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  1. Northwestern will wear this gray alternate February 21st. Sadly it's missing the BBQ grill icons and slogans from last year's alternate. Just kidding... Actually I think it's pretty nice. I like that basketball team has been using gray for alts rather than black.
  2. Wow, the Northwestern uniforms are amazing. They're pretty much what I expected, but I like them even more now that I'm seeing them. Here's the hype video (, which shows one of the signs on campus that serve as the reference point for the gold/black scheme and the font. The video also shows 'The Arch,' which is on the back of the helmet. I'm glad I held off on getting a new jersey when NU switched to UA because I'm going to get one of these instead.
  3. Northwestern is teasing alts for their Oct 18th game vs. Nebraska. It looks like they'll be black with gold gothic lettering. Many buildings on campus have black signs with gold gothic lettering, which is referenced in the teaser video for the uniforms. The full reveal is supposed to be later today.
  4. Yes! I like the UC court, but the Chicago Stadium court was a better version of it. Red out-of-bounds, better baseline font, and no basketball behind the mid-court logo.
  5. Here's the almost finished product at Northwestern:
  6. Northwestern You can just see Venric Mark (#5), who recently transferred, to the left of Fitz. Oops. Otherwise, nicely done. I'll have to wait until I get the hard copy tomorrow to make a final judgement, but this is probably my favorite NU poster over at least the last few years.
  7. The 'sculpted N' was developed as part of the 'N-cat' logo. Looking at it within the context of the entire logo might help justify the stylizing. Plus it further differentiates it from 'N' logos used by other schools. As far as I know Northwestern has always used the 'sculpted N' as a stand-alone secondary logo to the 'N-cat.' In fact they used the 'cat head' as an alternate for a little bit, mostly about ten years ago, but it never caught on, with good reason. Recently the 'sculpted N' has been emphasized and I recently read the 'N-cat' is essentially obsolete at this point.
  8. New Northwestern court. Huge upgrade.
  9. Northwestern announced there will be a new court design for this season. I expect something much more traditional will replace the purple-stained mess I've had to look at the last three seasons.
  10. Nebraska is handing out these shirts at their game tomorrow. Coincidentally, Northwestern, their opponent, used a very similar logo at one point. Does anyone know who used it first?
  11. Northwestern wore black alternates Saturday at home against Indiana. We've worn black at least one game a season for awhile now, so it was only a matter of when it would happen this season. The purple doesn't really pop on the black, but, in general, they're fine. No clip art!
  12. That. Is awesome. And probably very sensible, financially. The softball players love the short porch in left and the baseball players love the short dimension to center.
  13. Where are the head phones, and grill, and z's?They're icons on the shorts. I assume the players, like most college students, like listening to music, grilling, and sleeping. In fact that might explain why we're probably not going to win a conference game this year. I think it says "NU Tradition," which is a slogan the team has been using this year.
  14. Northwestern is wearing "By The Players" uniforms against Illinois on Sunday night. More pics here: I think if someone described these to me I'd think they were the worst uniform ever created- and I have a good feeling there will be people who feel that way. But for reasons I can't quite put my finger on I kind of like them. Maybe they will inspire the players to keep the game within 20 points.
  15. Just saw on Twitter NU has sold out of the replicas of these jerseys.