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  1. Can't say I'm a fan of this move tbh. I liked some of what adidas put out for Tennessee. Who I really wish would ditch the three stripes is NC State. Lord, I hate looking at them. Trash.
  2. Agreed on the 'Cats, but that shouldn't be much of an issue from hear on out... I really like the secondary Hornets logo though (the one that's my avatar).
  3. The Knicks would ruin a top-3 look in the association with those crappy shorts and presumably a uniform to match. No bueno.
  4. Not having jersey numbers on front is unforgivable. The colors aren't awful, the designs are uninspired, and the disjointed crappy three-stripes logo-creep/advertising sucks elephant testes. UGH.
  5. Illni beat me to the comment about 3 stripes. Jordan has long released apparel for the Bobcats through his personal brand. Can't wait to get my hands on some new Hornets merch tomorrow! As far as those jerseys, no way they're official. (Well maybe as a quick mock-up or prototype I guess). They do not fit at all with the whole marketing campaign that's been going on. They are hideous as well.
  6. Panthers have tweeted that they will be "Back in Black" (all black) for the 9ers game.
  7. The Brooklyn Nets (and some would say the Charlotte Hornicats ) seem to think you can. I see where Brooklyn rode this overdone train of minimalism, but what trend is Charlotte riding? I guess maybe a slight 90's resurgence what with snapbacks and all, but purple and teal don't seem to be making a push to the forefront of our culture again anytime soon. (I'm also less then unbiased so....) What am I missing here, Cap?
  8. I really don't like the thought of the Raptors stepping into the black and gold arena. Of course, that would fill an NBA color void, so maybe it wouldn't be a complete abomination, provided they do it right. (IMO I'm not sure if you can ride the jock of a popular "trend" the right way though).
  9. Exactly. Makes the nickname gimmick completely irrelevant on their part. Yes, but Stern speaks in dollars. And some kid somewhere in Brooklyn NY will love the idea of a "D-Will #8" jersey because it's "swag."
  10. Panthers to wear all black in their first playoff game.
  11. Always wondered this myself. Thanks for the info, guys!
  12. All the Raptors need to do to look great is inject some purple into the identity. Use it as trim only if you must! Darken it even (that might work better). Just do it! How hard can this be to figure out???
  13. As far as the non-contrasting NOB, I don't care for it, and if they were going to do it that way, would've preferred they just left it out, but as a great man once said, "It's not the name on back of the jersey, it's the name on front of it." Not a horrible slight.
  14. More sleeves... Yeck. As far as NOBs, do you guys think they'll use nicknames? It would only make sense to me. Color scheme wise, it could be good, or it could be terrible. I have 0 confidence in Adidas to get this right, but I guess we'll see before long.
  15. Wish UNC would have worn different lids, but not a bad look overall. I'll be honest, I hated the addition of black at first but it really works well. I even bought the jersey. The blue just seems to pop off of it more. And due to the matte nature of the black, you can convince yourself it's just dark navy if you really want.
  16. The connection has been felt for years. Not necessarily to players, but to the name, the franchise, and the (early) good memories. Charlotteans never fell out of love with the 'Bugs... it was George Shinn whom they despised. Now with him gone (he's a vocal support of this whole thing btw) we in the Queen City get a chance to regain some of our heritage... So yes, in a sense that organization has moved on. But the spirit of Hornet Nation and the city's deep-rooted, historical connection with the name runs strong. We don't give two craps what NOLA does or did. We care what happened in OUR city. That's the best way I know how to describe it. (Please don't let this become another lesson in revisionist history etc. we've already done that at least once in this thread)
  17. Apologies if I've missed it, but have we heard anything about the ASG unis?
  18. I really wish the Clips would make that a full-time alt without the sleeves. I have a feeling we don't see it again next year.
  19. I like it, but I would put a simpler logo above the NOB. I would suggest moving the crown C logo there. Agreed. Also, I love the way you used new Hugo but that logo will not be used on the uniforms as far as we've heard. EDIT: The pinstripes are 98% likely to be the light blue accent color, as well.
  20. News from the FAQ: Profile Hornet is secondary. New Hugo will be used for mascot branding. Merch available Jan. 18 Jordan Brand played a part in design (hence Air Jordan 11-like sneakers on new Hugo) Hugo will return Hugo/Jerseys in summer
  21. I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Overall not as good as it could have been, but I will take the name and colors. This logo is good, not great, but solid. Love the presentation. Greatness.
  22. TODAY IS THE DAY! I can't wait for the unveil tonight.
  23. The white Oregon look is gorgeous. What a wonderful shade of green. The black is a little busier and more forgettable, but I still like it. As far as the template goes... Eh. A swing and a miss by aesthetics standards, but as far as performance, I'm sure it is far superior.