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  1. Awesome. Would love to see more! The hours I've put into NCAA 14 TB!! I'd be rich haha.
  2. The away font looks naked without an outline.. but like Webfooter said I don't know if a Gold outline would of made it look any better..
  3. Solid uniform all around. Although I think the gloss helmet looks great the matte purple looks awesome too.. Don't mind the black face mask either.
  4. Ricardo, I downloaded the temptlate from davidson. It works ok in Gimp. I have figured out how to get rid of the background like everyone else has... And also having trouble making clean helmet stripes... But Im still playing with it and once I get it down Ill try to send something over to you. Davidson first post will help through the process. The only part I couldnt do is the mask layer part. Havent figured that out in Gimp yet... Oh well.
  5. I just lovethis helmet! GO DUCKS!!!!
  6. Well heres my first one... Im on Gimp so it might not look that great... The logo I made myself for a TeamBuilder team and never really got around to cleaning it up.
  7. Probably a stupid question but will PSD files work on Gimp??
  8. I really like that falcon logo. Anyway I you could msg it to me so I could use it in teambuilder?
  9. Has anyone done this in Gimp? Im struggling to clean up the edges and to get rid of the background.
  10. Incredible! I?d like to see more designs like this pop up in this thread. I second this. I would like to see more of your guys work. you guys are doing awesome. Since I only have gimp Im having trouble with mine coming out right. The settings are different but Im still working on it. great work so far.
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