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  1. The Tampa Bay Giants road jersey that was proposed for the 1994 season. I'd settle even for a picture of one. The homes were to stay the same, but the roads had "TAMPA BAY" on them.
  2. Agreed. And, I hate the following: Anything Minnesota Wild Anything Baltimore Ravens Anything Atlanta Thrashers Anything Tennessee Titans The Original AZ D'backs - looked like a bad prison tattoo. Steelers round jersey font. Mets black drop-shadows. Pinstripes on basketball jerseys.
  3. Absolutely. The ones I like: Florida Marlins teal pinstripes and teal cap. The Isles fisherman jerseys. If that logo would have been on a traditional (at the time, not an Edge) it would have been fine. Astros blue and gold. Buccaneers creamsicle jerseys. Late '80's "Chicago" and "White Sox" script jerseys. Late '70's Atlanta Braves white w/red pinstriped jerseys and the road feather jerseys. Bengals original set. If they paired that with the current helmet, that would be perfect. The ones I don't: Anything Minnesota Wild or Twins, past or present. New Orleans Saints monochrome. Colorado Rockies blacks vests. Bengals orange "pumpkin" jerseys.
  4. I'm a ChiSox fan and that sight makes me cringe every time. Do you have any idea how many ignorant rednecks are Packers fans? grow up dude... Wow...no need for the racism, "dude"! Ignorant rednecks are now a race? Or, did you mean that packer fans are now a race? There was no racism in what the poster said about cringing after seeing Obama in a ChiSox jersey. People need to get off the "everything is racist if you say anything about Obama". Maybe he cringes because Obama's left-handed. Who knows....? That is just as silly a statement as saying the OP is racist because he cringes seeing Obama in a ChiSox jersey and cap. Grow up.
  5. I know it is Photoshopped, but I thought I'd post it anyway and watch you guys lose your minds.
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