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  1. Yes, it feels like colleges have become especially prone as of late to find tributes just so they have an excuse to market a special uniform.
  2. It was a bad idea from the start. Leave the steel mill innuendo to the pro team that you share a stadium with. Since pitt is an institution of higher learning why not have student-athletes commemorate more scholarly pursuits?
  3. I also think that without fail teams that have attempted to clean up or improve upon historically mismatched/sub par sets end up going back to the previous mismatch uniforms out of nostalgia.
  4. I doubt think asymmetrical serif was inspired by this:
  5. Is new era getting into the uniform business doing design in house and manufacturing or are they working with an established 3rd party that will be applying ne logos?
  6. Except that extra revenue never comes close to making up for it. It's nice to think that's the case though.
  7. Oh do I sure miss the days when I could instantly identify the two osu's that use black and orange...
  8. It's an unpermitted enclosed patio...
  9. The lack of a serif of the left side of the 7 represents the browns unending downward slide into obscurity since the infamous Earnest Byner fumble in the afc championship game.
  10. The reasoning is that if they went back to a standard block it would be a complete reversion to the prior jersey which nike did not have a hand in designing. Without adding a completely unnecessary custom font, it would be a complete admission that not only did nike oversee one of the worst designs in league history, but they were not able to add anything of value to the fix. If you look at nike designs over time, without fail they have to add some small element to a design that is essentially a throwback because nike.
  11. they are too small and too low...there's too much blue space outside the horn now.
  12. The boners look just as horrible in the Philadelphia daylight as they did indoors in Inglewood. I do think the all the led's in the new stadium were giving off a noticeable blue hue last weekend comparing the two games on the teevee.
  13. This color palette is superior to what they currently wear but the uniform itself needed some fixing. The most egregious items being the contrasting color sleeves and the tiny logo that was overshadowed by the reebok vector above it.
  14. Thank you for typing this and saving me the effort. At most you would have a full roster's worth of spare numbers on hand which would still amount to a rounding error on an franchise's budget. I simply do not see the need to ruin your new on field look just to save a few bucks because too many old numbers.
  15. I guess it may be an unpopular opinion to find football uniform elements/decorations that are better suited for plush toys to be ugly and childish.
  16. Even better point articulating there is likely no savings in mixing old/new numbers.
  17. Hmm save thousands to look like an underfunded lower division high school or college. I have to think that a full set of numbers and letters are shipped as a package deal in the annual jersey order so using old numbers isn't saving you any $. Additionally I would imagine nike is none too happy that their customer is displaying their on-field product so poorly and would have even chipped in to cover the costs if they knew pats were going with a scattershot approach this season.
  18. I don't think there's a nike factory in the traditional sense as nike has been a primary contract manufacturer for decades. From what others have mentioned over the years there is a manufacturer called powers that was nike's uniform manufacturer. Depending on your school and contract tier you may have been getting stock/catalog jerseys where they are working off stock on hand domestically and can turn around in a few days if you are close to the factory or can expedited ship. Elite schools and nfl teams are basically getting made to order product that is getting more customization with the difference being that nfl jerseys were traditionally delivered blank due to the wear/tear, roster turnover, and high degree of tailoring/customization/repairs for players. That customization was typically done by a local tailoring shop and not equipment staff because that was typically not a skill that equipment staff had but I think technology has brought some of that in house. If anyone has a better understanding they can correct or clarify.
  19. never thought I'd see the phrase "monochrome bone" etched in electronic text on an nfl uniform thread but here we are...
  20. yes...too small and too low...they are goat horns now.
  21. I know that they are throwbacks but miami really needs to settle on either the white pants stripe or the helmet stripe. I say put the pants stripe on the helmet.
  22. The proactive thing to do would be for whomever is accountable for the redesign to understand that that due to the slight differences between the new primary and old CR numbers/letters could cause confusion. The should have then informed the equipment staff or offsite tailoring shop promptly dispose of numerals and letters from prior seasons to avoid such confusion and co-mingling before the new stock arrives.
  23. Yeah the helmet looks completely out of place. It's as if their luggage got lost and they had to borrow from central michigan for the game.