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  1. What college stadium are you referring to?
  2. They cannot have the Chargers continue to play in the LA market. The fanbase is completely non-existent Simply give them the relocation fee back and send them packing for San Diego once the new stadium is constructed for SDSU. Maybe San Antonio or St.Louis too.
  3. I was staying in St. Pete so I didn't have a hard time getting to it. My perspective might be different than yours but I thought the corny-ness of the stadium is fun and that it certainly has character. Pretty much every Retro Classic stadium I have been to is virtually the same so I enjoyed having a different experience. Not everything has to be the same and I think there is something positive about having two crappy stadiums in baseball.
  4. I find it funny Nike continues to use and develop one of Adidas' most predominantly used fonts.
  5. The Trop is a fun unique place. There are a lot of quirky features like the touch tank and bright colored concourses. People who hate indoor baseball do not know how hot it is during the Florida summer, when I got into the park I was relieved. It also has an assortment of food options and a cigar bar if you're into that sort of thing.
  6. I am definitely in the minority but I'm gonna miss the coliseum and the trop when they are replaced. For all their issues they are fairly loud once the playoffs come around and I think the league is going to miss quirky and crappy parks. Sure when they are finally replaced other ball parks will also be suffering the same fate but those two places are the only two that really stick out and remind me of the old cookie cutter and domed stadiums. While it wasn't a golden era of baseball in terms of stadiums it was in terms of on field play.
  7. I want to see a Bucks packers themed City jersey for some reason.
  8. Why are there no earned jerseys this year?
  9. The state championship games are played every year with Jets or Giants endzones.
  10. Why cant the Redskins slap the throwback logo on their helmets? It is already a fauxback at least make it match. I also think it is funny how they are still using Kirk Cousins helmet for the uniform promotions
  11. I noticed Adam Vinatieri is still wearing his Adams helmet in camp pictures. How is this allowed? Is this any different then the AB situation with the untested Air Advantage? Are they not going to kick up a fuss because he is a kicker?
  12. I'm surprised nobody has brought up the entire AB AiR Advantage fiasco
  13. Also cannot stand where the Raiders and Saints position their logo on the Speedflex.
  14. I hate when smaller programs do not want a wordmark on the front of their jerseys and as a result have a bunch of empty space as a result of the catalog. Below is Princeton and Bowdoin College.