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  1. I’ve heard locally that there will be a new hoop so hopefully that’s the case
  2. Wow it’s going to be a good looking League kit wise
  3. Full hoop and red numbers is perfect for the Whitecaps because it is a retro kit
  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went with red numbers
  5. It looks to me that’s the hoop on the Whitecaps shirt actually wraps around to the back as you can see the seam on the side and the latter continues after that
  6. Whitecaps will have the blue hoop back on their new white home shirt
  7. Not gonna happen but the Lions need to remove the tramp stamps off their jerseys
  8. Love the new logo! Simple and to the point.
  9. Since Juventus has this exact shirt listed as a pre match shirt for next season, I would be this is a pre match shirt for NYFC and we’ll probably see every MLS team with something like this. Just a hunch though
  10. Probably because it IS their logo
  11. I don't get the hate for this. Solid looking strip. I like the gradient socks.
  12. Anyone other than me think these aren't actually teasers for possible new looks on teams and they're just using what teams currently have for a graphic?
  13. Get rid of the tramp stamp but I love the Lions look!
  14. Under CP advertising so the wordmark is under the front collar. See the Bombers photo for reference.
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