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  1. Do they have to earn their logos as well?
  2. Good on him for kicking the coke habit
  3. What a great way to honor umpires
  4. I dislike sharing with the parent club more than any "out there" name.
  5. The Dr. Pepper thing annoys me.. Its distributed by Pepsi here and Coke where my wife is from. How does a man deal with two different bottle styles in his life.
  6. I'm sorry but this stuff is dumb. Watching cancer slowly kill my father in law was terrible but these yellow ribbons change nothing about that.
  7. If they take it national, hopefully they do it better than Dr. Pepper did with SunDrop
  8. Good thing as a Giants fan I wont have to worry about buying any merch with these logos.
  9. But if it hits the glove its an out
  10. I was 15ish rows up and I could not see the LF sometimes, so I assume the people closer were worse off. They forgot to put them in the original design and needed to squeeze them in. But there has been rumblings about moving them due to injuries recently
  11. this is gonna make people mad
  12. Barry Zito wore 75 because it made a "shelf" for his last name to sit on
  13. The San Jose Barracuda will be throwing back to all the former San Jose Sharks AHL teams.
  14. As a Giants fan, I wont have to worry about seeing these much,
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