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  1. The Clippers and Nets city jerseys are both equally the worst uniforms I have ever set my eyes on.
  2. The Los Angeles is 1,000 times better. Speaking of alternate vs primary fo the nationals even wear the curly w jerseys anymore?
  3. I disagree, I generally like their normal home and away jerseys. The alternates that they wear however are some of the worst things these eyes have ever seen.
  4. If you notice in the corner of the march madness courts is always says "Hosted By" a team or a conference. This year its been pretty simple obviously games at Hinkle are hosted by Butler. Other years though I noticed random schools or conferences hosting from random arenas. Is this because the conferences and schools are bidding like teams would for a super bowl? Does anyone know how this works?
  5. \ So when the game is in Atlanta they roll with Indiana themed jerseys but when the game is in Charlotte they give us the most generic bs uniforms of all time?
  6. It is quite different than the surface from yesteryear.
  7. It is madness that they used to play on astroturf. Have to think that contributes a great deal to CTE
  8. As a Jets Fan I am very indifferent about these uniforms. I think in the right lighting the colors look amazing. Particularly that matchup against the Rams but the New York on the chest is just downright corny.
  9. I noticed this year the fan super bowl jerseys were just generic white and black. I remember the eagles did this a few years back as well and it never made sense to me. I understand they have a bunch of plain black and white jerseys that they can simply put the numbers and logos on. But you're telling me they have red mahomes jerseys lying around for the patch but not brady? Is it just an easier way to get rid of stock for fanatics and nike?
  10. God forbid a team does something unique instead of having stripes like 70% of the league. The logo with the stripe looks more than ok it is literally the best of both worlds. .
  11. Put the fleur de lis over the stripes and I agree, I'd roll with a champagne gold for the proper color.
  12. The only time they ever paint them is for a super bowl. I cant think of anywhere else that refuses to paint them. Even the old georgia dome painted them when it was their chance to host a playoff semifinal.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRpKq3tV5Bc&t=78s 2002 Jets vs Packers the Jets covered up the Giants logo with green paint but didn't do the whole endzone.
  14. They haven't really had sleeve stripes since 1986. Unless you consider the minor stripes under the logo they used to have.
  15. Seahawks should use this shade of green.
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