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  1. How many Chinatowns had a major motion picture made in their honour???
  2. A Frisco-Alcatraz-Fisherman's Wharf mashup identity would really resonate with the longtime locals.
  3. I did some sleuthing on the internets and here's what came up for elks uniforms...can't say for 100% certainty but I'm guessing this is a sign of what's to come.
  4. Going off of recent memory, most teams that change suppliers inside of the traditional 18-24 month lead time end up with very basic (eg retro or stripeless) designs because they can be produced quickly. I feel like this is especially the case with adidas and cfb but you see it with other suppliers and sports. Often the 2nd iteration with the supplier ends up with a design that is more trendy and reflective of the supplier's aesthetic. Still disappointed we are not seeing champion unis and new balance footwear.
  5. It's ok as an alt look but both IT and FR should have white shorts as their primary.
  6. As others mentioned we already saw a city uniform that not only went outside city limits, it crossed international borders. It's a safe bet that whatever artistic license is necessary to design and sell merchandise will be taken.
  7. Can the mods place this titans crossover in the concepts forum???
  8. That makes sense. It would take an outside hire with deep experience in alternate football uniforms to bring about a massive paradigm shift like adding a white helmet to a cfb uni rotation. Few programs have even attempted such a feat.
  9. The all white get-up is very 2000-late.
  10. Raising awareness is a marketing cop out. Special or one off uniforms to message the need for reduced textile consumption and associated waste is also a bad marketing vehicle for the message that should be: use/re-use, repair, repurpose, recycle. If adidas really wanted to make a statement they would outfit top flight clubs with second hand uniforms. Lastly, fast fashion has been an environmental scourge over the last decade plus and needs to be reined in.
  11. To reinforce your point, such a late announcement would not fit within the standard uniform and equipment ordering lead times so even pre-existing throwback designs seeing the field this year does not seem likely.
  12. This font conjures 2 thoughts: Baseball and heat pressed.
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