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  1. Grizzlies was the basketball team that now plays in Memphis and Atlanta used to have a soccer team called the Silverbacks.
  2. Atlanta Express (the city began as a railroad terminal) Dallas Armadillos Kansas City Wranglers New York Skyliners Portland Cascades Or you could give the Osprey team name to Atlanta because its other teams are birds.
  3. Long Island Wave El Paso Matadors (Mexico is right across the border) Sacramento Condors Buffalo Voltage (Niagara Falls offers power to the region)
  4. I just thought of a good name for Atlanta's team. The Express. The city began as a railroad terminal back in the 1800s. Also, are you going to rename the team in London, Ontario since you gave the Royals name to Montreal?. Other names I thought of: Cincinnati Steamers Cleveland Rock Dallas Armadillos Kansas City Rustlers Memphis Soul San Francisco Aftershock
  5. Colorado Springs Aviators (the U.S. Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs.)
  6. Cincinnati could be the Steamers, and I feel Miami's name is too similar to that of their basketball team.
  7. You could change Denver to the Altitude, because of its nickname "the Mile High City". Or the Majestics, a reference to the Colorado mountains that inspired the line "purple mountains' majesties" in the song "America the Beautiful".
  8. Do you need any ideas for team names? Denver could be the Altitude, because of its nickname "the Mile High City"
  9. Rome Gladiators Paris Concordes Madrid Matadors Amsterdam Mariners Edinburgh Highlanders Barcelona Glory (1992 Olympics reference) Dublin Shamrocks Vienna Emperors Prague Knights
  10. Whose idea was it to put the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South? Indy is nowhere near the southern US. Cincinnati Bengals would have been a better fit, because they're on the border with Kentucky. Or Miami, but I guess they don't want two Florida teams in the same division.
  11. The logos from the old Continental Indoor Soccer League are missing.
  12. Houston? Apollos, Cosmos, Force (a nod to our energy industry), Heat, Spacemen. Kansas City? Rustlers, Stampede, Twisters, Wranglers Portland? Axemen, Loggers, Pioneers Seattle? Grunge, Totems, Chiefs, Royals (the city is in King County)
  13. Thank you for clearing it up. I've heard other synonyms for pirates such as marauder, buccaneer, and swashbuckler, but not that one.
  14. It's meant to honor the many theme parks in the Central Florida area, but yes, I can hear fans chanting, "Lets go, Seekers, let's go!"
  15. I just thought of a good name for Orlando for anyone who's having trouble with a team for that city. The Orlando Thrill Seekers. Don't know what a logo for it would look like, though.
  16. Houston looks great! Pardon me for sounding like a dummy, but what in the world is a corsair? When New Orleans comes to mind, I usually think of Mardi Gras, jazz music, Cajun food, etc.