs while scoring four goals. Coming home for game five, I'm not worried. Good game tonight.
  13. Not gonna argue with the officiating being horrible, it was. Lot's of ticky-tacky calls or no-calls both ways. I will argue that the Dubinsky cross-check which lead to the Pens' fourth goal, if that is what you're referring to, was a textbook cross-checking penalty. If that isn't what you meant, I'd have to see what other goal/call it was. Jackets had so many inches-close chances that I truly believe this game still could have gone either way. Regardless, I felt like the Pens played better for much of the game, save for the scary first period. I'm hoping they continue to play like they have and bring back whatever validation they lost last night to their success in this series and move on to the next round. I like winning, I don't like winning controversially.
  14. I had a couple thoughts and added some stuff to my post after that, making it less.... combative. I realized afterwards it was a little off-color of a comment. But like I say in the edited one: Really? Collusion? Favoritism? I hope that isn't what you're saying, you're a smart guy. (Also, seeing the OU logo in your signature next to a Bengals logo makes me chuckle a little inside when I have a girlfirend who went to OU and hates the Bengals (She's from Pittsburgh and a huge Steelers fan), so she'd shudder at the sight of that. Haha.)
  15. Yes, it's a lame way to tie a game. Yes, it was a bad call. Yes, I feel kind of weird about winning a game like that. Yes, I think the ref(s) were in a bad spot to see a pool of blood under a player laying on the ice while watching the play which was in the lower part of the offensive zone, while said player was near the blue line. The play wasn't "going on around him". I find it really hard to believe they would have let it go in that case. It all happens so fast when it goes in real time and you follow the puck. That isn't a perfect excuse because the whistle still probably should have blown anyway. It's just a thought as to why it happened that way. I think this has happened many times before in much less-pivotal games and moments, which again, doesn't excuse anything, but I've seen it happen. It's at the ref's digression to blow the whistle. I've seen them blow it as soon as a guy is falling and he hops right back up. There's a lack of consistency in this matter, but collusion? Favoritism? Come on, man, you know that's bull
  16. I was more referring to a previous poster's comments about a wrecked defense. I'm inclined to agree with you, the Pens have a damn solid defense. Even when their bottom four became the top four, they held it down this year.
  17. Still not counting them out. Maybe if the Pens win Game Two I'll feel more comfortable. There were some stretches of that game where Columbus really carried the play (16-3 in shots after the first? Yeesh.) Fleury isn't one to count out, either. He's backstopped two cup runs (one of which was a winner), after all. If Murray is really hurt and Fleury's the guy this spring, then I hope he's able to prove that those abysmal playoff performances for a while there were mostly due to those teams' total lack of defense. I also wouldn't consider only being without Letang a "wrecked defense". If anything, it's more defensively solid without the turnover/stupid penalty/out of position machine back there.
  18. maz

    NHL 2017-18

    Definitely. I used to trash the Predators' look, and until this redesign I considered them among the, if not the, ugliest team in the league. This redesign, like you guys said, shot them right up to being one of the best while keeping the basic elements largely the same. And it was done so well that nobody even seemed to notice. Sometimes, I think, that's the mark of a good design. I think that even here, people are more inclined to be vocal when they disagree and silently enjoy things they like, at least when it comes to uniforms.
  19. Despite their history of winning three of four cups while wearing their "old-is-new-again" black unit (well, kind of last year), a small, small part of me would not be surprised if the Pens wore their gold sets from the Stadium Series at home. It'd match the whole "gold-out" they do during the playoffs now. If they did that, though, for the love of god remove the "City of Champions" patch. It's already pretentious as hell, too big, and throws off the balance, but to wear that during the playoffs? No way. Bad juju.
  20. maz

