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  1. Trottier was a valuable contributor to those back to back Cup teams, and later was an assistant coach with the Pens.
  2. True story, around 1994 the Storm brought out these uniforms for the second half of a game in which they trailed at home. The crowd went nuts, the helmet was silver from the silver and black uniforms the Storm was wearing at the time. I don't recall another football team changing uniforms at halftime at any level of play.
  3. At the end of Jackie Robinson's career the Dodgers were going to trade him to the Giants, but he declined and retired instead.
  4. If the Canes can win a Cup in the next few years I would agree with you. Otherwise, it will take several years, since Staal was a Pen for six years. Hated to see Staal go, but when a star player doesn't want to be someplace, it's best for everyone to make a move. Needless to say, the deal was too good to pass up, and Staal isn't even in the same division anymore.
  5. Yes, I think the Suns did a throwback during the Barkley era to the original uniforms which had been used all the way up to just before Barkley joined Phoenix.
  6. That uniform has been criticized by others, but I liked what they did with the pinstripes.
  7. Do you own a St. Petersburg Renegades jersey? I would think those would be extremely difficult to find, the defunct Renegades played at the old Bayfront Center in the 1980s.
  8. Always felt the black pants on the Saints worked best with the gold stripe from the Ditka era. Since the gold pants have the black stripe, it seems fitting to have the inverse.
  9. The New York Rangers had one of those odd uniform changes out of the blue around that time period, when they inexplicably switched to red/blue stripes on the sleeves, and a crest on the jersey. It looked like the Winnipeg Jets, but thankfully, the Rangers soon returned to their senses and brought back the usual set.
  10. That photo is right up there with Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull as Hartford Whalers.
  11. For me, the Kings should have never left those purple and gold uniforms, and messed with a good thing. The colors were unique, and you can't beat having the crown in the center of the jersey like that. To answer your question, I would check Ebay for any older style uniform. You have the potential of finding something at a lower price than elsewhere.
  12. You're absolutely correct about the mediocre and bad years, when a club exists for so long, those are practically impossible to avoid. The 19-aughts and 70s were outstanding, each decade had more achievement than the histories of many clubs today. From 1901 to 1992, the Bucs were winners roughly 66% of that span, an impressive record. The club also has the most batting champs in MLB history, and more primary hall of famers than teams like the Red Sox. Overall, even with the difficult times like the 1950s and the current losing streak, this is a storied franchise with a winning tradition. In the context of other MLB teams, it's accurate to place the Bucs about in the top third in overall franchise achievement.
  13. Years later, I find a picture. Nice work, I plan on catching another game at PNC Park later this season. The odd thing about the World Series titles which may not be known even among Bucs fans is how high that total is in context with the rest of MLB. In fact, among current teams, only the Yankees, Cardinals and Bosox have won more for their individual cities. Just goes to show, when a franchise struggles, losing tends to take over the narrative. The Baltimore Orioles, NFL Miami Dolphins or Cleveland Browns are in a similar boat. The nice thing about stadium/arena banners is the fact they provide a big picture view of the whole reality of a team in the city where those memories occurred.
  14. How about Jim Hart of the football Cardinals, a Washington Redskin? Think it was 1983 or 1984. The Skins needed a veteran backup for Joe Theisman back then.
  15. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Mr. Ward on this thread soon enough.... I'm not sure about that, Ward may have played his last game in the NFL. As the Steelers all-time leading receiver, and future inductee into Canton, there isn't anything to be gained by continuing to play. However, numerous great players have finished with other teams, from Jerry Rice to Earl Campbell. Campbell was especially jarring to watch in #35, with the Saints.
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