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  1. I don't understand why Bruschi is so mad at Ochocinco here. I think it is perfectly fine for anyone, including a Patriot to be impressed by a 517 yard performance by a QB. Bruschi just needs to take a deep breath and realize it really is not that big of a deal. It seems like he is just looking for a reason to get mad at someone.
  2. My thoughts exactly. And this is supposed to make it okay? The age-old saying, "Well what if everyone else decided to jump off a bridge!?" comes to mind. So, you just compared changing colors of a uniform, to suicide. NIce. It's a fairly common saying. I don't see how it is a big deal that he used it.
  3. I understand exactly where you are coming from, but relegating your primary color to number trim hardly counts as using that color. As for Oregon, I actually like Oregon's many uniform combinations. I wouldn't want other teams doing it, but it has become Oregon's thing, and it is interesting to see what they come out in each week. That being said, they have gone overboard lately. I don't mind if they go non school colors once or twice a year, but it seems that they have completely disregarded green as of late, and save for their last game, they have also disregarded the yellow their school uses.
  4. Just throwing this out there. Taken from NHL 12 and courtesy of Litter Box Cats: Hopefully NHL 12 has the jerseys right, as the socks look way better when they match the jersey.
  5. I like Navy's helmet and numbers, this is just another batch of meh Pro Combats.
  6. Once again there is an utter lack of creativity by Nike here. This year's batch of Pro Combats has been pretty disappointing. I think it may be time for Nike to end this promotion, I know they probably won't, but the majority of their elite teams who are willing to go Pro Combat have already done so, and they appear to have hit a dry spell in the creativity factor, which is the biggest part of Pro Combats. Also, how could anyone possibly think that black pants were a good idea with this uniform.
  7. Wow those look beautiful with the Giants colors/uniforms. Agreed, I have never understood why NFL teams (excluding the Bills) do not use team colored cleats.
  8. I loved both looks, minus the Adidas super stretchy template.. In fact, I would even go as far as to say both looks are superior to their primary uniforms if Michigan were to put numbers on the front of the jersey. I understand it will never happen, and I don't hate Michigan, or Notre Dame's primary looks, but they are a little boring, and these two new looks add some flavor while still keeping the traditional look that fits both programs.
  9. Agreed, this is one of Oregon's better looks. The carbon helmet, and grey pants work great with the yellow. I'm not crazy about Oregon completely disregarding green in some of their combos, but this combo looks great IMO.
  10. The brown helmet yellow jersey, and brown pants look, looks great on Wyoming. The brown helmet and pants really help bring out the yellow jersey.
  11. I am surprised that the NFL hasn't jumped on the "patriotic" gloves and cleats idea. There are some players doing it, but the league hasn't organized anything yet. It seems right up their alley, considering their Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  12. Oh, not to knock on yh, but I didn't think people would already be using such a terrible tragedy as a joke.
  13. This is one of the biggest tragedies in sports that I have seen in my lifetime. It really is hard to fathom that an entire hockey team was killed, especially when you have heard of many of the players. I wish good fortune to all the families involved, and Locomotiv.
  14. It's eery to see this posted just hours before the Locomotiv tragedy
  15. It is a cool idea, and I give reebok props for the creativity, but the football helmet look doesn't work well on baseball caps.