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  1. arizona state was an abomination...what should be a solemn tribute has mutated into a marketing/branding event gone horribly awry...all they need to get the message across is to wear the damn rose bowl uniforms and put a subtle marking on the field.
  2. I've heard on the radio that spanos is dragging his feet in terms of paying for construction costs and they are half-assing their season ticket sales and selling at such a low price kroenke is beyond stan or even the league may have leaked this to the press just to give dean-o some heat. For those who are still keeping score, the nfl has been popular in returning to LA bu it's driven by the visiting teams and their fans...the chargers are now the washington generals of the nfl and have no home and the rams still are not even close to being the most popular team in town...will ticket brokers be able to pick up all the slack on the sky high prices of tickets at the new stadium...lastly tv ratings were already strong which means no incremental viewership gains. This statement is far from polished but I'm going with it.
  3. I agree partially with your position. A great iconic look in football can easily be done without marks or other explicit branding quite easily by creating a cohesive and consistent look head to toe. What made these uofa uniforms iconic was the choice of colors and the asymetric striping. Because their striping was so unique, that instantly made them stand out, even on old standard def teevee. The best and most iconic cfb uniforms follow this pattern with a bold and consistent color scheme head to toe. The few exceptions to this rule would be the oklahomas , texas and colorados of the world who have traditionally worn lage wordmarks but albeit in catalog fonts. Its funny that you bring up wazzu as I agree with you that they are too minimalistic now but their color scheme is so unique, they should have basic catalog uniforms that if worn in a consistent manner like they did in the 90's would end up being classics.
  4. It amazes me that they drifted so far away from perfection to having some of the worst uniforms in cfb. It all started with stoops switching to navy helmets (leave that to cal) and then they went with the modified miami/vt piping/backstripe...I thought they had corrected course but then rich rod brought on the gradient abominations and what they have now is just inexplicable on so many levels.
  5. This photo is pure 90's football nostalgia...during their peak years they moved from champion to starter and I'm pretty sure nike or the school got the Cats script wrong on the throwbacks.
  6. that helmet logo is not good...makes me think they took a kick to the head.
  7. probably from revulsion to seeing those uniforms on live tv warrants said duplicity.
  8. Just turned the game on and could not agree more...the purple unis are terrible lsu knockoffs with the yellow numbers. I can honestly say that other than the wishbone collar the kobe era unis were infinitely superior than the chinese knock-off gear they wear now.
  9. nike went crazy with the drop shadow in the late 90s
  10. Their navy/light blue/navy combo was hot garbage today...titans unis are just are just as bad as tampa.
  11. The mono white uniform trend was an unintended consequence of nike and the league not properly accounting for franchises reluctant to fully embrace the program known as color rush. The issue compounded when in the initial unveiling, nike and the league decided to insult ~7% of the viewing public by pairing red v green. This clear lack of foresight and piss-poor execution cracked the entire program as they relaxed the rules to avoid clashes by going mono white with their primaries. Given that the results have been mixed based on each franchise we now have 2nd alts and solid white socks. I am cool with solid dark socks though, especially with stripes.
  12. Why would they? It's not a good look.
  13. I was somewhat shocked yesterday when I saw them voluntarily wearing this uniform. From my recollection the packers like some of the other heritage clubs were not on board with the color rush program and basically opted for the white pants out of fulfilling the bare minimum obligation. Given that there's zero merchandising upside to this set why on earth would the voluntarily wear this at home? Also if they wanted to do a true cr alt why not invest the time and do a fauxback where they could actually sell some jerseys? My only guess is that the players had a hand in this because deciding to keep wearing the white bottoms seems very off-brand for the packers.
  14. My two hypotheses are that the CR uses old gold and the shade caused too much of a clash with the regular jersey and once they decided they wanted white pants it was on short notice so they took stock white pants and slapped logos on them.
  15. The game looked horrible. Both teams in all white from the waist down made it look like a scrimmage/joint practice. Stripeless pants have no place in the nfl other than throwbacks.
  16. are they playing next to a landfill???
  17. I'm willing to speculate that the rams royal and yellow jerseys were derived from the usc or texans template...I am also disappointed at how much smaller the sc crescent inserts have become since the caroll era....feels like they are about 1/2 the size of what they used to be.
  18. Agree. Totally 90's nostalgia but there are a handful of cfb teams that had their peak in the 90's stripeless pant era and should stay there: u dub, nebraska, atm...
  19. okie state combines high school helmet aesthetics with ed hardy jersey aesthetics
  20. I agree 100% yellow/royal reminds me of high school uniforms. Also cal's throwbacks are ugly for the same reason.
  21. This is definitely a great look which I would be ok with it returning but I'd like to see this without the black outlines/trim...I think it would be a much cleaner look.
  22. something something about historical accuracy...
  23. I like the green shells but the rest is just so really feels like a catalog template that could have been created with an online uniform builder...the clip art helmet logo brings it down even more.