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  1. First Round Cincinnati vs Baltimore The first round of the playoffs in the East got off to a rough start. A power outage in Cincinnati caused the postponement of game 1. The power outage seemed to affect the scoring when the game was played the next day, with Baltimore winning 57-48. Game 2 shifted to Baltimore and both teams left their defense in Cincinnati; the Brewers moved on with a 96-84 victory. Baltimore wins 2-0 Kansas City vs Las Vegas The first playoff series in both franchises history got off to a hot start. Kansas City defended home court with a double overtime victory 89-85. In Vegas, the series shifted, Vegas dominated game 2 with a 77-50 victory. Game 3 was slightly closer and Vegas won the deciding game, 81-59. Las Vegas wins 2-1 Semifinals Baltimore vs Louisville Looking to continue their hot streak, Baltimore pulled out all the stops for game 1 against the defending champs. But sometimes your best isn't good enough; Baltimore got throttled 76-54. Game 2 looked to be more of the same through 3 quarters and a late comeback fell short and Louisville winning 70-64. The series moved to Freedom Hall for game 3 and the Brewers had their offense free all night, delaying Louisville's advance to consecutive finals for at least 1 game, with a 78-69 win. However, Baltimore just appeared to delay the inevitable and looked just happy to be there in game 4. Louisville cruised to another finals appearance with an 88-61 win. Louisville wins 3-1 Las Vegas vs San Diego San Diego's first playoff game did not go as planned; a 1-21 from 3 shooting night told the story as they limped to a 64-37 defeat. Things turned around the Tigers in game 2; a 77-75 victory. Game 3 got off to a great start, but up 11 in the 3rd quarter Tigers star Steven Murray drive to the basket and crumpled. It would later be diagnosed as an MCL sprain. However, San Diego held on for a 79-75 victory. Looking to put the series away and win one for their fallen teammate, the Tigers rallied in game 3, but Vegas, playing for their playoff lives, rallied more and forced game 5 after a hard-fought 84-81 win. With Murray in attendance, the Tigers had new inspiration for game 5. San Diego advanced to the United Cup final with a 96-85 win. San Diego wins 3-2 United Cup Finals San Diego vs Louisville Louisville looked to continue their season sweep of San Diego, and did just that with a 91-77 dub in game 1. Game 2 was much of the same and Louisville won 89-76. Louisville wiped the floor with the Tigers in game 3, a 98-64 victory. With their backs against the wall and fallen teammate Steven Murray cheering them on, San Diego mounted an 8 point comeback and won on Bubba Scott's buzzer-beating layup. The feel good story ended there as the Colonels wheeled out the champagne to celebrate back-to-back titles after an 87-80 victory in game 5. Louisville wins 4-1
  2. The standings at the end of the season look like this; East Louisville Colonels 40-8 Baltimore Brewers 27-21 Cincinnati Americans 25-23 Pittsburgh Machine 13-35 West San Diego Tigers 28-20 Las Vegas Diamonds 24-24 Kansas City Packers 19-29 St Louis Soul 16-32 Average Attendance Figures Louisville Colonels 14,189 Las Vegas Diamonds 9,784 Baltimore Brewers 9,651 San Diego Tigers 8,927 Cincinnati Americans 7,641 St Louis Soul 7,220 Kansas City Packers 6,847 Pittsburgh Machine 6,432 MVP: Marcus Howard SF Louisville The playoff bracket is below.
  3. At the All-Star break the standings look like this: East Louisville Colonels 22-5 Baltimore Brewers 17-11 Cincinnati Americans 16-11 Pittsburgh Machine 7-19 West San Diego Tigers 14-12 Kansas City Packers 11-16 St Louis Soul 11-17 Las Vegas Diamonds 10-17 The All Star rosters: East Captain G-Dremont Winter (Colonels) Starters G-Adonis Papanikolaou (Americans) F-Marcus Howard (Colonels) F-Luis Alvarez (Brewers) C-Jalen Browne (Colonels) Reserves G-Malik Johnson (Colonels) G-John Berg (Americans) G-Kyle Wright (Brewers) F-Jacques McMillion (Colonels) F-Kole Brown (Americans) F-Donovan Jones (Brewers) C-Junior Holloman (Machine) Coach Jim Nelson (Colonels) West Captain G-Matthew Hunter (Diamonds) Starters G-Lamar Davids (Soul) F-Terrence Williams (Soul) F-Sam Billings (Packers) C-Jaxon Young (Diamonds) Reserves G-Andre Zimmerman (Tigers) G-LaQuan Whitehead (Diamonds) G-Trey Pipkins (Packers) F-Steven Murray (Tigers) F-Jose Morales (Diamonds) F-Ian True (Packers) C-Marcellis Quincy (Soul) Coach Brian Watson (Tigers) The results of the first ever UBA skills competition are: Dunk Contest Terrence Williams (48.8/50) Marcus Howard (47.2/50) Junior Holloman (41.6/50) Trey Pipkins (36.0/50) 3-Point Contest Malik Johnson (22/30 Semis) (24/30 Final) Adonis Papanikolaou´╗┐ (27/30 Semis) (23/30 Final) Matthew Hunter (20/30 Semis) Dremont Winter (19/30 Semis) LaQuan Whitehead (19/30 Semis) Steven Murray (16/30 Semis) The all star game itself was exciting; there were a total of 8 ties and 11 lead changes before the West pulled away at the end. The MVP of the game was given to Marcellis Quincy who came off the bench to post a double-double (21 points and 11 rebounds). However, after the game the Association made a surprise announcement; the association would grow by 4 for next year. Expansion teams have been given to Seattle, Vancouver, Buffalo, and Tampa Bay.
