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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the mismatched shades of navy. It looks horrendous. The sad thing is that particular alternate jersey used to be a darker shade which did match the caps, beautifully I might add.
  2. It's the Mariners isn't it?
  3. They did that last year too, on a Wednesday against the Astros. I figured it was because the team had done so well in them.
  4. A truly detestable move to try to pull off. Why? What they got now is nearly perfect. Just tweak the navy alternate and revive the teal alternate cap. Ta dah. This reeks of change just for the sake of change.
  5. If 5950s are going to be the new BP and ST caps, I hope the Mariners choose to bring back the Compass Rose cap with the shiny silver bill. I mean the BP caps going to be different from the gamday ones right?
  6. The only thing I would change would be the letters/numbers on the home jersey. I would make them orange with a navy blue outline. To me, it would just look better if the letters/numbers matched the color of the jersey's piping. They match on the road grays and I like the consistency.
  7. If I were an Astros fan I'd be even happier than I am now. The AL West gets my vote for best dressed division. (The Texas Texases not withstanding...)
  8. No, it means all of them will. [snip] When did the Angels get their roundel? I thought the shape of their logo was like a baseball diamond.
  9. So this means 4 of the 5 AL West teams will have a roundel logo. Part of me wonders if the Astros did this just to fit in better in their new home.
  10. Early in the summer I emailed the Mariners asking if they would make the alt cap the full time home cap. I also asked if they could bring back the 90s teal alternate cap. I got an automated response about how they appreciate questions and mine was being forwarded to the appropriate department and to expect a response. Now it's almost winter and still nothing. I think it's safe not to expect any changes on their part. >_< Also, it's great the Mets are embracing the blue jerseys again. I think it would be great if they had 2 BP jerseys: a blue jersey and an orange one. I'm not sure a regular season orange alternate would work for the Mets. But for BP and Spring Training, why not? And, if the Mets are keeping their black alternate for this season just for Mike Piazza, would they get rid of it after 2013?
  11. For some reason, I figured the Rays' new cap will be like the old BP one they had (navy crown and columbia bill).
  12. Wow. Cincinnati looks extremely nice in v-necks and elastic waistbands.
  13. If used, that would be the best Canada Day jersey they ever wore. Agreed. Toronto really outdid themselves with their overhaul. It might be just me but there are quite a few teams who've made some tweaks, additions, or complete changes, and have greatly improved their look.
  14. I have 2 3930s, the teal bill hat and the one with the silver side panels. I just don't like the way they feel on my head. The 5950 style is far more comfortable. I think it would be neat if teams had an alternate style 5950 for their ST caps. Weird, I know. I hope your BP cap isn't too bad of shape. It's a thing of beauty, if uncomfortable. Long live the teal also.
  15. I've never liked the 3930 Spring Training caps and have always thought the teams ought to have a 5950 for those games. I'd like to see that cap return in that capacity. Since the Mariners like to emphasize metallic silver in the BP and ST gear, why not get a cap which does just that?