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  1. I found some a video of them in action after searching online. Turns out they are the Maryland Seahawks.
  2. So as I was browsing Facebook, I scrolled past this post from Sportsnation The comments on this picture are even worse. Seriously, I cannot even think of words to describe how terrible these uniforms are. There are people who are saying these are better than Seattle's current set. Which reminds me, they probably don't have permission to use that logo. Though, that is the least of the things wrong with this.
  3. I realize there isn't really a practical use for this, seeing as I doubt there's going to be a team named after Lebron James and a portrait isn't exactly ideal for a shoe logo, but I needed something to practice with. I'm still getting used to creating logos from scratch, so I've used a lot of frazdav's tutorials on Youtube to help me. I came up with this logo based on Lebron James and thought it came out okay. I was hoping I could get some creative feedback on how to improve this to make it look even better. Thanks!
  4. Not bad. Never been a fan of all white away sets though, and the helmet being white too doesn't help me love it anymore. I'm not sure I'd even suggest changing the pants or helmet color, but it's something that I never loved about the Colts away kits. Overall, very clean and basic. I don't hate it.
  5. Clearly I know how, considering I posted the original logo in my first post, Im just posting from my phone and figured that most people can figure out how to click a link. -- Anyways I've thought about adding all 4 schools colors in multiple ways, including the stars, but theyre too contrasting and flat out ugly together. Any thoughts on what the main colors should be? I tend to struggle with finding 2 colors that work well together.
  6. Im in a graphics program at my high school and I was given a job today. I am supposed to create a new logo for this Career Tech Academy in my area. The only instruction I had was to keep the same basic layout/shape of the logo so it had a similar feel, but I can go with anything I wish as far as anything else goes. This is there current logo: This is what I have so far: http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/9306/su2o.png (four stars represent 4 participating High Schools) I took a lot of inspiration from sports logos and more specifically Conference logos. The colors are borrowed from the Big Sky Conference logo. Note that these are not the colors I plan on keeping for the long run, but are only serving as a place holder until I can get some feedback on what would look best. I am open to anything that anybody has to offer. I want to make this logo something great, so let me know what you think. -Thanks!
  7. I believe you meant to post this link? http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/for/3259459122.html
  8. I love how you won't wear snapbacks but you'll be one of those d-bags who leaves the stickers on their hats. And don't say that it's to grab the brim without getting it dirty I hate when people try to act like that's why they leave the stickers on.
  9. I use to have over 100 back when I was in Middle School but I've gotten rid of quite a few since then and I'm down to maybe eh, 30? I'll post pics in a little, I have a couple odd ones.
  10. My current Perry High School's sets: Home Away And the rest of their Federal League: Massillon Tigers (Technically Independent from Federal League but same area): Home Away Canton Mckinley Bulldogs: Home Away Boardman Spartans: Home Away Glen Oak Golden Eagles: Home Away North Canton Hoover Vikings: Home Away Jackson Polar Bears: Home Away Lake Blue Streaks: Home Away A really terrible League as far as uniforms go.
  11. I love working with photoshop and making desktop wallpapers but most of the time my work comes out looking flat. I'm not sure that I'm asking for a tutorial from anyone (unless they feel compelled to do one), I just want to know the basic technique to getting effects like these on the player renders. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Those lighting effects are so hard for me to pull off. Does it have something to do with the Layer Mode, or Curves, or Brightness Contrast, or even a plug-in? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!