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  1. Plot twist: the Twitter account is controlled by Warren Buffett, and he has already locked down an expansion franchise for his hometown kidding
  2. Calgary going back to red and white with at most a small amount of black or silver trim is probably the lowest hanging fruit there is when it comes to pro football-related design. No other design scheme irritates me the way Calgary's does with their horrendous BFBS that they for some reason just refuse to do away with.
  3. That is kind of funny given the North American online contingent who so fastidiously use "Czechia" at every turn. Good to know we can just keep calling it what we've been calling it for the last thirty years.
  4. There is a precedent for that. I can't remember the exact dates, but when Puma and Adidas jerseys first appeared in the CFL around 2000, for the first season or two I think most teams just pasted a Puma/Adidas logo over the Starter logo and kept using the same jerseys.
  5. Montreal is bilingual to the extreme, to the point where this kind of casual mixing of English and French makes perfect sense to someone from there. Again, this identity is all about Montreal, even someone from Toronto or Quebec City would probably find it a bit weird. BTW I'm a bit slow but I just noticed that the helmet subtly features the old team logos. That's a nice touch.
  6. ^ The goalpost collisions are rare, but on occasion the 13th man on the field will absolutely flatten someone.
  7. I bought a Longhorns Christmas ornament at Whole Foods in Austin a few years ago... the cashier literally thought it was a uterus ornament and remarked on it, before we set her straight
  8. I just found out less than a decade ago. For the first decade plus of the team's existence I thought they had the weirdest/lamest logo ever, just a wilderness scene. I was wondering what I was missing. Somewhere along the line it finally clicked that there was a bear in there.
  9. I'm still in my 30s and looking at the merch they have designed makes me feel legit old... I have never seen fan gear like this before.
  10. That professional approach taken by the Als is such a stark contrast with the Blue Bombers, who literally held a fan contest to design a new logo in 1995 (which led to the lightning bolt "W"). Although I like to think my beloved Bombers have grown out of their 90s ghetto ways.
  11. This is clearly a visual identity meant to appeal more to the Montreal mindset than to football traditionalists. Which makes sense given that you could probably fit all the football traditionalists in Montreal into a single metro car. So while it won't be a hit on this forum, it will probably be more warmly received by your average Montrealer. The logo definitely has a 70s fauxback thing happening, which makes sense given that Montreal is a nostalgic place. I like the vaguely Saul Bass-like design. The jerseys themselves are nothing spectacular... they're too much like the Texans for my liking but overall, it works. But to be honest, if Montreal really wanted the 70s throwbacks so badly, I don't know why they didn't just bring back a slight variation of their actual late 70s/early 80s jerseys... this would have been the best option IMO:
  12. Looks like a bit of a faux-back that calls to mind something that would have been designed in the mid-70s. I like it, it looks very nice. The only issue I have is the terrible contrast between the colours as shown on the snippets of the new uniform that have been released to date... I'm not sure it's going to work all that well.
  13. For some reason the Riders always love wearing the retros vs. Winnipeg. As a Bomber fan it feels like it's the only uniform we ever see when Winnipeg is at Mosaic.
  14. Repeat of 1984 with the same outcome is fine in my books... that game was played in Edmonton too, so maybe it's destiny Ticats had some help from the Nature Boy yesterday, how else to explain that crazy margin of victory.
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