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  1. I don't know what city, but I hope one team is called the Parrots or Macaws. The name sounds cool.
  2. Actually, Quebec's original team was called the Bulldogs.
  3. Excellent. I think the NHL would have bigger rivalries it it were like this. I would personally go watch the Aeros and Stars battle.
  4. This is one heck of a league you've begun. I am anxious to see what logo comes next!
  5. Jacksonville looks nice. I can totally envision the logo, colors and jerseys for the New Orleans Ice Jesters. The logo would be similar to that of the Anahiem Mighty Ducks in the fact that it would feature two hockey sticks behind a tough-looking jester head with the letters "N" and O" beside it. The home jerseys would be green with purple collars and golden diamonds at the bottom, while the away jerseys would be white with purple diamonds at the bottom. The ironic thing about this is, when the New Orleans Hornets changed their nickname to the Pelicans, I told a friend, "While the pelican is the state bird of Louisiana, they could've easly been called the Court Jesters." Basketball is played on a court, and jesters can be found all over the city during Mardi Gras," I'm from Texas but know about Mardi Gras because it is also celebrated in Galveston, which is close to my neck of the woods (Houston.......lets go Voyagers!). Meanwhile, I wanted to stay away from the Wild-West theming when it came to Texas based teams, because we have plenty of those in our state, from pro and college teams No disrespect to any cowboys whatsoever, but there's more to Texas than ranches, Stetson hats, accents with a drawl and everything else many folks stereotype our state with.
  6. Windell, I am impressed with your work here on this Dodgeball league. Looking forward to more teams coming, May I suggest nicknames for international and domestic teams? International: Athens Griffins Buenos Aires Tango Johannesburg Mambas Melbourne Captains (ja reference to Captain James Cook) Moscow Freeze Matadors de Mexico (Mexico City) Sao Paulo Samba Shanghai Pandas Sydney Surf Seoul Robots Tehran Sultans Do you have a team for Portland, Oregon? You could call Calgary's team the Broncs ( a nod to the Calgary Stampede).
  7. What cities did I list do you already have teams reserved for?
  8. Got some nickmames and cities for you if you want to expand. I like that Las Vegas Neon name. Fits the city to a T. Anahiem Magic (because its the home of Disneyland) Atlanta Knights (throwback to the 1990s IHL franchise) Bay City Fog (San Francisco, CA is known as the city by the Bay and fog is a common sight on the Golden Gate Bridge. Charlotte Chimps Cleveland Jam (the city is home to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame) Colorado Yetis Dallas Destruction (name sounded cool) Detroit Cobras (they've had teams named Cougars, Vipers, and Falcons, so how about another car-themed franchise) Houston Force (Houston is known for its energy companies) Indianapolis X'cleration (no explanation needed here) Kansas City Twisters (the city is in Tornado Alley) Milwaukee Road Hogs (Harley-Davidsons are made here) Minnesota Moose (IHL throwback) Nashville Legends New Orleans Ice Jesters (Mardi Gras reference) Orlando Blast (Cape Canaveral isn't that far away) Philadelphia Freedom Pittsburgh Pitbulls Saskatoon Stampede St. Louis Explorers (Lewis & Clark reference) San Antonio Stealth (the city is home to several US Air Force Bases San Diego Wave (surfing is popular there) Seattle Breakers Tampa Bay Frenzy Now, that's what I call super. Like my nicknames? You can design the uniforms.
  9. That logo you did for Houston was sweet! If only it was real. Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle and Hamilton were awesome too. Can you please show us Toronto, Vancouver, Washington and Winnipeg. My Jets logo would be a throwback to the original one used before they moved to Arizona. But what you did was awesome!