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  1. It came from the pdf of the bruins third jersey when they unveiled it. http://bruins.nhl.com/ext/pdfs/112008/1124j.pdf
  2. Im having trouble figuring out how to rotate a pattern. It says to use the node tool but that leads me no where. I know what the node tool is and all it shows are the nodes for the object when I select it.
  3. When I try to save, I get an error saying not able to allocate memory.
  4. Patches any help on having the satin stitch effect not look flat. Kinda how the "O" looked in Conrad's Sounders patch. I check to make sure the path is closed and it is.
  5. What do you use on the face and hair. Every time I do it I have two different shades produced. Image to help illustrate what im saying. Its hard to see but when zoomed out its more noticeable.
  6. Figured out how to save the preview. How do I lose those blue lines in GB Glace area?
  7. Still having same problems as before, but if I save the file to my computer I can copy and paste it. The problem is that when copying paths it still shows up with a runtime error. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Its a pdf from the bruins third jersey. Bruins 3rd PDF
  9. When I try to copy and paste, I get a runtime error and then inkscape closes. I haven't tried re-installing but I will and post if any more help is needed.
  10. please ppl, stop giving me the svg movement link Those are the only .SVG templates available. SVG templates work in inkscape. AI do not.
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