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  1. Dumb. 3rd and 8? Am I missing the punchline?
  2. They have not. But with the new, more prominent shoulder stripes, I think red-on-red would look great.
  3. In my extremely biased opinion, the Chiefs came out of the Nike takeover with an improved uniform. I'm happy the sleeve/shoulder/whatever stripe is finally prominent and not tacked on as a very thin stripe at the end of the sleeve as it was before. I always noticed the mesh on the Reebok uniforms made the white pads show through from underneath, and Nike's material gives it a nice, solid red all the way through. Stanzi's sleeve isn't the best example of the uniform's improvement, but I saw very few players wearing that cut. Cassel has his cut to the shoulder.
  4. My sentiments exactly. Agreed. But that sucker's never coming off, out-of-place as it may be.
  5. Tomorrow night, I get to see these bad boys in action. Love the thickness of the sleeve stripes.
  6. Arrowhead provides all the college atmosphere while fielding a professional team (with the exception of our quarterback), so I'm content with the NFL over college football.
  7. Hey, Scott Pioli. Sign Dwayne Bowe, you twit. Your boy Cassel is below average WITH him. I can't imagine how bad he's gonna play without him.
  8. I think I'm one of very few who likes the first one posted in this thread. I don't get the hate.
  9. The "Fear the Frog" shirt. .... why is that bad? I'm a KU fan. So... it would be, like, betrayal or something, if I bought the shirt. Right? I like frogs.
  10. Whenever you get the time, a Kansas City Chiefs one with "116 DECIBELS" would be noice.
  11. Too bad they'll be KU's rival soon. I LOVE that logo and shirt.
  12. You know, Vrabel/Cassel for JUST a second rounder wasn't a hometown discount for Pioli - Cassel actually sucks and was valued accordingly. Bill ain't no fool. I know. It was an awful trade. And Pioli will NOT let it go. He's had a couple of productive drafts, so I'd like to see what would've become of that pick it we didn't trade it for a broken linebacker and a high school quarterback. Since joining Kansas City, Cassel has yet to beat a team with 10 or more wins. Yeah, it's true. When we won the division, we didn't beat a team with 10 or more wins. And the Ravens waltzed into Arrowhead in the playoffs and kicked our tiny butts. Orton came in and beat the 13-0 Packers, but Cassel can't orchestrate a drive against the winless Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium. But we let Orton walk because he's a threat to Cassel's starting position.
  13. I hate Matt Cassel as a professional football player. Seriously, the Chiefs have made a few solid free agent acquisitions, and it means next to nothing with a mediocre quarterback at the helm. Oh, and he's been handed the starting position after proving nothing -- again. I'm glad Jamie Dukes actually WATCHES Cassel play and tells the truth about him. So many sports analysts blow smoke about him (mainly, Adam Shine and Rich Gannon). He's average at best, and horrendous at worst. And we're going to keep him around for another year, at least.
  14. Solid red socks would fix that. But width difference aside, I'm very happy with the change. And I'm a picky bastard.
  15. They're the same. I mean, maybe a tiny difference in width, but the sleeve stripes look great.