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  1. That would look beautiful. We can only hope.
  2. Awesome. Would love to see more! The hours I've put into NCAA 14 TB!! I'd be rich haha.
  3. The away font looks naked without an outline.. but like Webfooter said I don't know if a Gold outline would of made it look any better..
  4. Oregon St wore all orange tonight vs Stanford (and lost). They put the beaver logo on the sides of the orange helmet instead of numbers.
  5. Yellow, black, yellow for Oregon tonight. New yellow helmet. No wings. Black O on the sides. Silver face mask.
  6. Well now we know where those Oregon carbon fiber helmets went. Must of dropped them off when Oregon traveled to virginia last year.
  7. Does anyone have a list of teams that will be getting new unis this year and that will be releasing within the next couple months?
  8. That bumper is ugly... The script Cal logo would of looked 100x better..
  9. Remember these? Turn on Fox Sports1 and it looks like they belong to Bishop Gorman. I remember someone on here callin that. Kudos to you, you were right.Those helmets don't look orange under the lights. I said it was Bishop Gorman Doesn't seem to help them score more than the opponent....
  10. GP I don't usually comment on concepts. Dont get me wrong.. There's a lot on here that I do like.. But I have to say with the amount of work you've took on you have done an AMAZING job! Loving the work! And the story lines. Keep it up.
  11. Guess they didn't change the Ram horn like the initial leak had showed... That unfortunate.. Though I still like the ram horn.
  12. Thought I saw an outline from the first posts link.. Might of been a trial thing. Glad it's not there because it looks better without it.. Won't matter either way when my Steelers stomp them this year! it's just a plastic wrap type thing that gets put over the helmet during practice to protect the stripes and stuff, and the air bubbles at the decal makes it look like there is a gray outlineDidn't know that. Thanks.
  13. Looks like they added either a white or grey outline on the helmet stripes too..