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  1. That moose looks like he's about to slip something into your drink.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing the Capitals try to redo this uniform in red, white, and blue, actually. Just because they want to use more traditional patriotic colors doesn't mean they have to stick with a terrible logo, when they have a great one they've used for years.
  3. I have some other quibbles with these uniforms, but this is easily the best color scheme the Bucks have ever used. The new colors are just so dull by comparison.
  4. These Wisconsin helmets are outstanding. In fact, the Badgers should make these their primary helmets and integrate black in the rest of the uniform. My reasoning? The Motion W has always been a good logo, but its modern style has never fit with Wisky's old-school uniforms, and it irked me that the only black in the uniform was on the logo. The addition of black updates the look enough to finally make the Motion W work, while still keeping a traditional striping pattern.
  5. Agreed re: the Canucks' logos. Johnny Canuck is bad, the stick-in-rink is pathetic, and the orca is great.
  6. Those unis were the best Disagree. These are one of, if not the best uniforms in the NBA Gotta ditch the Copperplate to even be considered the best. I don't know why everyone hates the copperplate so much. Is it great? No. Its not bad though. I think it fits with the identity just fine. You guys seriously don't think that awful western-y font they used to have is better, do you? Agreed. Copperplate is overused, but it is a good font. And this is one of the cases where it's used properly. I usually think of Copperplate as being used on architecture, which makes it a good fit for the team's current bridge motif.
  7. I love that uniform. Not really sure why. The dark jersey, along with the Raiders, is about as basic as it gets but I really, really loved that uniform.Actually, I thought they kept taking steps backwards on the white jersey and my love of it was over when they added the state flag. I really liked the below set (though by now the sleeves on the white would obviously need to have changed) Coming to this part of this discussion late, but wanted to say one thing about those White jerseys... The "Northwestern"-style striping that was present on the White jerseys of that era, is duplicated in University of Phoenix Stadium behind the north-end scoreboard. The smaller scoreboard, on the closed end of the stadium (opposite the end where the field slides in). I took a tour of the stadium a couple of years ago, and they were walking us all over to the lofts (suites) on that end of the stadium, and that exact pattern of Black-White-Red-White-Black-White-Red-White-Black was painted from floor to ceiling along that entire wall. It took me aback, and we were moving so quickly through there, I wasn't able to take a picture of it. Really regret not doing that. I thought it was a great touch. The Cardinals should just rip off the Houston Oilers' stripes. Black-white-red-white-black on the helmet, pants, and both jerseys.
  8. I loved the gray facemasks for the Browns, and I normally dislike gray facemasks for teams without gray in their color scheme (and even some teams that do have gray, like the Cowboys.) But brown and orange are such an old-fashioned color scheme that would never be chosen today for a brand new franchise, so the old-fashioned gray facemask worked.
  9. I concur. And I'll take it a step further and say that the orca logo is actually pretty damn good, and easily the best logo the Canucks have ever had.
  10. Nah, I wouldn't go that far.........but I do think they look much better with black trim (and only trim) than without. Agreed. Light blue and silver just don't work on their own. They need that black to provide some much-need contrast. I actually do think that if the Lions fixed a few minor flaws (super skinny helmet stripe, super wide sleeve stripes, number font) they could have the best look in the league.
  11. I think the Milwaukee Bucks Irish Rainbow uniforms are vastly overrated. The current uniforms aren't perfect, but the forest green and red color scheme is gorgeous and shouldn't be messed with.
  12. I agree, but I'll take it a step further into unpopular territory and say that their current look is actually the best they've ever had. The problem is with the wishbone C. I like it for the Chicago Bears just fine, but it makes a lousy logo for a baseball cap.
  13. The Astros don't play in Cape Canaveral. You know, the line isn't "Cape Canaveral, we have a problem." The previous post said "city of space launches." The launches are in Cape Canaveral. Mission Control is in Houston.
  14. See, I'd be happier if none of the NFL jerseys had wordmarks. Especially when they're as tiny as the ones NFL teams use. All they do is add visual clutter.
  15. I agree. The current identity is a great reflection of their nickname, unlike the generic ball-in-glove look (which I'm fine with as a throwback alternate, but they should never go back to them full time.) They just need to put Milwaukee on the road uniforms, and they'd be perfect.
  16. It's just a shame that a player whose name means "green head" only played for the Jets in the white helmet era.
  17. its not a stretch at all, that is what i alway thought even when it first came out when i was a kid, it was the coolest thing to me. Not to offend your inner child's imagination or anything, but I always just assumed the split was to accommodate the center ridge on old Riddell helmets.
  18. No, as long as Notre Dame is there for the taking. Yes, because what the ACC really needs is another football school that isn't any good at football. Yeah, yeah, I know, money, name ecognition, money, blah blah blah.
  19. Men's basketball, an actual revenue-generating sport, is being treated as an afterthought in all this conference realignment hubbub. There's no way lacrosse and baseball factor into who goes where.
  20. How does a school in New Jersey provide a natural rivalry with Duke? UNC is the natural rival of Duke. Heh. I guess you're unaware of a certain nickname for that school in Durham. I don't see how that would create a "natural rivalry". That usually means rivalry formed by location, nearby schools. I actually don't see any rivalry forming at all between these schools. It was a joke.
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