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  1. The photos scream outdoor football league team based out of a midwestern suburb to me
  2. This March doesn't seem to great so far
  3. They've been playing all season without fans, would have been an advantage in Happy Valley.
  4. Ivy League cancels all spring sports
  5. Teams oversimplifying state borders has always been a pet peeve of mine. Especially since the sycamores already had a perfectly good outline to work with.
  6. Looks much cleaner now
  7. I would get rid of the outline around the letters in the logo. It gets when it is on the helmet. Otherwise great concept.
  8. I like the LA Action and Atlanta Sodajerks. Albuquerque Mutants would make the most sense bc of the nuclear program. Renegades could fit anywhere out West, honestly.
  9. Adding a laces pattern to the circle (moon?) might help make it seem more like a baseball team.
  10. Always liked him when he was with the Loons
  11. I like the pewter with the red trim more than the one with orange, but the red set isn't unique like the orange and reminds me of the Falcons.
  12. Technically third. Yoann Demet was the interim after they fired Koch and is the interim again now. Still not great. Chivas USA had 4 coaches before the start of their 2nd season and they turned out all right, so who knows. /s