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  1. i think louisville's unis will be templated, however significantly different from what baylor and kansas are doiing. to insight, no foreknowledge, just a gut feeling. i am interested to see what has changed though. for those who may not know, ever since rick pitino's been here some element of the uniform has changed every year.
  2. it's a new season, therefore there will be a new uniform design for the university of louisville fighting cardinals. i can say with some degree of confidence (meaning 51%) that there will NOT be any sort of championship commemorating on-court special uniform. if we go with the sleeved look i wouldn't mind. i was probably one of very few who liked the sleeved look from the outset. a dunking cardinal would be nice, but if there is one element that needed to change it had to be the number font. i hated that look.
  3. !!!!!!UNPOPULAR OPINION WARNING!!!!!! i actually liked the jerseys and shorts. and i don't just say that as a uofl fan. i honestly liked the infraRED jerseys from last year too.
  4. That's pretty much the standard in every locker room. we don't like it when you go jumping on the cardinal bird on the field either. ask the last couple of teams how that went when they did it.
  5. ...the lesson being, if you don't want to have a minor league hockey team outshine the national hockey league team, improve your own product so it isn't an issue. the black hawks have done this. the avalanche have will not. the sad part is i'm an avs fan half a continent away and i know this will be true.
  6. i hate to break into anime otaku here, but some of these logos are cute, some are DAWWWWWW, and some of these are KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!!!(japanese for "cute". generally screamed at by japanese schoolgirls).
  7. Jacob's Field IS Progressive Field. No... No it's not. Um, yes, yes it is. no, it isn't and if i can let me use a nascar analogy if it makes sense. jacobs field:progressive field::sears point raceway:infineon raceway they may be the same structure but enough changes have been made to completely change the feel of the place.
  8. i've been to tampa, cincy, and seattle to watch games (later this year i'm going to catch games in phoenix). of the parks i have been to, i have to say i like safeco a bunch. when the dome was open (and we were lucky that for that series the dome was open the entire time) there were some really good shots of seattle's skyline. great american was kinda "meh". for one of the newer ballparks i was kinda surprised about how unimpressed i was with it. there are real good shots of kentucky, and not much else. tampa, well, i think the stadium is perfectly described by this: during the early part of the game, say 2nd or 3rd inning, the cubs made an error. the official scorekeeper didn't make an initial announcement until the 6th. the stadium inside is sterile, the stadium is not only on the wrong side of town but is isolated in the middle of a large parking lot in the wrong part of town. i would not miss that place if it was imploded tomorrow. i'd love to visit wrigley, pnc, target, att, and the jake (ironic because i have been to cleveland several times for races which is pretty much right next to the place).
  9. it would be the first professional denver hockey team in quite some time.
  10. not quite. these reds playing now are named after the original red stockings, although yes they did shorten their name. they are not the same franchise, i believe these reds came about 10-15 years after the original club folded/suspended operations. http://www.flipflopflyin.com/flipflopflyball/info-majorleaguehistory.html
  11. ...even if the fanbase (and more importantly the team) like them? there are more fans dissapointed florida won thursday night than hate the new jerseys. they wanted to see the team break out the infrareds in both games. btw, bird i hope you will hold an intellectually consistent position and decry the fact that every year rick has been here an element of the uniforms chenged. you want to talk about changing for change sake, there you go. and oh, by the way, the last time a pitino team changed their look during the season was 1996 when kentucky went denim. things turned out okay for them in the end.
  12. i don't care what color it is as long as it isn't blue. we've been playing better since we have gone with the prototypes. btw, the official color is infra-red and depending on the camera they look either bright red or orange.
  13. dunno. i kinda prefer this classic reynske (yes, that is an intentional spelling. it was certainly not an off the shelf reynard) that gil de ferran drove to a title. i also like any of the walker racing valvoline cars (or actually anything run by walker racing. he had some wicked awesome cars). my friend is partial to paul tracy's bud car when he was with newman-haas for that one year. ps. i agree with you. 1995 was the last year of truly great open wheel racing before a cokehead idiot paranoid greedy track owner killed it.
  14. more color in baseball is a GOOD thing in my opinion. white team vs. gray team every single game for 162 games visually is boring especially in this era of high-def televisions. it doesn't bother me if two teams decide to wear colors for a game, and i'm not sure why people are put off by it. it isn't as though the color uniform or top is relevant to play. by the way, "traditional" is just another way of saying "we favor our past more than our present or future". i think the word most people here should be reaching for with some designs are "iconic". the cubs home pinstripes and the red sox home whites and yankees on-field identity are certainly iconic. in the cubs case the home set is not traditional as there have been different designs in the past. "traditions" need to be shaken up otherwise things stagnate. besides in an era in which every major and minor professional sport has a colored uniform and/or a white uniform its inexcusable for baseball to be the only one seemingly stuck on having every team be white and gray for weak arguments as "tradition".
  15. another rumor thread, another year of the colorado avalanche not correcting an egregious error in uniform design all around. to think that this is the same ownership group that won 2 cups.