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  1. It isn't just Nike, no other company produces dazzle fabric because from a playing standpoint the dazzle materials aren't up to snuff with the newer pants.
  2. I saw in Paul Lukas' NFL uniform ratings he rated the Chiefs uniforms 30th because of their use of an arrowhead. While I do not agree with this or his rankings as a whole I think an outline of the state of Missouri with KC inside would be an interesting route to take.
  3. Has any team ever worn their championship celebration uniforms as many times as the Nationals? I remember the Royals getting some good use but this is getting ridiculous.
  4. They look way better with with the Maroon jersey than the white pants. My only gripe with them is the stripe inconsistencies and the use of black cleats with them in the past.
  5. I do not understand why they are changing the pant stripes...
  6. Am I missing the mark here? I clearly see the eye and the tentacle in the logo but dont see how they go together.
  7. Random question but was last year the most they have ever worn Navy in a season "home and away" since they started wearing white at home in 1964? 9 times in one year is a lot for them the most I can ever remember in the past was around 4 or 5 maximum when the Eagles and Skins would force their hands coupled with early season hot away games.
  8. Whatever Washington does I think all they should do to their uniforms is change their logo and striping. I would say move the TV numbers to the shoulders like the Chiefs did and then pretty much adopt everything Virginia has done with their striping except the narrow space in between. Id like to see them have Burgundy, Gold, and White pant options with similar sock stripes to what they currently have on their white socks.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks Red Tails is a horrible name?
  10. Washington Noskins
  11. Maroon "W" in the same circle without feathers would be a good compromise for this season on short notice.
  12. It looks awful, I do not know why conference logos are slowly but surely getting axed from NFL fields. I think the Bears and the 49ers might be the only team to still have them.
  13. ltjets21

    Washington Pigskins

    I like the idea but I feel like nowadays fierce animals always win. I would say something similar to what Arkansas has would fit with the theme. If it were up to me I would go with a name like generals or presidents and have George Washingtons head replace the current logo. You could even keep the same circle without the feathers with a W and be Washington for a year.
  14. They could make this trophy so much better.
  15. I agree but for the majority of the stadiums being replaced in baseball were multi-purpose stadiums or just stadiums that reached the end of their road due to improper care like Comiskey Park. The last two cases of new ballparks in ATL and Dallas were forced as well as the Mercedes Benz stadium.