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  1. Anyone know what the font is that the London Knights currently use? Thanks!
  2. Looking for the "Thanksgiving Showcase Weekend" font. I have a hunch its Arial Black, but doesn't line up exactly. Thanks!
  3. So they don't scream anymore? They're non-screaming eagles? Nice
  4. London Knights going back to 2005 era helmet logo, New Jerseys will be unveiled on the 19th
  5. Rimouski Oceanic 25th Anniversary logo Barrie Colts 25th Anniversary logo Rouyn-Noranda have also confirmed via Facebook that they will be using a standalone husky as their primary logo
  6. Windsor Spitfires (OHL) going back to the Taylor Hall era jerseys with the switch to the Quicklite template
  7. As Chris pointed out on Twitter, bothers the hell out of me that the Jays used a number font and logo Halladay never wore
  8. Teams that have unveiled Quitlite jerseys so far (For anyone like myself keeping track) OHL Erie Kingston Kitchener Peterborough WHL Winnipeg QMJHL Charlottetown Moncton Sherbrooke Shawinigan Chicoutimi
  9. Hamilton Bulldogs (OHL) have quietly unveiled there 5th anniversary logo. Only seen so far on social media graphics
  10. Winnipeg Ice going with exactly what they had in Kootaney, just on the Quicklite template
  11. TiCats jerseys have appeared on their website ..... No majour changes that I can see. Still don't like how the stripes stop abruptly.
  12. I can say from personal experience of designing sublimated hockey uniforms, many times the back of the socks is left blank (NO design wrapping around) for printing and sewing, just so they dont have issue with the design not lining up when stitched together.
  13. Erie Otters unveiled new home and away uniforms for next year. New updated Otter logo with "ERIE" spelled out in the helmets, new shoulder patch also. I assume the gold jersey is now the Alternate.
  14. Roughriders have their new jerseys available on their website [/url]
  15. Back of the new Roughriders green uniforms VIA their twitter