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  1. It's too late to get a D2 team or for an FCS program to start a team. My guess is that they play this fall as an unofficial conference with only 5 members and add at least one more for 2022.
  2. The only MWC schools that have a good TV market and are draws would be Boise St, Hawaii and maybe New Mexico or SDSU.
  3. I think the biggest thing in their favor is being home to NDSU. Other than them and maybe SDSU/USD I don't think the members would survive in FBS.
  4. Guessing from your location that you aren't North American, but the US sort of glamorizes and romanticizes the Mafia.
  5. Well, the Pac-12 was looking into selling shares in itself not too long ago. Not sure if this matters or not, but SDSU plays men's soccer in the PAC-12.
  6. There's also Pitt-Johnstown, Pitt-Bradford and Pitt-Titusville, the official names are University of Pittsburgh at campus location. Several more in Ohio; Akron-Lakewood, Kent St Ashtabula, Kent St East Liverpool, Kent St Salem, and Cincinnati Blue Ash.
  7. Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is the only one I can think of. It's affiliated with Virginia Tech and Maryland.
  8. The Miami Hurricanes have claimed 5 NCAA football championships, had two Heisman trophy winners, play in the ACC and are located right next to the city of Miami, which is internationally known. The Miami (OH) Redhawks are more famous for its connection to famous coaches, plays in the MAC, and is named for the Miami Valley, which has a large population, but isn't a widely used moniker.
  9. You complain about Cincy and Coastal being snubbed, ironically snubbing San Jose St from your list of potentially undefeated G5s.
  10. Not for certain. It would've been a much better end if some of the cfp games were competitive
  11. Nope, the rights to the Sonics history stay in Seattle forever. The OKC ownership group owed the city an extra $30 million (on top of the $45 million up front) for breaking the lease since Seattle didn't get an NBA team within 5 years.
  12. I don't particularly care for expansion, but if it was Seattle + another out West and the Wolves could move to the East, I'd be all for it.
  13. Originally it referred to a worker who drove a horse and buggy or something similar. Since then, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has expanded to include workers in a lot of other industries, and the word has become synonymous with unions and corruption, since it used to have ties to organized crime. Jimmy Hoffa was head of the Teamsters.
  14. On the plus side, 8 cities would get their MiLB teams back, plus more if an MiLB city is one of the expansion teams (Basically anywhere in the US except Portland).