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  1. Love the Raps classic white jerseys. The combination of the Raptors original court design, I surely will feel like a kid again. I love it. Can I cry ?
  2. Court designs for individual uniforms now ?
  3. Dig the new icon Ice. I have not been able to sleep. I don't think It has sunk in yet. Sure to others its w.e but, for being a fan since day one and, to only live 1 and half hour from Toronto you've seen it all lol. I'm sure it will take awhile to actually realize how surreal this actually is. I think actually I blanked out once the buzzer hit lol ( no booze was involved lol ). Not only that but to witness history. I thought TFC winning was something special. But I think this is beyond and more. A true moment from my perspective to be apart of history. It may not happen again ( not in bad way ). So in the mean time, I'm taking this time to soak it all in. I just hope I remember it all after the weekend
  5. I scared a skunk outside my room from all the cheering lol.
  6. I'm guna need stronger heart medication after tonight's game lol.
  7. I'm still soaking it in. From being a fan from watching Mighty Mouse to living in this moment, now. Its truly special. Its overwhelming. Its hard to believe its even real lol. Yet it's truly a good feeling.
  8. Never thought I'd see this moment. Not for a long long time. Down by 15 I thought it was over. My god it has come true. Its real and, its an amazing feeling to be a Raptors fan.
  9. Davey

    CFL 2019

    You can check Argos new uniforms on there Instagram story. Its better than I thought. Although, the shoulders are clearly missing something. But seeing them in action, I think that 2% will grow on me.
  10. As a Raps fan, I'm just soaking in the moment.
  11. Davey

    CFL 2019

    Argos uniforms are very disappointing. Although I have 2% of hope to think, well maybe they will look better in action. Other than that, MTL and BC's new uniforms look great. Really love the new helmet for BC.
  12. Davey

    CFL 2019

    The Argos look like the font colour is reversed on the shoulders. Also its hard to tell if there is a stripe on the helmet. When do they unveil the new uniforms?
  13. Not bad. Could had been worst, right? I look forward to seeing them in action. How the new colour adapts in the bright light.
  14. While we wait, lets play a game called, who can spot out Chris.
  15. "New York" across the chest. Well that wraps that up.