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  1. Are the home white pants different now too? It's very hard to tell because I can only see a tiny portion of the stripes but it looks like the grey in the striping might be white now... Unless I'm just seeing things.

  2. 1 hour ago, pepis21 said:

    Yellow from 1952 would be great. Btw there is any specific reason of why Packers don't have yellow alternate?

    Yellow pants and helmet... that's enough of a reason to not have a yellow jersey for me.

  3. I've been on the hunt to track down the gameday pins for every NFL game I've been to. I managed to recently find two that had been eluding me which now leaves me with two left to find. The last two are: Bills @ Chiefs (Sep. 11, 2011) and Eagles @ Chiefs (Sep. 17, 2017). Problem is I've never seen a picture of a pin from either game so I'm not sure if they even exist. I contacted the Arrowhead Stadium shop and they unfortunately weren't able to confirm if pins were made for either game, or even for those entire seasons for that matter. The only thing that gives me hope is that I've seen a picture of a pin from the Packers @ Chiefs game on Dec. 18, 2011 so I assume they would have made pins for each game that season.


    I've had ebay saved searches for a LONG time for these and nothing has ever come up. It feels like I've scoured every corner of the internet too but have had no success. Anyone know anywhere other than ebay where I might want to look? Or are there any Chiefs fans or KC residents that can even let me know if pins were made for those games?



    I'm also on the hunt for this Brian Dawkins Bleacher Creature to round out my Eagles collection. It has proven more difficult than I would have expected!



  4. 17 minutes ago, VDizzle12 said:


    Wow that's really weird seeing a two-colored Adidas logo. Of all the strange elements on that uniform, something about that just seems really bizarre to me. Has to be the one of the only times that has ever been done. 

    Definitely not commonplace. I recall that Washington had similar treatment as well:pixel.gif


  5. Funny you mention this... I have been on a similar quest to find this but my memory is much foggier about it than yours so I've had absolutely zero leads. I didn't remember any team names or locations but it's engrained in my mind that one of the logos featured pink which I thought was such a radical idea at that time. Other than that, I didn't really have anything to help with my searching so I'll definitely be following this thread. Fingers crossed somebody has some more info!

  6. 11 hours ago, Justpassingby said:

    Good morning. So that thing I said a few weeks ago? Yeah the team Bezos is buying will become public knowledge in the next ten days. No I won’t tell you how I know this so don’t even bother asking. But when it starts circulating I look forward to speculating with you all what the new uniforms will look like. 

    Won’t be long now...






  7. 23 minutes ago, gosioux76 said:

    Remind me, because my brain's not working, but isn't there another pro sports franchise that has a name that, like Elks, foregoes the preferred plural spelling of an animal in favor of the more ear-friendly alternative? 


    And for what it's worth, most dictionaries allow for "elks" as an accepted plural, if not the preferred plural. I'm not sure why they don't just go for it as Elks.

    Maple Leafs?

  8. 6 hours ago, sayahh said:

    It's a great jersey...for a new team.  It just doesn't say "Mavs" to me at all.  It reminds me of a team uniform or something else (might not even be from basketball), but I cannot remember what it was.  Argh... #TipOfMyTongue

    Kinda gives me 2016 and 2020 Pro Bowl jersey vibes.



  9. 16 hours ago, BBTV said:

    Here's my take.  A human-spider would be the ultimate player, being able to wear 5 gloves (and spin webs to catch balls too.)


    Couldn't figure out how to watermark it, so if you post this elsewhere, please give appropriate credit, and if you use it for merchandise, I get 50%.







    16 hours ago, selgy said:

    But tell me this...

    How would it wear its pants? 

    Tucked into stirrups if he wants to be taken seriously!

  10. 58 minutes ago, msubulldog said:

    Probably means that the Eagles are going mono-green or mono-black.


    56 minutes ago, Sec19Row53 said:

    I'm not sure why you'd think that. Us here would consider what the other team might be wearing. 99.45% sure that this doesn't occur in the NFL.

    Not only that, the Eagles haven't worn mono-green since 2002. I don't see them pulling that out again any time soon just out of the blue.

  11. 5 minutes ago, henburg said:



    That's interesting, because no NBA teams sell jerseys with ads on them. Those could be knock-offs though-



    They sell retail versions with ads at official team stores at the arenas. 

  12. I've gotta hand it to the Jazz for 1) Sticking with the initial redrock jersey for longer than the City program is designed for and 2) maintaining the general theme with this new jersey.


    My biggest issue with the City jersey program is that majority of the jerseys aren't around long enough to make a lasting impression. If you're going to go with an "out there" design that's a departure from your team's usual identity, at least stick with it so it gets some staying power. The Heat's Vice uniforms are another example of this... although the colours have been swapped from year to year, the theme has carried on and become part of their visual identity.


    A comparison I can think of off the top of my head to illustrate my point is the Edmonton Oilers Todd McFarlane 3rd jerseys. They were far from what an Oilers jersey would typically look like but they were around for long enough that they became part of the brand (for better or worse). Had they only been worn for one season and then followed by some "City of Champions" themed jerseys, then a West Edmonton Mall themed jersey the year after that, I don't think they would have had the same impact.


    TL/DR: One season isn't long enough to establish a wacky design/colourway as part of a team's brand.

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