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  1. Yeah, I don't get why the AHL teams can't come up with their own names. MSO4, can you imagine a conversation like this? Hockey fan 1: "How about those Stars! They kicked butt last night." Hockey fan 2: "No, San Jose hammered us 2-1" Hockey fan 1: "Your Stars may have lost, but our Stars won. The Texas Stars! When you're a farm team like that, is it too much money to have a name-the-team contest?
  2. Great work. Never expected the name Highlanders for a team from Ottawa. Can't wait to see what you do for Saskatoon and Quebec City. Also, I read somewhere that you may do a lower-tier dodgeball league in the future. Is this true?
  3. I think Matadors is one of the names I suggested for you for Mexico City. You did a great job with the logo.
  4. Those are nice uniforms for Helsinki and Lisbon. Do you plan to update the Flickr page soon, Windell?
  5. Windell, hope you had a nice vacation. Looking forward to Vienna and the jerseys for Iceland, Quezon City, Milwaukee, Nashville and Portland.
  6. Whatever city is coming next, I'm looking forward to seeing it. This has been an amazing thread, Windell.
  7. Nice logo for Santiago. I think I'm going to stop suggesting team names because you've come up with ones that are better than the ones I suggest. For instance. my team name for San Francisco was the Fog (a reference to the fog seen on the Golden Gate Bridge) yet yours, the Sentries, was ones I didn't even think about. Also, there is already a team called the Hartford Colonials, so scratch that one off the list. Keep up the great work, Windell.
  8. How about a team for San Antonio, Texas? Possible names: Armadillos Defenders Brigade Squadron Home field: The Alamodome
  9. All these courts are amazing. Maui, Montana and Alaska are really unique. Where to next, Windell?
  10. San Francisco looks awesome. Windell, do you plan on adding Jakarta, Montreal and Bangkok to the Flickr page?
  11. What American city do you plan to create a team for next, Windell? You said after Bangkok you would be headed back to the USA, and Charlotte looks nice.
  12. These courts are nice. On the team side, what city are you planning to create next?
  13. Windell, Thank you for the compliment on the names. Looking forward to what region of the world you're planning on next.