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  1. Nice, but I much prefer the navy-white-orange-white-navy.
  2. If it at all possible. I'm dying to see what you can do with these beauts.
  3. Those helmets are gorgeous. I never liked matte helmets, but the Vikings sure made it work. Looks great.
  4. Totally acceptable. Do it all the time. The fans stick with the team through player, coaching, management, and style changes. Fans are the most stable part of a team, therefore I think we as fans are completely within our rights to refer to a team as we. Not to mention the countless dollars we pour into our favorite teams' bank accounts. We have a right to refer to our favorite team as "us". "We want Andrew Wiggins, but he'll probably go to Kentucky." "We had the lead at home in Atlanta last night, but they came back in the 9th and beat us." Perfectly acceptable, IMO.
  5. Agreed, all NFL teams should get this memo. If the Panthers insist on wearing white at home, they should get some blue pants or something.
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