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  1. I usually agree with that sentiment, but the Bears were an integral part of sports in Denver for a long time. For example, Mile High Stadium was originally built for the Bears as a baseball field, and was later expanded/converted to football. Similarly, one of the owners of the Bears was Bob Howsam, whose managing of the Bears franchise helped fuel the development of the Continental League, which spurred the National League into expansion. Howsam was also instrumental to bringing MLB to Colorado in 1993. I agree that teams generally shouldn't celebrate the histories of teams that are not their own, but I think the Rockies honoring the Bears would be a fantastic way to honor the history of baseball in Denver.
  2. Right. The only thing that confirms is that some people don't know what the word "confirms" means. I apologize for using that word. I meant that the image was reinforcing the popular opinions going around about the jersey, not that a random image was confirming rumors. I will choose my words more carefully next time.
  3. The mods are relatively minor, and only affect the road unis. Don't know when they'll be unveiled however. In January. There was a tweet from an official team source a week or two back. Correct. They will be revealed at the season ticket holders' RockiesFest on 1/21. This popped up on a Rockies blog. The piping is the wrong color, so this is probably a replica mock-up rather than an official image, but it more or less confirms what we've been expecting - no more pinstripes, and a look very similar to the pre-2000 road jersey, only with "COLORADO" instead of "ROCKIES". If it is similar to the pre-2000 jersey, then that will mean a purple NOB and numbers, and will likely also feature numbers on the front in line with the rest of the team's post-2000 jerseys.
  4. never seen that before I've seen it, but I don't think it's bee on-field before. I don't think that combo has ever been used on the field, but MLB shop sells a hat with purple CR-on-purple:
  5. The Rockies twitter account confirmed it a couple of weeks ago or so, saying that they are changing their road uniforms, and that details are coming "soon". How soon "soon" is is anyone's guess, but it seems like the change is pretty set in stone already. I'm surprised they didn't introduce it prior to the holiday shopping season, but that might be because Majestic hasn't produced enough yet and so the team is holding off until the production order can be met. It's probably a safe bet that the pinstripes on the road uniforms are going away, since right now the Rockies are the only team in the MLB that still have pinstripes on their road uniforms (note: I say this with no inside knowledge whatsoever - just a prediction based on observation). I just hope that "Colorado" stays on the jersey and that the team doesn't go back to being the Rockies Rockies (as they were pre-'00).
  6. Darn those are pretty. And best of all, no more Texas Texases!
  7. Do the Rangers really have a drop shadow on their homes but not on their alts? That's irritating if so.
  8. Definitely intentional. Took me years to see it too, it's not that obvious.
  9. It'd be such a hodgepodge of various reds and blues that are all not quite each other but similar.
  10. Only issue I have with it is that the kerning seems a bit weird - compare "DOD" with "GER" and "STAD" with "IUM". Otherwise I really like it, which is kind of a weird thing for me to be saying about a Dodgers anything.
  11. I know I'm late to the party on this thread (was at Opening Day and haven't checked since), but I feel like I need to express an AWWWWWWW YEEEEAAAAHHHHH for my favorite alternate for my home team and my favorite alt in all of baseball. Bow down before the purple. They last wore them in the 07 postseason, and they weren't seen again for 3 years. I asked Bill Geivett in the Rockies' FO one time if they had been retired, and he just said that the marketing department had suggested to the pitchers to not choose the jerseys, because they weren't emphasizing the purple in the marketing. However, the team seems to have woken back up to the idea of purple, and there's now a TON of purple happening with the team (new purple lights were installed in the upper deck of Coors Field to light up the stadium at night, and purple crosswalks were installed at 20th and Blake). I really hope the loss on Friday doesn't discourage the Rockies from wearing the purple alts, because the team looks damn sharp in them. Also, someone asked why they say Colorado on the front instead of Rockies - I'm pretty sure it's because they can officially be used as a home and away alt. The Rockies only have one "true home" alt, and that's the white vest look. They can wear the greys, purple, and black vests out on the road.
  12. Could not disagree more, it's practically unreadable. The teal doesn't work at all. By far the worst of the last few years. It could just be my monitor, but I don't see any teal. I see a weird background/pattern inside the scripts, and the awkward blue star, but no teal.
  13. It's probably because I'm young and know the Angels primarily as being from Anaheim, but "Los Angeles Angels" just doesn't stick with me. "California", sure. Also, The Los Angeles Angels would be The The Angels Angels. Just sayin'. </off topic> I love these concepts, and #3 is the best of your most recent set, I think. I also really like how you managed to incorporate the current convoluted name into your first set - it works better than that name deserves . And you also get kudos for putting a location name on the road jerseys regardless - should be that way for all teams. If I had to give constructive feedback... have you tried pairing blue piping with the red? And the point someone else brought up earlier about the patches on both sleeves is valid, I think - makes it feel cluttered.
  14. Anyone else seeing a Canadian maple leaf/flag in the "0"/five rings space?
  15. Wait, so we could've had those instead of the giant grey gradient phallus? Ugh... I used to hate the "No Fun League" moniker, but I'm getting more and more used to saying it...