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  1. If an mlb team has a black hat/jersey option that automatically becomes the default no matter how many colorful options are unveiled to the media. It's very disappointing but expected when players have too much input.
  2. Does anyone know why the 1 in the catalog version of the miami font was so disproportionally thick compared to the other numbers?
  3. OK same old helmets with stripes removed and ugly number decals added.
  4. Exactly. People are looking for changes of significance from the WTF when in reality they are doing real life photo airbrushing over their old identity and nothing more.
  5. How can you tell by a single photo? It looks like a dark red (aka burgundy) with a light metallic finish which does not seem different from recent seasons.
  6. Pulled from the uni watch ticker that ucla is talking to other suppliers Outside of the other 2 players who is really a viable supplier? I can't think of a worse economic time for the bruins to secure another supplier. Neither nike or adidas are going to break the piggy bank given the state of the consumer economy and sports retail. Combine that with a cfb season that's looking rather tenuous (especially in the p12), ucla has no leverage so they will be lucky to get the equivalent of a vetereran's minumum/show me deal for the next 1-2 seasons.
  7. Yes. I stand by my statement that they are completely overdesigned and lack cohesion just like the '13 jags. Too many elements that have no business being on the same uniform together.
  8. Yeah I see the theme as wanting to do a more refined version of the '13 jags by adding every contemporary nike gimmick/feature onto a single uniform.
  9. It's also probably an easier modification to the jerseys to overlay a washington wordmark over the old one rather than trying to remove it and leave it blank.
  10. When a franchise opts to abandon its identity (for good reason) and adopt a placeholder weeks before the start of training camp you are going to find multiple occurrences of inconsistent applications of new marks across media and in merchandise because they are delegating out work and rushing to scrub away the old identity. Attention to detail and quality control is sacrificed for the sake of getting the work done.
  11. I think this was rationalized/sold as a raiders to vegas kind of deal, the amount of b10 alumni in the tri-state was a large enough number that they would go to rutgers to catch their school play within a short drive. The other benefit was giving psu an additional home game as scheduling permitted.
  12. Using the st louis arch on the shoulders of the home jersey is a really nice tribute to their former host city.
  13. If there was a time to give him the sterling or richardson treatment and force a sale, it's now.
  14. while I get the traditional navy helmet was too dark to be uniform I think the helmet or at least the face mask should be a shade darker