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  1. Some Ontario Hockey League logos updated as of last season missing from the archives
  2. CHL is switching over to the Quickite template. I suspect many teams will redesign just as when the switch to the Edge template happened
  3. Team has been announced as the Winnipeg ICE as per website with an updated logo WHL returns to Winnipeg, ICE part of larger commitment to hockey development in city
  4. I don't think it will be saturated too too much. Look at Mississauga. You have the Maple Leafs (NHL), Marlies (AHL), Beast (ECHL), Furies (CWHL) and the Stealheads (OHL) The Steelheads however were ranked second last in average attendance last year, but I feel like Winnipeg will be a different story. Not as many teams in the area compared to Toronto or Vancouver
  5. From what I've read the owners have sunk their own ship. Trading away players, raising prices within their organization, dropping attendance due to this. I'm sure the team will do better in Winnipeg. They'll be playing out of U of M's hockey arena until a new arena for them is built
  6. Peterborough Petes announces they’re switching back to their Reebok Edge style uniforms for next season, also hints the CHL is moving to the CCM Quicklite template next season. Also found this, Knights could possibly be getting a new logo next year (I’m on my phone, couldn’t figure out how to embed photos)
  7. Being a Londoner it’s bittersweet to see these uniforms. Theyre from from the worst season in CHL history, but also marked the turning point in one of the most dominant franchises in the CHL. People on London either love or hate the “SpiderKnights”, no in between I’m one that loves
  8. Now I don't want to take credit or anything, but I was pretty damn close to the real thing
  9. Windsor Spitfires (OHL) with new alternate uniform Barrie Colts new white uniform, Florida Panthers template
  10. Thanks. Went back to their original colour scheme. Used to be a Penguins Reebok Edge era copy. Liked that colour scheme better than this one
  11. Next up, St. Mary's Lincolns. Wasn't sure what to do with these guys as I think they have one of the better looks in the league (At least their home jersey) Current set:
  12. Lasalle Vipers Current uniforms ]
  13. Komoka Kings
  14. Decided to us the SportsTemplates hockey mockup to raise the level of my concepts, now adding the full uniform