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  1. Maybe you're right. It won't be a big deal, if you have a seam ripper.
  2. MLB Changes. NL East Atlanta: Change road alternate Atlanta to Braves and put it in red and white, same with back numbers. Limit Solid A road cap. Miami: 1993 Marlins teal throwback for say Wednesday or Thursday games. One or the other. New York: Replace New York road alternate with Black Mets jersey and cap. But for road games only. Philadelphia: More blue on road jersey. Washington: Return red DC cap, without gold, for Saturday home games. NL Central Chicago: 1984 road jersey modernized throwback. Cincinnati: Modernized throwback of 1975 Reds unis. Milwaukee: Make the home throwback primary. Pittsburgh: Gold button and visor for alternate cap, which they use for black jersey. St. Louis: Navy caps for all road games. NL West Arizona: Eliminate sublimination on unis. Lighter gray for road unis. Colorado: Replace sleeveless jersey with black sleeved alt with Rockies script. Los Angeles: Use blue jersey as alternate. San Diego: Start over. San Francisco: Use SF road jersey as primary, with solid black cap. AL East Baltimore: Browns throwback uni. Boston: 1975 red caps as Sunday alternate. New York: Navy road NY jersey. Road only. Tampa Bay: Alternate cap perhaps. Toronto: White panel cap paired with home white jerseys, with matching helmets. AL Central Chicago: 1983 semi modernized throwback, for road games (gray, pullover and belt). Cleveland: Headspoon piping on home white and navy alternate jerseys. Use Chief Wahoo on batting helmets for home games. Detroit: Navy Detroit alternate. Kansas City: Minnesota: 1987-2009 Twins home jersey as primary. AL West Houston: Eliminate road cap. Use home cap for all games. Los Angeles: Navy and red caps for road games, with navy alternate with headspoon piping. Oakland: Use home cap for primary road cap, solid A's cap as alternate only. Seattle: Solid compass alternate cap. Texas: Use Rangers on home jerseys.
  3. Is it me or does the pic of Votto with the beard, remind anybody of Russell Hantz or Survivor fame?
  4. They shouldve kept what they had from last year. Like I said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. While the uniforms aren't that bad. It would've been one thing if they kept their unis from last year but add thus year's home as an alternate would've been one thing.
  5. The Nats when they wear their red alt jersey at home they wear their red alt cap and on the road they use their regular road navy cap. The Marlins when they wear their orange alt jerseys will sometimes wear their reg black cap and sometimes wear their DE alt cap. The Rangers will sometimes wear their red caps and sometimes their blue caps with their home jersey. The Cardinals with their road jersey, will usually wear the red caps but willsometimes still use the navy caps. IMO the Cards should be using their navy caps for each road game.
  6. Not necessiarly, it seems that MLB and New Era are high on the Diamond Era Caps. I'm thinking, they'll be around for a while.
  7. I made the post above about the Twins having "cap night" with a giveaway of a Twins cap with Rays colors. Vs. the Rays... They just keep on doing it... At least it's not against the Reds. Since the Twins are playng the Cardinals, they should break out the 1987 uniforms.
  8. Does anybody have pics of the back of the jersey. Otherwise, I will not believe this is real. That is unless, say this is only for a one off like a Christmas Day jersey or such. Or if it will be a city pride jersey. As for their current unis and logo theyre fine. If it aint broke, dont fix it.
  9. I remember this. He was an Atlanta Hawk for about "10 minutes". Lol.
  10. I grew up in the 1970s and 80s. I'd like most of the fashions from those eras placed at the bottom of a very deep hole, covered with a layer of industrial nuclear waste and then buried under six feet of concrete.I know you have a better argument than trying to paint everyone else with an exceptionally broad brush. I certainly wouldn't want to paint all 22-year-olds as insulated kids who don't know the difference between timeless style and passing fads. I didn't say all I said most. and sadly, most 22 year olds love flashy passing fads like Chrome lids and bright colors, so you're pretty accurate haha. And while I love almost everything Oregon has trotted out and some teams can rock modern (TCU, FSU, OSU come to mind), I am sadly in the minority that I love a good ole fashioned Alabama-LSU matchup. I'm 22 and I'm pretty much the same way. Love when modern is done right like the aforementioned teams, but the Giants have one of my favorite football uniforms. Home and away. And yeah roman I think everyone in Houston feels the same way about the new astros set. It just feels right. And that's because I didn't even grow up with them ever wearing navy and orange aside from a few throwbacks but it just feels right now. And I had to get a new cap the christmas following their release. As for the style one grows up with, I guess thats why some people on here are vouching for the return of pullover jerseys and sansabelt pants. As for me, I wasn't crazy about the sansabelts, but can tolerate the pullover jerseys.
  11. What about the 1987 Mets road uniform?
  12. While the Cardinals are a red team, at least at home. The did look better when they wore navy caps on the road full time. Even though they still wear navy vs other red teams, such as the Reds, Nats, and Phils. By the way, does anybody know if the Mets will be wearing their pinstripe pants with their blue jerseys, since they will stop wearing their snow white jersey?
  13. I thought, for the most part, it was player's choice. Either a double knit or Cool Base.
  14. http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/48130/coming-soon-ads-on-nba-jerseys Said article is from about 3 years ago. But what about any recent information? Believe it when you see it. They've been saying this for many years now.
  15. As with ads on NBA jerseys, yet the teams cannot put the logo of the jersey manufactuer on game jerseys. Now what if the NBA simply allowed the jerseys manufacturer, which is currently Adidas to put their logo on the jersey. It would be in the same manner Adidas logo is seen on replica and swingman jerseys. If that happened, no harm really done. I just wonder if the NBA is just gonna eventually simply allow that. Now the TV deal doesn't take effect until 2016 and Adidas's deal with NBA ends at the same time. I just wonder, if companies like Coca Cola, McDonalds, etc., will be the "manufactuer" of the jerseys, to use as a loophole to put ads on jerseys.
  16. No. Pullovers and sansabelts belong in the past (70's and 80's). Button down jerseys and pants with belts belong in baseball.
  17. im sure the nba would only allow advertisers that arent competitors of official nba partners, so I see no jump man logo being allowed.Jordan Brand owns a race team. The Jumpman logo is used for that and he could designate it as such. There's always a loophole. If the NBA is gonna put ads on jerseys, then couldn't they just put the Adidas logo on game jerseys? Or whoever manufactures them in thefuture. This way they can be done with that issue. Since the Adidas logo is already on replica and swingman jerseys.
  18. How about the changing the button on the Astros road cap to orange to match the bill of the cap. It jist looks weird being different colors. An orange button with the orange bill would be way way better.
  19. I heard that the helmet is staying the same. My prediction with the uniform is, that it'll only be minor changes. Nothing changed wholesale.
  20. I'm at a point where I think bright and vibrant colors need to return to sports. It's getting ridiculous with how nobody is trying anymore and going to navy blue or black or whatever else. Nobody wants to be unique anymore and I'm tired of it. What about the Athletics, with their green and gold?
  21. The original Miami Sun Sox jersey looks a little Oklahoma City Thunderish to me. With one word on top and the other below. Miami alone on the jersey looks fine.
  22. As for jersey ads, couldn't they just put the adidas logo on the jerseys like they do with the replica, since adidad makes the jerseys, and call it a day?
  23. Well couldn't they just put the Adidas logo on the game jerseys, since they manufacture the jerseys? I could live with that. Or is Silver and company waiting until Adidas's contract is finisned? Afterwards, as a loophole, companies like McDonalds, Walmart, etc become the "manufacturers" of the uniforms.
  24. But the throwback jerseys have a white A with yellow outline.