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  1. Not bad. Could had been worst, right? I look forward to seeing them in action. How the new colour adapts in the bright light.
  2. While we wait, lets play a game called, who can spot out Chris.
  3. "New York" across the chest. Well that wraps that up.
  4. I guess it could had been worst? Maybe the uniforms will even out the odds of what could of been a "meh", to a... okay.
  5. 100% agreed. Use the full blue caps for the away's as they did in the 90's and, you got yourself a winner.
  6. 13-year, $330M deal for Harper Woof.
  7. Yeaaaaah ... no. Its nice and all but I think this one is a swing and a miss. Too much going on. Wrong direction. But thats just me.
  8. Such a surreal moment to be a Maple Leaf fan right now. I'm still trying to soak it all in. The opportunity this team has, it is amazing. A very exciting time to be a Leaf fan. 100% I'll be drinking tonight lol.
  9. Interesting design. Not bad but, I think it will take some time to grow on. Maybe seeing them in acting will change my thought.
  10. This one hurts and still shocking to accept the reality. To me ( as a Blue Jay fan ) he was my Wayne Gretzky of the Blue Jays. I idolized him and I was a huge fan of him growing up and I always felt confidence watching him on the field. My condolences to his family. Like others have said Roy Halladay... gone too soon.
  11. Now that's beautiful.
  12. Davey

    NHL 2017-18

    Nothing major about this but, the Maple Leafs away jerseys are finally out for sale. Nothing changed as expected. But I was very curious about the possibility of adding blue shoulders to the away uniforms. Link to Maple Leafs shop