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  1. Like the boot logo on the Cowboys pic. Never seen it before.
  2. 80's Jets helmets kick serious ass. Would LOVE to see them again.
  3. who made this updated Broncos logo? pretty nice work.
  4. Red helmet is more Chiefs than Bills to me.
  5. These were Verlander's designs for the NFL/AFC/NFC and the Tenn Titans. I love all their work. Sorry for the purple background. thats my desktop:)
  6. Nice update. I still dont see the dog in "Hounds" though.
  7. I appreciate your critique Gothamite. I dont really want this book to be very serious. It is like a collection of drawn football cards. The emphasis is on illustration. Lots of it in lots of styles. And of course badass characters. I did a research on the subtitle and I got 100 percent positive feedback on this (I had 2 different versions) from football fans from the 25-50 year old category. Thats why I chose this one.
  8. I like the cartoonish Fort Wayne Wizards dragon/wizard logo.
  9. I like the process Brandon, Keep it up man! a few things: H men: I like this the most, though Its very hard to recognize the pistols in the background and also have too much detail in the handles/hammer. Stags: There is too much contrast between the weight of the outline stroke of the antlers and that little line in the middle. Also I think its not good that the antlers touch each other in the middle. the overall look is very similar to the Milwaukee Bucks. I dont really like the colors either, but thats a taste thing. Pucas: the type is very small here, would be almost invisible in small scale. Teeth need much more weight and I am not sure about the flame shapes outside the crest. They seem too small, dont really look like flames, maybe I would lose those. Hounds: I like the overall concept, but the dog looks more like some kind of crazy ass rodent. crazy ass is GOOD! but a Crazy ASS dog would be better. I like the varsity feel here.
  10. Corrected! Im so sad that the only reply is about a type error:)
  11. Hi Everybody, I have the privilege to work on a great project with the NFL Players' Association. This book is called "Charming Faces: A Pantheon of Football Badassery". This would be the very first illustrated book about the most interesting characters in pro football. I started a Kickstarter project to fund the necessary money for the book. Please take a look and share it with everybody on Twitter, facebook etc. Thank you in advance! Gyula
  12. This was a concept I did for the TeeFury site a while ago. People seemed to like it.
  13. I think I'll change the eyes to more aggressive ones and change the hair to only one flock of hair.... but thats all.. Im kinda ok with the rest.. but just kinda