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  1. The last team not currently in the P5 other than BYU in 1984 to win a widely recognized title was Army in 1944-1946. Otherwise TCU in 2010 and Utah in 2008 as members of the MWC and UCF's 2017 team both got odd selectors to recognize them as champs, but only UCF claims it.
  2. I suppose from a "no such thing as bad publicity" pov, they picked the right one to start with
  3. I won't disagree that it had this topic on fire, but it seemed like the reactions were generally negative. Meanwhile, the Marlins uniform generated less discussion, but was well received.
  4. Unfortunately, Boston was definitely a "meh" uni. Miami would've been a better one to unveil first.
  5. The problem with MN is that there really are no obvious choices and a whole lot of non-obvious ones. I'd say the following people all have a legitimate case to be on it, but I wouldn't be upset if any of them got left off: Mikan KG Flip Saunders Cheryl Reeve Lindsey Whalen Herbie Lou Nanne Doug Woog Krissy Wendell Bud Grant Fran Tarkenton AP Randy Moss Alan Page John Randal Randall McDaniel Harmon Killebrew Kirby Puckett Rod Carew Kent Hrbek Tony Oliva Joe Mauer Justin Morneau Tom Kelly Buzz Lagos I'm sure I reached for a few and forgot a few, but this is what I could come up with.
  6. Sort of a counter-point: There are 2 AAA leagues, PCL and IL or whatever the hell MLB is calling them now.
  7. If the spots just went to the top 31 + host based off of the current FIFA rankings the breakdown by continent would look like this compared to the current allocation: UEFA - 18 instead of 13 Conmebol - 7 instead of 4.5 CONCACAF - 2 instead of 3.5 CAF - 2 instead of 5 AFC - 2 + Qatar instead of 4.5 + Qatar OFC - 0 instead of .5 If we do 45 + 3 hosts for the Americas instead of the current plan for allocation we get: UEFA - 25 instead of 16 Conembol - 8 instead of 6 CONCACAF - 1 + US, Mex, Can instead of 5 + US, Mex, Can CAF - 5 instead of 9 AFC - 4 instead of 8 OFC - 0 instead of 1 This isn't a perfect system, but it would seem to show that UEFA is drastically underrepresented, Conmebol is slightly underrepresented, and everyone else is overrepresented
  8. Are there many marshmallow salesmen in London?
  9. https://www.espn.com/soccer/tottenham-hotspur/story/4341303/jose-mourinho-sacked-as-tottenham-manager
  10. I mean... they're one of the Big 6, they're located in London and (I would guess) one of the 10 most popular teams in the world. Do they deserve it, no (I would argue none of these teams do, but Spurs deserve it least), but it isn't a surprise that they're included.
  11. Only silver lining for me is that West Ham would be one of the top teams left in the Prem. With that being said, I hate this very much.
  12. Not sure its changed or not, but I remember a discussion on here that established that some of these shades are inaccurate
  13. Yeah, once I had 15 or 16 teams picked things started to get really dicey, as opposed to merely pretty dicey.
  14. MLB wants to replicate the excitement of the NFL draft. That will never happen. NFL draftees are much more popular/well known than MLB draftees, as many of them just played for 3 years in front of 100,000 fans per game in some of the most watched TV of the year, whereas many of the MLB draftees are playing for their high school or a small college. Also, many MLB draft picks won't sign and even if they do, they won't reach the majors for many years so they can develop in the minors/service time manipulation
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