  4. As the league starts out the focus is more on quality basketball. I have a few more current logos planned for future teams as the league becomes a top minor league. Glad you like the rest of the series. It isn't entirely done on purpose, but most minor leagues don't have state of the art unis. I've been basing most uniforms off college examples.
  5. The season will run from mid-November through March with playoffs in April. Each team will play 48 games; 8 against each other team in their division and 6 against each team in the other division. The top 3 teams in each division will make the playoffs. Seeds 2 and 3 will play a best of 3, the winner will take on the 1st seed in a best of 5, and the division winners will play a best of 7. The season will have an all star game at Wintrust Arena in Chicago, the uniforms are below. Several top players left to play in the G-League, notably MVP Andre Thomas by the Pacers affiliate, the Ft Wayne Mad Ants. Logo Home Away Below is a preview of each team before the season starts East Division Louisville Colonels Coach: Jim Nelson Captain: PG- Dremont Winter Starters: C- Jalen Browne PF- Jacques McMillion SF- Marcus Howard SG- Malik Johnson Arena: Freedom Hall (18,865) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 2nd Pittsburgh Machine Coach: Gil Davis Captain: C- Junior Holloman Starters: PF- Tyus Jerome SF- Will Thompson SG- Max Lee PG- Jackson Hunt Arena: 21 games- Peterson Events Center (12,508) 3 games- Palumbo Center (4,390) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 4th Cincinnati Americans Coach: Tom Richards Captain: PG- John Berg Starters: C- Grant Russel PF- Kole Brown SF- Owen Rolle SG- Adonis Papanikolaou Arena: 19 games- Cintas Center (10,250) 5 games- Fifth Third Arena (12,012) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 3rd Baltimore Brewers Coach: Billy Tomlin Captain: PG- Kyle Wright Starters: C- Bobby Murphy PF- Donovan Jones SF- Luis Alvarez SG-Jordan Harris Arena: 23 games- Royal Farms Arena (12,289) 1 game- UMBC Event Center (5,000) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 1st West Division St Louis Soul Coach: Mark Billet Captain: SG- Lamar Davids Starters: C- Marcellis Quincy PF- Cam Hernandez SF- Terrence Williams PG- John Beckett Arena: 18 games- Chaifetz Arena (10,600) 6 games- Enterprise Center (22,000) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 3rd Kansas City Packers Coach: Brian Murray Captain: PG- Damien White Starters: C- Will Harrison PF- Sam Billings SF- Ian True SG- Trey Pipkins Arena: Municipal Arena (10,000) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 4th San Diego Tigers Coach: Brian Watson Captain: PG- Beau Willis Starters: C- Bubba Scott PF- LeMichael Hopkins SF- Steven Murray SG- Andre Zimmerman Arena: 18 games- Viejas Arena (12,414) 6 games- Pechanga Arena (14,500) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 1st Las Vegas Diamonds Coach: Bob Lasch Captain: PG- Matthew Hunter Starters: C- Jaxon Young PF- Preston Cooper SF- Jose Morales SG- LaQuan Whitehead Arena: Diamonds Arena at the Mandalay Bay Events Center (10,000) Media Poll Predicted Finish: 2nd
  6. Yes that is the plan. Glad you like the Soul logo
  7. Entering the 2020-21 season 2 teams redesigned their logos and the identities of the relocated St Louis and Kansas City teams were revealed. Louisville Colonels MOD EDIT Cincinnati Americans Both teams made minor tweaks to their logos. Louisville changed the color or the background from red to cream and the color of the words from cream to red. Cincinnati changed the star so the letters are no longer at an angle. Kansas City Packers Logo Home Away The name Packers was chosen to represent the local meat packing industry. It was chosen in a fan vote over Colts, BBQ, Cowboys, and Pits. The colors were chosen to represent the 2 kinds of Kansas City Barbecue; red meat and chicken (white meat). St Louis Soul Logo MOD EDIT Home Away MOD EDIT The ownership decided to retain the name Soul due to St Louis's music industry. However, they introduced Blue to the color scheme and made subtle differences to the away jersey. C&C greatly appreciated
  8. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. I struggled with Vegas for a while because everyone does gambling, but after looking for a while I figured out that there isn't really much else there that would be good for an identity.
