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  1. This was a very interesting draft lottery. I'd imagine a team stacked with talent, gets the 1st overall. This would make a great sitcom.
  2. Nike, seems to have a fascination with a Chrome Facemask...
  3. I like it. The knee brace needs to be bigger . But I think some orange on the inner numbers needs to be added. With out it, the numbers look too familiar to the Falcons retro uniforms with just the black outline. Either way, I look forward to seeing the new uniforms.
  4. I'd really would enjoy if the Bucs went with this. A little combination of everything ( past and present ) and you got gold. Now, If they can do the same with the uniforms ( a combination of past and present ) then they may have something. Care to take that challenge ?
  5. You are breaking my heart , NBA. You are breaking my heart.
  6. Clearly its me then. My eyes are deceiving me.
  7. Did Nike tweak the Pirates numbers ?
  8. Anyone following the latest news regarding The Astros and, Altuve?
  9. I wish each team was able to have there own unique font/numbers. This font seems very disconnected for each team. But I don't mind the numbers. Its just the NOB will be hard to read. In the end, I am curious to see how this new font will look on each team.
  10. Well, If I'm going to review this logo I'd say it certainly is on "fire".
  11. Love the home. Glad they brought back the numbers to match the script. I really them home uniforms .
  12. Love the Raps classic white jerseys. The combination of the Raptors original court design, I surely will feel like a kid again. I love it. Can I cry ?