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  1. So what looks better, "Red Wolves" or "Redwolves"? No team in the NFL has a two-name identity and neither do most major American sports leagues. I can think of Red Sox and White Sox at the top of my head. Vegas Golden Knights. Minnesota Timberwolves. I think I prefer one name.
  2. MOD EDIT I love that now moderators are actually directing us towards the Washington name change discussion. What a difference a week makes. Redtails is interesting and clever but ultimately the criticism that it's too 'narrow' and has a loose connection to the DC area at best has a lot of local fans pushing it aside in favor of 'Redwolves'....at least that's what I'm hearing from this region.
  3. I also think about how the new nickname sounds within the NFC East even if that's not the most important aspect: Cowboys Eagles Giants Warriors Cowboys Eagles Giants Redtails
  4. My Sean Taylor jersey says 'Redskins' in small lettering on the front. But everyone in the DC area knows (or should know) who he was and why such a jersey means a lot to DC fans. I don't think people will get too hung up on the small letters.....they better not at least. His death hit hard and I will never forget that day.
  5. Interesting. I think they're going the way of making that script their official home uniform. Maybe they'll make it permanent next year. Either that, or the gold pops more on blue script versus red.
  6. I love the 3 stars on the uniform just above the numbers. Nice touch!
  7. As a Redskin fan myself, I am absolutely thrilled that you kept 'our' colors and an overall link to the past identity. That is really important to me and I'm sure to many other DC fans as well. I would love to see them keep the framework of our fight song too. Hail to the ___________________s!
  8. Last few times the Orioles and Giants have played each other, I'm pretty sure they swapped jersey colors on back-to-back nights. For example, a Friday night game would have O's in black/Giants in orange. The next night it was the reverse. Not saying that it was confusing, just....interesting.
  9. The all-white NFL uni with white socks trend has to stop. But it's not slowing down so I guess I have to begrudgingly accept it. Why don't we just give every team a white alternate helmet while we're at it? It could be part of the NFL's new "Frozen Tundra" campaign throughout the month of December. White hats, jackets, sweatshirts on the sideline too. Written in white letters with white logos.
  10. NIKE must've fired the guy who's title was 'Cohesion Control'
  11. What?!?! Actual uniform talk?? If this is what they rolled out, I wouldn't be disappointed.
  12. I like the mid-90's bird the most out of all the realistic birds. The last one, which was tweaked for a few season, was pretty good too. My biggest issue with the realistic birds is that their thin orange outline would fade against the O's black caps. Those logos never popped as much as the cartoon birds do on caps.
  13. Speaking of design elements, it appears the Falcons were presented too many uniform options while the Patriots did not have enough.
  14. At this point, I have no complaints with the Cardinals and Broncos. It could always be worse..... *Sees fleeting image of the red blood-clot unis and ANOTHER mono-navy set and passes out*
  15. Upgrade: Browns, Bucs (no explanation needed) Neutral: Colts Downgrade: Falcons (this is a tough one- with white pants at home, I would consider changing this to neutral...never wear the gradient jerseys and it might be an upgrade), Patriots (thought about neutral but they can't even introduce a 2nd pant option?) Future predictions: Chargers-upgrade Rams-downgrade So that would make 3 upgrades, one neutral change, and 3 downgrades. It breaks even, which is pretty good for the NFL which is slowly becoming one of the worst looking leagues in the country.
  16. That's what I'm referring to and I hate it- white socks with white uniforms and nothing to break it up (not even cleats) except for the helmet.
  17. As we speak, the Chargers' brass is scrambling to fit the rest of the NFL and scrapping their entire uniform design except for mono-navy and mono- white. Yep, now they look just like everybody else. That's the idea.
  18. What's the freakin' point of these uniform unveilings? The NFL is leaning towards every team have a mono white set and a mono black or navy set. Done. Only the helmets will really distinguish one team from the next. It will be kind of like the last set of MLB Players' Weekend unis *shudder*
  19. And then you have the problem of too many teams using the same letter (example: 'C') to the point where they run out of ideas of how to make it look unique. There are a lot of O's fans who despise Boston so much that they would not be too keen with a 'B' logo.
  20. Prediction: Patriots will sneak in their navy socks with the road pants and join the yoga pants party.
  21. Wait, this graphic is missing the '89-'97 bird, made famous by Cal's 2131 game.
  22. White socks need to die in the NFL. Period.
  23. At this point, I'd have to say MLB and the NHL have the best identities and jerseys while the NFL and NBA have too much of a 'hey look at us!!' complex going on.
  24. Love it or hate it, at least we have something different to talk about!
  25. Not really a fan of the Niners' throwbacks for one simple reason- white socks. Almost puts them in the Saints' all-white territory (thank goodness for the pant stripes at least).
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