  9. At the league's off-season meeting 2 major things happened: The league approved the sale and relocation of the Raleigh Whiz to Kansas City. The league announced new arena regulations; teams must play at least 75% of their home games at 1 arena with at least 10,000 seats. The Nashville Soul announced later that they had been unable to secure a lease at Memorial Gymnasium and were in danger of non-compliance with the new regulations. They then announced that they planned to relocate to St Louis for the upcoming season. The identities of the San Diego and Las Vegas expansion franchises have been revealed. San Diego Tigers Logo MOD EDIT Home Away MOD EDIT The name Tigers was chosen as a reference to the world famous San Diego Zoo. The name was chosen by ownership over Captains, Cruisers, and Dolphins. The colors were chosen to represent a tiger. Las Vegas Diamonds Logo Home Away The name Diamonds was chosen to represent the famous gambling industry. It was chosen by ownership over Gold, Miners, Spades, and Neon. The colors were chosen as the 3 most common colors on a playing card. C&C greatly appreciated
  10. Playoffs Semifinals Louisville vs Pittsburgh Louisville's dominate regular season did not give-way to a dominant first round. Louisville lost the first 2 games of the series in Pittsburgh; 77-71 and 74-62. All hope seemed lost when they were down 6 at halftime of game 3, but battled back for a 69-66 victory. Nothing could stop Louisville in games 4 and 5 with 84-60 and 89-67 victories. Louisville Wins 3-2. Baltimore vs Cincinnati This series figured to be great at the start, but even exceeded the highest of expectations. Baltimore won game 1 in Cincinnati, 74-73, on a buzzer-beater after a back and forth game. Cincinnati responded, overcoming an 11 point 3rd quarter deficit, to win game 2, 87-80. When the series shifted to Baltimore, the momentum did as well in game 3, a dominant, 91-66, Brewers dub. With there backs against the wall and coming off an embarrassing defeat, Cincinnati rallied and eked out game 4, 62-61. Game 5, however, would become mired in controversy, as the officials gave Cincinnati a pair of free throws with 2.1 seconds left, down 2. Cincinnati proceeded to sink both, and went on to win in overtime, 87-82. Cincinnati Wins 3-2 Finals Louisville vs Cincinnati After both semifinals went the distance, many assumed that the finals would be a thrilling match-up. Louisville proved them wrong, winning games 1&2 on home court, 85-67 and 89-54. When the series moved to Cincy, Louisville kept up the pressure, winning 76-61 and 84-70, clinching the first United Cup. Louisville Wins 4-0.
  11. Nice, I was originally going to do KC, and eventually both Seattle and Buffalo will get expansion teams.
  12. Good idea! Ownership groups from Seattle, Kansas City and Buffalo are rumored as bidders for the team. Comment which one you want.
  13. At the end of the regular season the standings look like this: 2019-2020 UBA Season x-Louisville Colonels 36-4 x-Baltimore Brewers 26-14 x-Cincinnati Americans 24-16 x-Pittsburgh Machine 18-22 Nashville Soul 11-29 Raleigh Whiz 5-35 Average Attendance Figures Louisville Colonels 14,207 Pittsburgh Machine 8,012 Cincinnati Americans 7,915 Nashville Soul 5,486 Baltimore Brewers 2,600 Raleigh Whiz 1,249 MVP: Andre Thomas PG Louisville Below is the playoff bracket The ownership of the Raleigh Whiz has announced the team is for sale, citing mounting debts and losses in other business ventures.
  14. Roughly three quarters of the way through the season the standings look like this: 2019-2020 UBA Season Louisville Colonels 28-3 Cincinnati Americans 20-10 Baltimore Brewers 19-12 Pittsburgh Machine 15-16 Nashville Soul 8-25 Raleigh Whiz 4-28 The Playoffs are virtually set, with the only close race left being home court advantage in the Cincinnati-Baltimore match up. The league also announced that they would expand west and add franchises to San Diego and Las Vegas.