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  1. It reminds me a lot of when the Coyotes first started at America West
  2. Seriously. I spent most of those years hurling profanities at the TV when he was in net sadly.
  3. I agree. I think I would rather see some rookie QB, let's say for the 49ers, look down on his chest and say, wow, I'm wearing Joe Montana's number. It doesn't disrespect what that player did, it honors what he did. JMO. I actually like what Michigan does, with the patch on any honored players. Like the patch for Desmond Howard on Junior Hemingway's jersey.
  4. Could be lighting too, cuz our pewter looks darker in those pics too.
  5. It'd make more sense to move the Vikings to LA, then move the Rams to the NFC North
  6. I agree... Furthermore, two things come to mind. One, there's NO way the NHL would approve of this, especially after the girl in Columbus was hit with a puck. When that happened, up went the nets. Having a sky bridge, regardless of placement (either over the stands or over the ice) would be a HUGE liability. Second, I think of the smaller rinks in the Canadian Hockey League where there are gondolas suspended over the rink for members of the press. Low hanging baskets + high flying pucks = radio PBP members diving for cover! Not to mention I don't see the Rangers scoring 4 goals in a period and a half
  7. Yeah that's one of the Turn Ahead the Clock promotion jerseys MLB did.
  8. Can anyone name the font that Broxton's name is in and the #51 Pitcher font?
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