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  1. Can NBA Properties please hire you to implement these changes...I've loved all of them so far
  2. Love what you did with the Pelicans....Your concepts are so perfect it makes me want to retire from attempting them myself lol
  3. 1998 Diamondbacks vs Reds in their non black pinstripes, only happened in '98
  4. Kind of a stretch, but the 2000-2001 Lakers and 2001 Diamondbacks both wore purple
  5. Small Detail that bothers me about this TBTC game is that the Astros and Mariners are turning it back to 1979 and their playing outdoors?!?!? Logic Not even once
  6. How the A's alternate jersey's has piping when the pants don't
  7. not sure if posted but Beverly Hills High's gym hosts basketball and....swimming
  8. IMO, The Knights is a downgrade. They had a unique look and color scheme and threw it out the window. Well since every team plays in a cookie cutter Populous park its only fitting they all have gimmicky brandiose logos
  9. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. YES.How does this constitute an unpopular opinion? Who doesn't like the Pacers pinstripe uniforms? When they wore the throwbacks this year, many people argued in the NBA Changes thread that their current was far superior
  10. I liked the Cavs Mid 90's-2002 Look Pacers best look was their previous pinstripe set I Love the Brewers Gold Jersey
  11. same here, stirrups look 100x better. Although I hate how most cleats are made without the flap tounge now. Stirrups only look good with the flap tongue Flap Tongue: Non Flap over tongue:
  12. Finally someone else who is tired of the retro look!! In my honest opinon, If the roof at Stade Olympique would have worked I think it would have been in the top 5. Within a span of 5-7 years a team goes from playing a futuristic stadium to a retro copycat that is really not that aesthetically pleasing... At least we still have Kauffman, Dodger Stadium, The Coliseum, Tropicana and Rogers Centre
  13. 1. I like Pinstripes on road uniforms and wish the Twins and Rockies would bring them back way better than what they wear now 2. I loved the Rays original uniforms and devil ray cap 3. I loved the Reds in this set 4. Not uni related but I think all those retro parks are unaesthetic (The only one I like is PNC) and actually like cookie cutters In my opinion this is better than this
  14. more Right team, wrong uniform right team and what should be right uniform
  15. This is going to take some time to get used to
  16. Not sure if repost but Kobe Bryant pre draft workout with the Celtics Zach Randolph during his brief tenure with the Clippers.....especially after the previous two playoff series And a photoshop...but technically this should be their correct uniform
  17. Signed with the Long Island Ducks and hasn't appeared yet for the team. I think he's dealing woth some sort of "personal matters" if I remember the article I read correctly. I have tickets to see them on Saturday, which I bought specifically because Vlad is one of my favorite players of all time. They also have Dontrelle Willis and Bill Hall, so it's not a total waste. Back in his Expos days I used to countdown the days until they came to L.A. or the Dodgers went to Montreal. I loved watching him play back then. ..he will always be an Expo to me. hope you get to see him in person again. Definite HOFer in my book.
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