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  1. Funny thing is, there's probably students there who are going "ditch Adidas for human rights issues" that own a counterfeit Rodgers jersey with the numbers falling off and a throwback baby blue Rickie Weeks uniform.

    Could be. But Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are also numbers 1 and 2 respectively in terms of jerseys sold. And I'm not sure a student in a group that has been so vigilant over this issue for many years would say "ahh :censored: it, it's a few dollars cheaper" for a knock off.

    Also, I don't really understand the notion that UW needs to change up their uniforms because they look like Nebraska. They've worn red jerseys with white two-striped pants and white helmets pretty much since the advent of the plastic helmet.


    Why would they want to change that?

  2. Oregon is the higher ranked team, so they will be the home team. what they will wear? who knows. i hope not white helmets because of Wisconsin's helmets being white. Also, i'm curious as to what the Badgers will wear. Every Rose Bowl in the recent era where they have worn white they wore red pants with it, but last year they lost in them, so will they change?? just throwing that out there.

    Also, a realll long shot here, but it seemed like every game where a Major Nike school played a Major Adidas school, adidas pulled a fast one and busted out something new...Maybe something in store for Wisconsin? highly doubt it because of the tradition there, but they did mess with Notre Shame and Michigan too so who knows

    Wisconsin's unis are known as traditional??? Who knew?!?

    compared to most, its a traditional design. 2 striped helmet, 2 striped jersey, 2 striped pants. 2 colors. sounds pretty traditional to me

    And hasn't really changed all that much since the 1950s save for the style of W on the helmet.

  3. I hear Oregon's Wisconsin's wearing White-Red-White for this matchup.

    Since home team rotates for Rose Bowl, Wisconsin is the home team. Doesn't go by ranking.

    Well, TCU was the home team in the Rose Bowl last season, so who knows what pattern they'll follow.

    They used to rotate between the B1G and Pac until about ten years ago. Then if a team not from those conferences was in the game, the B1G or Pac would be home regardless of the rotation. Since they changed it, the higher ranked team has been home which is why TCU was the home team last year.

    Is there anyway this could be a color on color game? I always forget the protocol of whether or not teams have to agree on this before the season or how it is dealt with in a bowl game scenario. I think a red on green matchup in the Rose Bowl with the painted endzones/sidelines would look fantastic.