    NHL 2017-18

    I'm in the camp here that says Carolina, Tampa Bay, and I'll even throw in Dallas, Colorado, and Ottawa, have sacrificed unique and creative looks for bland generic designs. Ottawa has disappointed me since the Reebok Edgeification years ago when them, Tampa Bay, and the Penguins all had the exact same template with different colors. Their new logos aren't bad (the profile Senator in this set, as well as the old one, is superior IMO), but they still have that awfully bland template. Their only saving grace there is that they're the only ones still using it (if that can be considered a good thing). They look great in black. In a league with so many red teams, I feel like they'd be better served going back to that. Their fauxback third jerseys are beautiful, IMO, and if they did that full time, I'd think it was a great move.\ Colorado's thirds are really cool, but their primary sweaters are an abomination. Their original ones were great uniforms. I wish they'd go back to that. For what it's worth, perhaps purely for nostalgia purposes, I like the "A" logo, as 90's as it is. The "C" logo makes a good shoulder patch, although the bigfoot logo did well in that regard too. Dallas hasn't looked right since they abandoned the star-patterned sweaters. Their logos now are better, but bring back the gold we were used to seeing from the "Stars" franchise for almost 50 years. Their current jerseys have pissed me off from the moment they came out. The home setup is green Blackhawks, straight up. One less black hem stripe, that's it. The road set is boring as hell. In terms of "original six dress-up" this is just as egregious as Tampa Bay... ... who look just like the Leafs. They've upgraded from the post-Reebokification for sure, and their logos now are their best ever (though I miss that Florida-and-lightning bolt), but spice those sweaters up a bit. Put some black and silver on there like you used to/still do on your thirds. Carolina makes me sad as well as others here, because the "storm warning" stripes were unique and a great tie-in to their name. Even when they added the stupid shoulder piping and made the sleeve stripes kinda wonky, they looked better than they do now - an incredibly boring red-and-white team. Like I said about Tampa Bay, at least give us some black and silver from your past/thirds. I have no qualms with Florida, though, like I've seen here. Once they got rid of the weird start-at-collar-and-go-down-the-sides piping that Reebok pushed and went back to red at home (which as ubiquitous as that is in the NHL, they can pull it off pretty well) I liked their set. Always was a sucker for that down-the-shoulder striping. But their current set, once the new shield logo grew on me, I really like. It's definitely unique, not too much like Montreal at all. They just need to get rid of the Florida Flag things on the shoulder (you too with your Canada and Alberta stuff, Calgary). Bring back the hockey stick and palm tree in the sun. As much as a conglomeration of clip art it was, it looked good. And whoever said that Minnesota should never have gone with that red thing as their home sweater but likes their road one, I agree. Yeah, ideally, they'd go back to the original sweaters, but I can actually live with their set. Even if they look like a bunch of Christmas elves at home.
  21. Injuries and the current playoff format have me a little scared it'll be a somewhat-early exit for the Pens (Columbus and probably Washington in the first two rounds. Yikes.), but "nothing worth winning ever came easy blah blah blah..." Don't count out the Jackets. Not for one second. As much as I dislike the guy, Torts is one hell of a coach. Bobs is one hell of a goalie. They have one hell of a lineup. I'm hoping that Murray or Fleury, whoever they put in (let's be real, it's probably Murray) holds up like they have in the past. Hopefully the defense holds up like it has this year as well. Losing just Letang back there isn't the end of the world like a lot of Pens fans want to believe. Losing Hagelin and Kunitz, though, scares me. That, and Geno continuing to be the stupid retaliatory penalty machine he has been all year, once he comes back. Against a team like Columbus, that worries me about him. Pens in 7 Caps in 5 Sens in 6 Rangers in 7 Oilers in 7 Flames in 7 Wild in 5 Hawks in 5
  22. What's more interesting? A Three Rivers stadium that looks a lot like Kaufmann Stadium (and a million times better than the concrete donut that was Three Rivers).... or an entire stadium and parking garage built over the Monongahela river? Also interesting: original designs for PNC Park.
  23. FWIW I thought having "Los Angeles"on the hem was really cool and unique. Then again, I liked the "Atalanta" on the sleeve the Thrashers once had, and most people seemed to hate that sweater. EDIT: I mean the pre-edge version with the hem stripe. The edge version did kind of suck.
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