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  1. I think if they had a matching purple version of the gold it would be great. However, I think even with the black they are nice looking uniforms. Just like when the Knicks added black it was a nice look, it just wasn't the Knicks.
  2. What exactly is wrong with Angel Stadium? I've never been but all the reviews I have seen claimed it to be a nice park. I understand it is old but didn't they basically gut it 20 years ago?
  3. I wonder what the jerseys will look like for next years winter classic. Do the Stars dare go the North Stars route? I think I see them pulling a fauxback or going to what they wore in the early years in Dallas. I think I'd expect the Predators to likely go fauxback, their original uniforms dont exactly scream winter classic.
  4. Most overrated logo in sports.
  5. I think the Chargers can pull something off like this. The light blue really pops off of the yellow and vice versa.
  6. It is ridiculous how the Chargers are playing at 10 am PT for a second week in a row in New England. The league will do almost anything to give the patriots a competitive advantage. There is no reason they could not have played on Saturday or in the late game Sunday.
  7. Do you have the entire catalog still? Not saying you have to but it would be cool to see what else is in there.
  8. I think it is very interesting that the Rockets Earned jersey is a recolored adidas concept. It probably drives Nike nuts that they wanted to go in that direction.
  9. I found a reddit post that said they are going to have Black helmets and pants with a fighter jet logo. This would be a complete disaster! I do not know how to post the screenshot but I really hope it is a fallacy.
  10. I wonder how long until we see a tie in with another sports team. I could totally see the Knicks doing Yankee pinstripes unfortunately...
  11. This is a local team and a California team with a large alumi base in the area and there are still a ton of empty seats. Every other conference sells out their championship which is why I have such a hard time seeing this game have 14 dollar seats in the corner end zone.
  12. What a joke that they are tapping an end zone for a power 5 championship game. More people go to the MAC championship game in Detroit I bet...