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  1. Def feel like the players union asked for that. Its a pretty black league and Its important for players to use their platform as public figures to support good causes.
  2. Seattle Grundge Seattle Sleepless Seattle Rainmen Seattle Pearlmen Seattle Greenmen Seattle Breakers Seattle Notebooks Seattle Salarymen Seattle HC Seattle Hockeye Seattle Showers Seattle Hysterics Seattle Spirit Seattle Bloom
  3. this discussion would be over by now if they just switch the red pants for grey. Anybody new the rules for how long we'd have to wait for that?
  4. Honestly just adding grey pants would have saved this set for me. It would make the white jersey pop the way it would need and give 3 possible decent combinations for the black jersey. Growing up as a Falcons fan I always loved the all black look from the vick days and the silver of the previous era. Adding grey pants would kinda cater to those 90s fans and give more balance to the overall set. Also the piping could match! lol
  5. Some of these have promise. I weirdly like the suns jersey, has a fresh energy. I like the raptors one as a Rockets concept lol. But the Twolves is blasphemous.
  6. this color combo is also a cool yet vibrant reset on the navy and gold era. If they went in this direction it would be one of the more fresh unique brands in the league.
  7. Always thought the Spain game jerseys were amazing.
  8. *Inserts Nuggets rainbow Jersey pic...*
  9. I hope thats not the case. I love the volt look. Its really unique to the NBA and i love the quirkiness of it.
  10. Yes I feel like if used sparingly, lighter than the lions grey to match the current helmet (or as close as possible) it could be a solid addition
  11. I kind of see this logo how you would the blackhawks logo. They sell the idea of the team and its uniqueness through complexity makes it special. The blackhawks are not a brown, or yellow, or green team by any means. Those colors really pop and give the logo a bit of much needed charm against the jerseys red. I feel the same for the 'Yotes can be done. Maybe with a simpiler modern yet classic template
  12. Unpopular opinion but in addition to silver pants on the Home I'd love for there to be a silver 3rd Jersey to pair with the Blue pant. Out of all the teams in the league I feel like Pats would look solid in a bit of silver
  13. as a Falcons fan, Luke warm. Jerseys will look better on a fan than on the field. I dont Hate anything about them but they are a downgrade. The Font is just a tad big on the numbers and The ATL could be alot smaller. On the white Jersey I'd love if the numbers were Red and the ATL was black. The red Pants should have never been made, and the gradient Jersey is growing on me. I'd just like to see every look w/ contrasting socks. Helmets cool, The ATL word mark is cool, to me I just dont really rock with that size. I feel like it would be a good jersey to buy in all colors. The gradient will be pretty cool to wear out, reminds me of those 90s hawks jerseys that I love. I just dont like the overall look for on field when done with the wrong combos. Those few changes and its solid. For what its worth if the combos are done right I'm not angry. Perfect combos for me? All black, or black on white, white socks All white, red socks Gradient to black, Red socks
  14. This is most likely projection mapping the ATL Hawks do something similar down here for floor intros EDIT: I did 2 seconds of research and found that it is lit from below!
  15. I think the people of Japan wanted to be respectful and maybe had an understanding that it could be offensive so they cut it. With football being relatively new there, I doubt fans were generationally invested in the name they way we are with ours here.
  16. I wish the wizards went with something like (copper and Sky blue) that as a call back to an older era with a twist
  17. I can imagine this looking cool if one of the arm holes was yellow
  18. As a Hawks fan, I really enjoy the volt. It really spiced up and modernized the brand. Sure teams like the Bulls, Celtics, and Lakers have classic looks which have remained pretty much the same for decades and stood the test of time. I really dont think thats an Atlanta Hawks thing. I like that they are a team not too tied in heritage where they'd be stuck with a look forever. The NBA needs teams to be bold like that. Give the sport a fresh design perspective. Somebody has to do it! Even the teams who are supposed to be whimsical in branding are pretty tame now: Raptors, Magic, even the Wizards lost their creative, mystic edge in design and are very generic DC. Not saying that I dont like those sets. I just feel like there should be a safe space for trying something new in the NBA.
  19. I'm glad they finally made the whites wearable
  20. Unpopular?: I really appreciate the lack of white in those uniforms
  21. Let's not forget the Lakers purple is called the "Statement"
  22. Lose the dropshadow and thats a clean modernization of the previous jersey. Let's just wait on the shorts. Last I remember was Harden in a leak that made the shorts look very wonky.
  23. Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C. Possibly the coolest Pink uniform outside of the hitmen IMO
  24. To be honest, I'm pretty angry that these sets were fraud. I thought this was a good kickstart to a solid brand. The New duds aren't totally bad I guess. They look like they were trying to be classy. Definitely a "safe" set. I just feel like a name and brand like the TIMBERWOLVES needs to have a bit of edge, that's just my opinion though.
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