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  1. That's nice, but I think having 18 teams with the same white jerseys with the word "Confidential" will get pretty confusing But seriously, I assume this legit, right?
  2. I assume the topic is mainly about players who are well liked by fans, yet not well known by outsiders.
  3. So far, the closest thing you have is SportsLogos.Net link at the bottom at the page. Of course, it would be more convenient for you to put the link from the header.
  4. Well, it looks like he won't be here for a whole day:
  5. This is surprising as they just changed 4 years ago.
  6. Well, this logo shows that what happens if put a bull in a blender.
  7. So I heard, the San Jose Sharks would been called the Blades, but they nixed it due to gang associations.
  8. According to Wikipedia, that if they picked Huskies their logo would look similar to the Timberwolves. So that's why they ditched it.
  9. The main logo is terrible, but that alternate "BG" logo looks fine. The only complaint I have with the alt. logo is looks kind of messy due to how the logo is "connected".
  10. Like CC said, the slogan is nice, but the pastel colour is sorta weird. But it really looks different than other plates though.
  11. From what I heard, the team name is going to be the Quad Cites Flames. I hope they don't use a flaming Q and C for the logo.
  12. It's official. The Knights are moving to Quad city. Flames announce move of the Knights
  13. Is that the Houston Thunderbears of the AFL?
  14. This might become the next ABA. (the modern one with a huge number of teams with bad logos).