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  1. Why would they? It's not a good look.
  2. I was somewhat shocked yesterday when I saw them voluntarily wearing this uniform. From my recollection the packers like some of the other heritage clubs were not on board with the color rush program and basically opted for the white pants out of fulfilling the bare minimum obligation. Given that there's zero merchandising upside to this set why on earth would the voluntarily wear this at home? Also if they wanted to do a true cr alt why not invest the time and do a fauxback where they could actually sell some jerseys? My only guess is that the players had a hand in this because deciding to keep wearing the white bottoms seems very off-brand for the packers.
  3. My two hypotheses are that the CR uses old gold and the shade caused too much of a clash with the regular jersey and once they decided they wanted white pants it was on short notice so they took stock white pants and slapped logos on them.
  4. The game looked horrible. Both teams in all white from the waist down made it look like a scrimmage/joint practice. Stripeless pants have no place in the nfl other than throwbacks.
  5. are they playing next to a landfill???
  6. I'm willing to speculate that the rams royal and yellow jerseys were derived from the usc or texans template...I am also disappointed at how much smaller the sc crescent inserts have become since the caroll era....feels like they are about 1/2 the size of what they used to be.
  7. Agree. Totally 90's nostalgia but there are a handful of cfb teams that had their peak in the 90's stripeless pant era and should stay there: u dub, nebraska, atm...
  8. okie state combines high school helmet aesthetics with ed hardy jersey aesthetics
  9. I agree 100% yellow/royal reminds me of high school uniforms. Also cal's throwbacks are ugly for the same reason.
  10. This is definitely a great look which I would be ok with it returning but I'd like to see this without the black outlines/trim...I think it would be a much cleaner look.
  11. something something about historical accuracy...
  12. I like the green shells but the rest is just so really feels like a catalog template that could have been created with an online uniform builder...the clip art helmet logo brings it down even more.
  13. pats were actually an adidas concoction...not sure if the 3 stripe road socks were intentional or a pure coincidence.