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  1. Could someone post a photo of last years Mariners "northwest green" jerseys compared to tonights? I feel like they slightly subdued the brightness compared to last years. (Computers on the fritz, so I'm posting from my phone) Many thanks!
  2. Seattle Sounders FC have sold over 60,000 tickets for Saturdays Match vs. San Jose. It's SSFC GK, Captain, and Northwest Native Kasey Keller's last regular season home game of his career. Should be a really special game. Go Sounders!
  3. No character? Seriously? You can call this logo a lot of things, but bland is not one of them. This is the most unique logo a baseball team has released in a very, very long time. Would rather have another roundel with "Miami Marlins Baseball Club" wrapped around a baseball? I totally agree. As someone who has been to Miami a few times, I love how the Cyan, Yellow & Orange colour scheme and the art-deco style font of the M matches the culture and colour scheme of Miami. Kind of disheartened to see that Black and Silver are still prominent though. I don't like the block script at all. If they did the same treatment (arched white font with orange outline) with the font of the new Ballpark logo, that would be much better. Overall, I give the M logo a thumbs up. I can't wait to see how the new unis will look. Your wish will be granted.
  4. I was able to see the style guide last week-- Obviously this is an issue of opinion: I don't think they're as bad as people are making them out to be. Yes, it's not the New York Yankees-- but it's certainly not the 1998 Tampa Bay Devil Rays set either.
  5. I'll just link the article... pretty awesome for the kid- I love how he jumps up in his seat. The other announcers reactions are priceless. Edit: Tried not to link to deadspin--- but alas, it features a video with the kid making the call:
  6. Just a reminder- This weekend (starting tonight) is the Mariners @ Marlins in Seattle series.
  7. Seattle is pretty far removed from any other baseball city. I think they're stuck traveling longer than most regardless.
  8. This is horrendous. I can't imagine they would want such a ridiculous look on purpose... (just to clarify: the jersey is obviously too big--- I'm not crazy about the baby blue either- but I can deal.) The Braves on the other hand looked really sharp. Check out that zip up... huh zah!
  9. 2011 MLB Predictions: AL West- ? Texas Rangers ? Oakland Athletics ? Los Angeles Angels ? Seattle Mariners AL Central- ? Chicago White Sox ? Minnesota Twins* ? Detroit Tigers ? Kansas City Royals ? Cleveland Indians AL East- ? Boston Red Sox ? Tampa Bay Rays ? New York Yankees ? Toronto Blue Jays ? Baltimore Orioles NL West- ? San Francisco Giants ? Colorado Rockies* ? Los Angeles Dodgers ? San Diego Padres ? Arizona Diamond Backs NL Central- ? Cincinnati Reds ? Milwaukee Brewers ? St. Louis Cardinals ? Chicago Cubs ? Houston Astros ? Pittsburgh Pirates NL East- ? Philadelphia Phillies ? Atlanta Braves ? Florida Marlins ? New York Mets ? Washington Nationals Playoffs: ALDS: Texas Rangers v. Chicago White Sox- White Sox in 4 Boston Red Sox v. Minnesota Twins- Red Sox in 5 NLDS: Philadelphia Phillies v. Colorado Rockies- Phillies in 3 San Francisco Giants v. Cincinnati Reds ? Giants in 5 ALCS: Chicago White Sox v. Boston Red Sox- White Sox in 6. NLCS: Philadelphia Phillies v. San Francisco Giants- Phillies in 6 World Series: Chicago White Sox v. Philadelphia Phillies- Phillies in 7.
  10. I've been geeking out like crazy over this article- I was about to post it here, but you beat me to it ('grats). Long, but really great read.
  11. I just picked up this cap from Ebbets Field Flannels.
  12. Happened last year in Philly... Jays wore home whites, Phillies wore road gray's, DH was used, etc. But that was for the G-20, not a concert. There are no Marlins fans at home games anyway, so fan support won't be a difference. For the game in Philly (when the Jays were the home team)... did they still play cheers and music for the Phillies? or did they treat them like the Road team as well?
  13. The Marlins are moving a 3 game series vs. the Mariners to Seattle because of a U2 concert at Sun Life Stadium... Article: ``Home'' for the Florida Marlins in late June will be Seattle Major League Baseball announced Thursday that the Marlins will host the Mariners in Seattle's own ballpark -- Safeco Field -- June 24-26. The reason: A U2 concert at Sun Life Stadium is scheduled for June 29. The popular rock group also requires extra time to set up the show. The uprooted Marlins will bat last as the home team in all three games of the Seattle series, which will be played under National League rules -- no designated hitter, in other words. It won't be the first time that the Marlins find themselves serving as the ``home'' team in another team's ballpark. They took on the Montreal Expos at Chicago's U.S. Cellular Field for two games in 2004 because of the threat of Hurricane Ivan to South Florida. Interesting for a few reasons. + The Mariners will be the Road team- so they'll bat first.. etc. + They'll probably wear their road Gray's + National League team is the Home team... No DH
  14. We've seen these kinds of lists dozens of times- doesn't mean they're not fun to look at. Jim Caple ranks the MLB Logos (on Page 2) http://sports.espn.g...os&sportCat=mlb Also note that he links directly to the site for each image- pat on the back JIm. Discuss!