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  1. Ehh not too great in my opinion. Although I must say I'm glad that they changed their helmets to not look like the NFL team.
  2. Back when I was a kid I used to read Sports Illustrated for Kids. While all my friends were reading the stories and whatnot I was always looking for alternate uniforms and new stuff in general including new combinations. I loved those days. But then along came the internet and I was no longer a child, tis a shame.
  3. Ladies & Gentle Men, The Time Has Come!! Long Live the M#^%@$ F?in Stirrup!! I have decided that I am on the 41 man roster this year. I?ll be distributing stirrups to pro ball players in september and quite possibly ROCKTOBER!! ..But until then, I?ll be giving most of these to members of the Grand Junction Rookie team. - j Can't get the pic to show up on my phone, my bad
  4. Oh we still have a deal. I just have to pay nine bucks a pair instead of five. That's all. Nothing more. - j
  5. Thanks to everyone who helped me in 2012, you know who you are. As for this thread. No demands. That's how the last one ended. Go Rockies, I guess. - J
  6. Losing Isn't Fun For Anyone I regret to inform you that ?the stirrup guy? is closing shop for the season. Come Saturday morning I?ll be headed back to Grand Junction for my sophomore year of college. I highly doubt I?ll be able to catch any more Rockies baseball games this year. As for the stirrup project - the summer of 2012 was a nice opening act, but it, like my Rockies, also wasn?t a winner. I don?t believe a single player broke out the stirrups because of me. Here?s a quick rundown of the players I spoke to and what happened to them. - Jamie Moyer got the axe far too soon. - Josh Outman did his thing all year long. - Dexter Fowler told me I might see him in the stirrups again soon, so far this has not happened. - Christian Fredrick told me he might consider wearing them if the whole team was committed to doing it. - Matt Reynolds told me he doesn?t like stirrups. He has not worn them this season, or ever as far as I know. - Alex White told me there was no way he would ever wear stirrups, this remains true. - Matt Belisle said he would consider it, but he already wears the high socks, which is close enough if you ask me. - Josh Rutledge told me that he wore stirrups for his freshman season at Alabama, also that he was open to the idea. As far as I know he has worn pajama pants full time in his short stay in the MLB. Others: - Despite many talks with Tom Helmer I didn?t get a chance to meet him. Too bad, there?s always next year. He also didn?t wear the stirrups as far as I know. - Joel Klatt liked the idea but as far as I know hasn?t worn a pair yet - Same thing goes for Tracy Riggolsby, Jeff Houson, and the rest of the Root Sports Crew. I did manage to get seen by the masses on the postgame show approximately 10 times, which I consider a success. It wasn?t enough though, tasks such as these are surly not a one man job. As for the stirrups themselves, they are at a sporting good store in Grand Junction being sold for $9 to the public. This happened because I couldn?t, despite my best efforts, raise the money to buy them myself. I?m very curious to see if they will sell or not. If anyone wasn?t to buy a pair I?ll happily grab one for you, just let me know soon, I?m not sure how long they will be around. Shoot me an email at the_22nd_rant@yahoo.com If I told you I would get you a free pair or two, my intentions are to follow through with my promise, it just might be awhile. Will I be back in 2013? Hell Yes! But I must tell you, things will be different. I?m hoping to get as many fans on board as possible, we?ll see how that goes though. In fact, I may opt to stay put in the bottom of the minor leagues and hope for the trickle up effect. I may not choose that though, but whatever my decision is I?ll be sure to let you know right here on the website. LONG LIVE THE STIRRUP! See you next season, - Jake
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XDqYCp_PdY&feature=youtu.be - Jake
  8. How much did you pay for it? Got a Rockies one just like it a few months back for 15 bucks on ebay.
  9. False. I am having troubles with the announcement I was planning to make days ago. Still planning on it but it has been delayed. Mods, go ahead and close this thread if any of you feel the same way as the kid above me, no offense will be taken. The last thing I want is to be annoying. - Jake
  10. None of the players in the video thumbnail are wearing stirrups. That is a bit ironic. But literally 1 player on the whole team does. That was just an image that I made to take up space in the video. Thanks for watching, Jake
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Zs-uK6eFyU&feature=colike LONG LIVE THE STIRRUP! - Jake