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  1. I ran into the fellas with the Lingerie Football League as well, this was in their early days. They wanted all work done on spec with the 'promise' of much publicity in front od th elikes of "Mt. Dew, Nike" etc etc... that would obviously pay off much larger than what I would charge them. After creating some concepts for their player trading cards and telling them the fees to do all teams they came back with the "we wanted it for free", I said no thanks. Never again... do NO work until you have a signed agreement.
  2. There are quite a few that could have been rather nice if they were to work them out a bit
  3. RedEye


    Our current cable system calls the Big Ten Network, Big Ten Network Iowa... this will change when Nebraska is official I am sure and we will then have the BTN Nebraska channel.
  4. True true... ok near a large body of saltwater HA!
  5. Seriously? OH I see what you did there.... did you chuckle to yourself when you posted that? Must feel good to try to make someone look like a scoob huh?
  6. My guess is it is named after the fish called the Wahoo, which is blue in color and since Pensacola is near the ocean......
  7. Definitely... seems like it can't decide if it is a profile or 3/4 view. The face is too narrow as well... trying to be an EXACT duplicate of the source image can be a mistake. Besides unless your school makes note that it is named after him you don't need to reproduce his features to a 'T'. Search for more photos of him. Cleaner ones if possible. you don't need a ton of detail if the details you DO pick out are accurate and logical. Some of the best face-based logos are very simple yet the features they do focus on are perfected in their shape, line form and depth of shadow. It is very important to choose your shadows wisely.
  8. The perspective is way off between the head dress and the face. The first looks like a complete profile the face is an odd mix of 3/4 and profile. Eyes too close together because of this. Facial features aren't highlighted and illustrated accurately. The feathers feel TOO simplified and lack character. Shape of lips and shadow under nose are MUCH too simplified and undefined. Shadow at the cheek falls wrong when considering the bone structure of the Native American skull. You need to find a better source image or revisit the one you have.
  9. Never been a fan of the original either... just doesn't seem fitting for a collegiate look. And I do think the new one is more fitting for a D1 school... but something about it seems unfinished... but yes.. the positioning of the neck and shoulder is very similar to Minn State I do however love the 'O' logo and the hints at the U and N within the entire piece. However local news shows showed it without the white outline and it looked horrible.
  10. At first I was underwhelmed... but it is kind of growing on me...
  12. Really like the black background here. VERY easy to convert to signage that will stand out and will look current for many years. I like that the roof covers the whole name... enforces the concept of providing and building a solid building with steel.
  13. There should be some concern or at least an explanation as to why the HS logo is exactly the same as this 'new' logo... designed by a pro from an NBA team??
  14. My guess, which is based on the fact I have been involved in some team naming polls... is that they have 1-2 that are their go to names a traditional type name and a goofy-minor-league type name... and will skew the results to meet their preferences. In the meantime they give the public the chance to vote and be involved...
  15. If I were Davidson, I would request that I get the chance to fix this up... it is a good attempt but Fraser would make this 100 times better.