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  1. I don't want to dive into this argument because its pretty black and white on where your allegiance lies. I agree this example is extremely rare especially because the Titans and Texans are division rivals but why cant the Texans have a love ya blue fauxback? The Nationals, Rangers, and Twins have all worn Senators uniforms. I think when the team name is no longer in use than the right to throwbacks should be up for grabs. I don't like the Brewers wearing Braves throwbacks and the Mets wearing NY Baseball Giants throwbacks.
  2. I feel like there is something ironic or hypocritical about holding a claim to those colors and history. You abandoned a great sports city who had just renovated the astrodome less than a decade before you left for a small city that has visitors outnumber you 2-1. I understand the Adams family owns the history but I feel the situation for them leaving Houston is why history should be left in a city.
  3. Lions still did not have black in 2002, I believe the Eagles made minor changes their first year at the linc.
  4. When will the Chargers uniforms be unveiled? I couldve sworn I saw something that said 3.25.20 with a Chargers helmet.
  5. Man wordmarks sure are boring these days
  6. I used red socks with it in madden the other day. It looked good but something didn't sit well with me about the look.
  7. It is crazy to me how some teams no matter what will never be able to get it right. I know for sure the majority of people for the most part would be ecstatic if they just had a powder away version of their uniforms. I think people have also been dying for the creamsicle bucs ever since the super bowl set got kind of worn out. Just take the Padres, it took them like six uniform changes just to get back what they belong in. It is not hard.
  8. I don't know about that, I followed uniwatch for years and he consistently came across as smug and pompous. Everyone on here trashes and praises uniforms but he made it seem like his opinions were facts.
  9. Unpopular opinion: Those VT Pro Combats were great.
  10. I think the Knicks should use this city set as inspiration for an updated set. The font they are using here is much superior than the cartoonish ripoff of the old font that they use. Keep the font you see here with the normal orange with blue outline and keep the trim here without the skyline.
  11. Why are the USA vs World jerseys the color that they are?
  12. Any shot of a throwback field or a yellow chiefs endzone? Two red end zones would suck.
  13. I love the old school logo, but how in the world does that look like a falcon?