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  1. Soma

    NHL 2018-19

    Is there a deadline is which teams getting third jerseys would need to announce them?
  2. Soma

    NHL 2018-19

    Nice! Well I don't want to get anyone in trouble so I won't say anymore. Regardless, I'm very excited that the Devils it seems are finally starting to break out of the mold a bit and I'm looking forward to seeing all the thirds next year.
  3. Soma

    NHL 2018-19

    I totally understand your skepticism. I just don't know the protocol given it was confidential information. Anyway, it's legit. If the jersey I saw were to be used today, I'd say it would be among the top in the league. However, based on those designs, I have a feeling Adidas will be getting rather creative with all the teams' 3rds.
  4. Soma

    NHL 2018-19

    The Devils third jersey will not be a reproduction of the original red/green sweaters. At the risk of being dismissed, I will just say that I've seen the concepts. Please don't ask me about my source, I cannot divulge that information. The primary alternate has no green, but they are definitely sweet. I'm very excited for them and I have put off buying a new jersey until next year. I say primary because I was also told their might be two alternates, but I cannot confirm that. FWIW, I was very skeptical of the new jerseys when they were released, but I think they look great on the ice.
  5. Fantasy turned reality, sorta. Anyone remember the Major League movies? The first one was shot at the old Milwaukee County Stadium, but it was based on the Indians. And Major League II (underrated, by the way) was shot at Camden Yards. Wassup Cerano?
  6. This program is really cool - from the second of two seasons the Yankees played their home games at Shea Stadium during renovations to Yankee Stadium.
  7. The Cardinals are definitely not the 'wrong' team for Keith, but in no way would he go into the HOF as a Cardinal, even if the stats may say so. He is one of the faces of the Mets franchise. The HOF no longer lets the player decide what hat to where because Wade Boggs ruined it for everyone, but Keith would absolutely want to be a Met. Plus the HOF already robbed the Mets of one HOFer from the 1986 team. Anyway, this is moot.
  8. I've clicked into this thread multiple times thinking I was gonna see Claire Dunphy on a football helmet
  9. That Kerry Kittles?I actually had those shorts. Had an Arkansas pair too. I'm guessing Apex is no longer in business? I was about to mention Arkansas once I saw the Apex logo. Marshalls was selling these in mass quantity for like $15 in 1995, like right after they won the national championship. May have been by presidential decree. I still have a pair. So do all my friends.
  10. People. Roller Hockey. New Jersey. They put a cheesy 90's rollerblading helmet on the dude on the jersey, who by the way, was blading over a massive CD. Oh, the league is still around. Evidently it has expanded to Europe.
  11. Carolina tweeted this pic from a Quick Lane Bowl press conference. Can you please update when you have a chance?
  12. Can you please do Rutgers-UNC? My guess for Rutgers is the silver helmet with a red R. Carolina blue for UNC?
  13. Very clear that these are a blend of the Knicks and Nets uniforms (though it seems a little skewed to the Knicks with both trim on the tops and their number font). The shorts have a knicks-esque waistband. Though the trim on the bottom is certainly more Nets. Both that's likely why they decided to have no wordmark across the chest.