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  1. I'm also confident that the browns and jags had an initial surge when they released new logos only to fall back into the cellar of merch sales once fans realized the new merch and uniforms were much worse than what they replaced.
  2. I think Reflex Blue toured with New Order in '83...
  3. Don't have a citation but the common understanding is that while it was a league wide program it was left to the teams to create and procure their own throwbacks. There was no league wide supplier providing logistics to make this happen. If each franchise had to foot the bill, and likely delegated the execution to the equipment staff it's more than plausible that some franchisees would not want to commit to a second set of helmets for a league mandated promotion. Because franchisees.
  4. they improved the bolt logo but it should still not be a primary mark for this exact reason, the proportions are terrible for most applications outside of the hard is it to modernize the shield???
  5. I agree 100%..whether reading or hearing directly from visually creative individuals, I feel like oftentimes the most common motivations behind popular/famous designs is "I just thought it looked really cool"...the rams' approach is very uncool.
  6. I have not brushed up on my history as of late, but I believe Art Spanons of Stockton CA, was calling the uniform shots when he bought the team which ultimately drove to navy over time and Dean being the loyal failson that he is simply continued to execute his father's wishes.
  7. That's a good extrapolation...My prediction is that this follows the dolphins redesign timeline...bland modern interpretations of a classic look that does not resonate with fans...tepid sales of new merch which is still less than throwback...after a couple of seasons in the new threads, throwbacks make it back on the field and the fans go nuts again for nostalgia.
  8. Unfortunately it took moving the franchise, alienating the old fan base, and failing to draw a new fan base to give in to the fans' preference. That is some grade A arrogance and ignorance.
  9. I like this. The font gives me a very 70's tv graphics vibe.
  10. Since the term has been abused ad infinitum and 100% subjective, the only true rebrand mentioned the bucs where they made a drastic departure and attempt to disassociate from their previous/original incarnation outside of some thin orange lines. The fins redesign was basically a bland modernization of their historic identity so not a rebrand. A good rule of thumb is to think of a football uniform and logos as the packaging or livery of the product...while an important component it's not the brand in totality.
  11. It's a terrible logo no matter what the application is. This logo may have looked at home on a credit card or on the side of a recycling dumpster but for sports merch or media it's atrocious.
  12. non black socks would have been a slight improvement
  13. Leaked chargers purple (forum blue) uniforms.