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  1. The NBA's website still uses the old dull gold Cavaliers logo http://www.nba.com/teams/?ls=iref:nba:gnav
  2. I think it's stupid that Romney uses the logo as the letter R in his name. Those signs look like Omney Ryan
  3. Hence the B. Like OKC on the Thunder. "Hey guys, we need to put the city name on this thing. Sheit, put a B on there somewhere!"
  4. Does this flywire stuff do anything at all? It just seems like the snake oil of today. And are those mesh things on the stomach going to end up being those ridiculous dark splotches that some college teams?
  5. Wait so it's not symmetrical in the front? What kind of trash is this?
  6. I thought it would be more feathery than whatever it is. Chainmail?
  7. Come on leak'em already. If not for us do it for the puppies.
  8. I was referring to the numbers when talking about superman returns shield. Not anything else on uniform. So... Like beveled?? Or maybe textured with a feather pattern?? Maybe similar to the carbon fibre patterns we've seen from Nike..? http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5169/5220946939_e358618835.jpg A background pattern in the manner this pattern is?
  9. the design element is the same but is applied in different ways on the uniform. To create a stripe on one part, to create a wide tapering band on another. For the numbers the design element is applied in a different way. Think superman returns shield. Best way I can describe it.
  10. I heard the winged trim was on the pants, not the shoulder pads. My best guess is if their is feather wing trim is on the pants, it probably is on the jersey in some fashion. In attempt to balance the overall look of the uniform combo. Also believe even if there are several possible mix and match, possible pant and jersey color combos, they will just use one set at home and one the road. They had potentally 4 different combos with the last uniform set and settled using only 2. I look for all navy, from head to toe, like they used the Seahawk blue. Anybody with some talent want to make a crude mock up?
  11. It's actually quite nice looking. The whole uniform and display thing is all fitting in all nicely with each other, just not all of MLB.
  12. The Big 10 Championship Game had no problems with the endzones....looks like the same for the Super Bowl I don't remember if they painted the whole endzones for the B1G championship or not, but regardless, I asssume the Colts' endzones weren't that impressive because they went thin on the paint. I always could tell the difference between colored strands and blank field that has the endzone painted, and I like painted better. The colored ones look cheaper to me (less like grass). Regardless, they will have the field looking great for the Super Bowl. They were painted fully. as you can see above Diddo. Welcome! And that concept is excellent by the way. The only problem I have is I think the team fonts are a bit too big in the endzones. Other than that, great work! Thanks! Appreciate it. Yeah I figured that the logos were a little disproportional. I'd have to agree with the fact that the Giants - Patriots aesthetic isn't the best (I still like it better than Ravens - Giants) but honestly any Super Bowl field looks pretty. Thats one of the reasons I love the Super Bowl, is because of the all the color, fanfare and pageantry. It's just a spectacle. I like it, Logos are a bit large. Puckguy's original template is still excellent. Working on mine right now, had to pull out my NFL rulebook to work on it. Will be done in a couple of days! It pays to be a ref! That Pats logo looks a bit crooked.
  13. Worst matchup from an aesthetic point of view, especially on the fields. Since they put the home team on the right last year they might do that again unless the AFC is on the left now and the NFC on the right.
  14. Yeah he jokes openly about how bush league the atmosphere was down there and how it sucks to play there once you've played in a decent football market before, and how crappy the coaching was and they basically just handed him a ton of money to do nothing. That's besides the point - goddam that's a great jersey. Look at the gold. Look at it. Look, goddammit, look. Not suprised for 2 reasons. 1.) Jack Del Rio IS bush league. He was a bozo. 2.) Hugh Douglas is a lazy bum and got his ass beat by T.O. On 2 you're dead wrong. Dude worked his ass off and was a huge contributor for the Eagles, helping them get to the SB once he came back from Jacksonville. As for the TO thing, well, he didn't get his ass beat, but even if he got tagged a few times, it was T freaking O. Dude could take out most of the league if he wanted to back in those days, and Hugh was retired (and by then had become a lazy bum.) God damn those Jaguars unis are sexy.