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  1. how about he worries a little bit more about his sprained toe and gets the back on the ice.
  2. Remy isnt sick, its his brother. Also spring training camera angles blow.
  3. Baseball is the only one worth watching since it actually has meaning.
  4. The metrodome patch should say "good riddance" under it somewhere.
  6. According to our local news, an entire new logo will be released on monday for next season.
  7. Just saw on local news the Bills are unveiling a new logo on monday for their 50th anniversary.... Why have I not heard anything of this til right now?
  8. For some reason I think a blue helmet would look much better.
  9. Are you insinuating that this league does not make money? Cause it does. Not only that, but it is everything that hockey will never be with Bettman at the helm. The Bandits regularly come close to selling out an 18 thousand seat arena. I dont know about other teams, but they have a huge cult following here.
  10. No pinstripes? not happy. dont mind the first one though
  11. I could really see Oklahoma City or San Antonio hosting a team... Possibly even Portland Oregon