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  1. #4 The wing is well defined and there is a fluidity to everything else
  2. I hope its not too late for another suggestion, but the MN state flower is the Lady Slipper and I've always thought it would be a good name for a women's sports team in MN.
  3. Nice touches with the scales and flames
  4. Overall I'm a fan of the Stars jerseys, but I don't like that the number on the back overlaps the star pattern
  5. Incredible series, definitely finished strong I'm sad its over, but excited for the MAHL to start up again
  6. I can't believe no one mentioned the Wake Forest Demon Deacons or TCU's old nickname of Fightin' Preacher Boys
  7. What's the deal with the flipped logo and collar colours on some of them? Just old stock for the photo? If I had to guess, the seniors have the ones with the red logos, but I'm not sure if they are old stock or home vs away or what.
  8. I've always liked the Lakeville North jerseys with the Quebec Nordique's logo.