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  1. if there was only somewhere to draw inspiration from...perhaps a stylized script that evoked the JET era of the 70's-80's that did not use a football and might even resemble an airline wordmark.
  2. I tend to agree here. This or it's immediate predecessor were the only ones that had a consistent bolt color treatment. Also did anyone else notice the dude on the left has his shoulder bolts backward? That was a fairly common occurrence back then where I'm guessing whomever was doing the screening on the shoulder inserts was not paying attention or could not tell the difference between left/right.
  3. Both of these uniforms are superior in every way to everything else the jags have worn. It's not even a close race.
  4. Fun Fact: Sbarro's origin is Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Whether or not you agree with Michael Scott is another story. I prefer Ray's.
  5. As others have said this uniform is reminiscent of an afl/russell template circa '02. There is not a single element that is unique to either the jets or as a modern uniform. If you told me north texas or marshall wore this set in 2006 I would believe you. All of the former uniform era's had infinitely more character than this attempt at making a new uniform for the sake of newness. It improves on nothing compared to prior sets. Lastly this design is remarkably un-nike like from head to toe. My guess is that that they had very little influence in the design because it lacks any sort of cohesive design and any signature elements whether retro or ultra modern.
  6. pretty sure #'s are standardized heights for front/back per league rules
  7. So take the 80's uniforms and splice in the 80's Jets script into the 2 sleeve stripes (left sleeve only)?
  8. It's called diminishing returns. It happens with technology/products everywhere. You go into an underserved sector and do some research, look at some data, perform R&D and you have some legitimate innovation going on with a slew of new products/designs. By the time you get around to the 3rd iteration or so you've pretty much captured all of the major efficiencies and you are left with fine-tuning and refinements which don't warrant additional expenditures because constant upgrading wastes time and money in most scenarios. Now if your supplier is willing to foot the bill for you to stay on the latest and greatest then by all means feel free to be on the bleeding edge.
  9. I agree. It was a design element that was destined to be short lived and was. Nike loves to emphasize the technical elements of their templates but eventually the element/feature becomes stale and in this sense it somewhat called out a design flaw, the jerseys required extra reinforcement which tends to imply a less than elegant design. What is funny is that they have swung to the other end of .the spectrum and created great minimal/sleek templates but those lack distinguishable/marketable design design elements will likely push their design back to the speed machine era
  10. Highly overrated throwbacks at that but they are distinctly Pitt so I guess they have that going for them.
  11. Yes there's some real artistic license going on for the sake of making the graphic look clean otherwise you'd have the cowboys encroaching much further west, the raiders eating up socal and washington pushing into the south. I think facebook did a version of this that was much more accurate showing how the marquee franchises have an outsized footprint across the country.
  12. The whole reveal premise is pointless because they will be using brand new helmets for the unveiling not some 2nd hand repainted refurbs. The video got the lookie loos distracted TALKIN BOUT PRIMER when they should be looking for the shipping boxes from schutt and riddell with the NEW GOODS.
  13. Based on this information we can project that the inglewood stadium will be represented as follows: 15% New rams apparel 35% Old LA rams apparel 60% Visiting team apparel