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  1. nike made a t shirt with that logo a few years back...not sure if they sell it now but the bears team store in the past has had a wide array of retro logo merch that was really nice...this was all pre-fanatics mind you.
  2. These new helmets do not add any value to their very fine aesthetic. As much as I prefer non white helmets teams that have sported a white lid for decades should not change for the sake of having more combinations.
  3. This should be the 1st question when before ever accepting a redesign. Is it an improvement over what we currently have? More often than not the answer is NO. In the case of JAX they got it right year 4 and have been thrashing around ever since.
  4. Any idea who is wearing 7? I tried looking up the roster and I'm clueless.
  5. They should have just brought back the '94 home throwback. Such a missed opportunity.
  6. The reason the yellow was paired against dark in '94 is that some teams like the rams only had one throwback while other teams had dark and white. That game was in kc so they wanted to wear their home reds and the rams wore the only throwback they had.
  7. Combine gear and any shoes/gloves on field. They must really be hurting financially than publicly known and it seems awkward that they will only have a cfb presence which may lead be no presence over the next year or two.
  8. This is going to be a hot mess if they allow roster customization. I am 100% on board for players getting compensated but devising a royalty program without properly classifying your group of participants as true employees with collective bargaining power won't yield much positive.
  9. Well everybody knows that my opinions are entirely factual 110% of the time so you just can't argue with that.
  10. Which is why they relocated to a bigger space. It was a tiny office about the size of a small condo complex. It's visible on the right hand side about 1/2 a block up on the right.
  11. Fun fact: The predecessor of sketchers was la gear which sponsored some nba players like kareem for a hot minute. The ethos of cheap knock offs of popular styles has existed since at least the late 80's. Another fun fact is that before they blew up as the shoe for people on a budget who don't care about shoes they arguably had some of the best corporate offices on the west coast right next to the manhattan beach pier with unreal ocean views...
  12. While the nhl is definitely 4th in line in terms of popularity I am willing to wager that their fans purchase an above average amount of merch due to having a disproportionate amount of die-hards that make up the fan base. Also anecdotally I would say that next to the nfl it's probably the best sport for selling replica jerseys to adults which makes for a nice target consumer. If someone has data to confirm or refute I'd be curious to know.
  13. This is another good case study illustrating a completely predictable outcome of an enterprise attempting to lock up market share through exclusive agreements and overpaying for that position. The reasons outlined were entirely predictable and likely foreshadow more franchises across leagues jumping ship and doing their own thing. Rarely do these exclusive mega deals work in B2C or B2B because of the chronic over promising/under-delivering and the need to make a contract profitable (e.g. poor quality and lack of compelling product). Short List of Totally Predictable Reasons Quality Control Local management of retail sales and responsiveness to the local market More bespoke product/designs unique to the franchise
  14. A quirk but origin is essentially the opposite case. The cowboys intentionally chose the pants to be a different color because tex schramm thought in the mid 80's that the current silver green looked like a better match with the silver blue helmets on tv. According to the GUD, they moved away from a standard matte silver (aka gray) to the matte silver blue in the mid 70's and ultimately settled on silver-green when the shinly stretch nylon pants (aka dazzle) became popular. So in effect they created custom colored pants to go with the helmets which were much more of a neutral or stock color. On the other side of the coin you had the giants and rams which opted to go with stock navy shells and royal uniforms in the early 80's because the other blue option was the robin egg blue that the broncos was sold as royal back in the day.