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  1. The Continental Football Association is seeking new owners for the upcoming season and is taking applications from those interested on the CFA board in the Fantasy sports section of the message board. Please direct your applications there.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm the commish for the Continental Football Association and we just began our sixth season of play here on, we recently had one owner go defunct on us and are in need of a new owner to maintain the franchise for the remainder of the season with the possibility of extending play into next season and beyond for anyone who wants to play for the remainder of the season. Please PM me if interested. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, The CFA is looking for another person to play fantasy football with us this year. Looking for someone who will be dedicated to getting lineups in each week and staying active with the league. We've been playing for 6 years now, so we are pretty well established. Looking for new owner to contribute $5 to cover the cost of the league website as well. Anyone interested should PM me ASAP.
  4. Bump The CFA as of right now has three open positions with one for sure fill (one team has definitely decided not to return)
  5. The CFA, the first fantasy football league of the Sports Logo Community, is looking for applications from members who may be interested in playing fantasy football for the upcoming season. Applicants must have a minimum of 500 posts on the message board. To apply, go to: The CFA is an equal opportunity franchise issuer.
  6. If there were better designs I didn't see them there. If the man speaks the truth that doesn't mean he needs to get over himself. I think there may have been an age limit on this contest though. It boggles my mind how he can believe that any of those would be better than whatever OKC actually comes up with.
  7. Would you believe I never knew that was a hawk in that logo? I have never seen it close enough to distinguish it, I always thought it was just some wacky logo. Oops.
  8. The Iowa State ones are fantastic p.stic. You have done a fantastic job on these and now you've faced me with the difficult decision of trying do decide which one I want. . . .
  9. Could I get an Iowa State one. I'd love to see you do one on the hardwood too. Great work you've got going and thanks in advance.
  10. If you want to see what the pants look like, you can catch them in the first few minutes of the video on this page.;ATCLID=858344
  11. I wouldn't put money on blue being adding to the scheme, there is a lot of emphasis on Cardinal and Gold here. And the gold pants are in effect this year, so I am thinking your not getting what you want here. I'd say free exposure is better than no exposure.
  12. I'm anxious to see how they'll turn out as well. As far as I know everything (including helmets) will go in 2008.
  13. The Iowa State Cyclone football team will get getting gold pants for both home and away uniforms for this fall. No pictures available yet, but the spring game is this Saturday, so we will have to see if they break them out then. Also, big news, AD Jamie Pollard has invited Cyclone fans (and I suppose non-fans as well) to submit there designs for a completely new uniform. That said, our current uniform set isn't that old, but if change is a comin, then change is a commin' I guess. So if you are interested, you can review this wonderful contract agreement and send your entries to the address enclosed. Note: No compensation for winner and you must use gold pants. And if you're going to create a concept I'm sure all of us here would love to see it and give you suggestions as well. AMES, Iowa ? Iowa State?s football team will have a new look beginning this fall with the return of gold pants for both its home and road uniforms. First-year coach Gene Chizik wanted a return to ISU?s traditional colors ? cardinal and gold ? on the squad?s game-day uniforms. ?My former boss at Texas, Mack Brown, was an assistant coach at Iowa State (1979-81),? Chizik said. ?In looking back at those teams, I noticed there was a lot more gold in the uniforms. It is one of our school colors, and should be used more prominently in our game-day dress.? Chizik and Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard said the color change for the pants is the first step in the re-design and that the Athletics Department is enlisting the help of Cyclone fans to create concepts for new uniforms. ?It was too late in the production process to make any changes beyond the color of the pants for 2007,? Pollard said. However, the athletics program anticipates the football team wearing completely new designed uniforms and helmets for the 2008 season. ?It?s quite natural for new coaching eras to coincide with a new look,? Pollard said. ?Developing that new look will include input from many areas, including our students, alums and fans. Building pride for and branding a new era starts with the team?s identity, which is tied to its uniform.? Chizik met with Pollard this spring to discuss options. Seeking input from the students, alums and fan base, as well as working with the experts from Iowa State?s College of Human Sciences, which works with the campus textiles and clothing department, seemed appropriate. ?We want feedback as we consider what direction we?ll take going forward,? Pollard said. ?We feel the connection with students and faculty ? through the expertise of the College of Human Sciences ? and the fan base provides a great opportunity to tap into some very creative minds.? ?We are honored to be asked to participate in this exciting venture,? said Cheryl Achterberg, Dean of the College of Human Sciences. ?Our faculty experts in functional clothing design and eager to participate in this team project and we have lots of experience to add to the mix.? The Athletics Department is asking fans to mail their ideas to: Uniform Designs, Athletics Marketing Office, Iowa State University, Jacobson Athletic Building, Ames, Iowa 50010. Designs are due by May 14 and can also be dropped off in person at the Jacobson Building. There is a downloadable (PDF) release form on that must accompany all submissions. Once concepts are collected, athletics department officials will review suggestions in consultation with their apparel partner, Nike. Later this summer, Iowa State fans will vote for their favorite design in an online poll at Voting will run through the middle of August. Final decisions for the design will rest with ISU staff, but the voice of Cyclone fans through the online vote, will carry significant weight. ?All options are on the table,? Chizik said. ?Our football team represents the institution, especially the students, our alums and fans. Asking for input from those key constituents seemed like an obvious first step and we?re excited to see some of the ideas that are generated.?
  14. I was holding out for an Iowa State wallpaper of some sort. Or even just a signature version.