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  1. Looks a a lot like my Indiana Ice i did for the USHL
  2. just me....but......I kinda see the mean nasty queen in Snow White rather than a king
  3. Familiar to what? not sure but i thought someone did something similar on this forum a while back...
  5. Surprised no one has sent this in I will....
  6. Yes there is a Marc and he knows a #&@%@& about hockey and hockey logos......
  7. if your going to steal you may as well steal from the best:)
  8. brutal logo for sure.....i know the football they just stuck in is mine....does the face belong to someone as it looks familiar? Link:
  9. Alex, it was great to meet up with you and get your thoughts on design and such....had a great time at the game as well....
  10. If it ain't Flynn, it's an exact duplication of his style. Great for minor leagues. I do like the primary logo, but I wonder about the tiny use of red and blue. Could have killed the blue and just used the red in the place name. of mine
  11. I love the RBK St. Louis third...i feel a strange bond with it.......take a look at the RBK third crest i did for the Sting a year prior to this one;id=105&t=0